Chainsaw Dismemberment review by Mortician

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  • Released: Jun 29, 1999
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 1
  • Overall Impression: 1
  • Reviewer's score: 1.7 Junky
  • Users' score: 7.1 (17 votes)
Mortician: Chainsaw Dismemberment

Sound — 3
Good god. Yes I am a fan of some brutal death metal bands, and grindcore, but the way Mortician takes this genre, is into a boring daze of the same sound which you will get sick of in 5 songs. My whole review on this album is somewhat what had happened on, where I posted a few comments on a Mortician video of how all their songs sound the same, and they don't have much talent. I was absolutely blindsided with hate comments, and the only thing I could really do about it was fight back and forth for months about this stupid band. There is nothing innovative about this band. Every single song sounds the same, with voice modifycated growls, absolutely horrid guitar buzzes, and the same blastbeats (which are a drum machine, no human is actually doing that). Mortician lures you into the song with a horror movie clip, which gets your attention because you want to know what is happening (usually the clip is someone getting murdered, or a freaky guy telling people they are going to die), then like a switch-blade being sliced into your eye-balls, the music delivers nothing but hell.

Lyrics — 1
Hmm.. with pretty much the lyrics of a maniac, it's all about killing things and commiting brutal acts to their decomposed corpse. If people really want to hear this, they'd turn to Cannibal Corpse or Aborted, because those bands have orginality in their songs. Every Mortician song is the same, and goes like this: slow bass bring in, goes somewhat quiet and slows down, drum machine kicks in at 500 BPM or so, leaving you to listen to "UGHHH!HH!H!" over and over again.

Overall Impression — 1
If I were to compare this to any other Mortician album out there, I'd say no album is different then the next. Out of their 100+ song library, Mortician piles on the repeat of same sounding songs as a killer would with his corpse pile. In other words, does a dead body look like the other dead body that is stacked onto it? Yes. Does every Mortician song sound the same, stacked onto the other one? Yes. Mortician is perfect to be compared to a pile of rotting corpses. A song that is impressive? None have talent. If I had to give it to one song though, I'd say Psychotic Rage was alright. Their other albums such as "Hacked Up For Barbeque", are probably just a bit better than this one. Yet, I don't think anyone would enjoy this album, perhaps some serious brutal death metal fans will, infact I know they do, cause they give me shit 24/7 for bashing this. Well to answer the famous question of "If this were stolen." If this were stolen, I would let the robber have it, it's his loss for having such a shitty CD. No talent at all, these guys are in their 30s for gods sake. Search harder for a better death metal band, I am positive you will find one.

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    Mortician is THE most brutal band out there, I do agree they tend to become a bit boring after youve listened to them alot, but in small doses, nothing beats the brutality that is Mortician.
    Haven't heard this album yet, i have 'House By The Cemetery / Mortal Massacre' and 'Domain Of Death'. IMO your review is too personal. I don't read ANYTHING about this album because you keep whining about there isn't ANYTHING. If that's your opinion, then dn't review stuff like this. I agree, Mortician have a lot of similar songs, but they all have slight differences, and THAT is the charming part about them! Offcourse not everybody likes them, but I like them AND Cannibal Corpse !!! And about the part been NOT talented, this is just the sound and kind of stuff they write for Mortician, it's a very special/odd band, they could have the talent to play Cannibal Corpse, but they don't, because we don't want similar bands, we want lots of different bands !! Every band is special in its own way.
    @Metalx666xFreak - you got it so right. people only hate this band because of the same reason they need their lifted trucks and big guns. technical ability alone does not make you brutal, it can help, but if all you want is lightning solos and gimmicky backing guitar, then that just makes you a virtuoso, and FUCK that! this has been the biggest issue in metal since its conception.... ****ing lead guitarists and their little dick syndrome.