O My Heart review by Mother Mother

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  • Released: Sep 16, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.1 (15 votes)
Mother Mother: O My Heart

Sound — 8
Mother Mother is an up and coming indie band based in Vancouver, Canada. Their sound utilizes predictable pop structures while at they same time they often use unconventional instruments (for a rock band) and techniques which truly gives them a sound of their own. Since their debut album (Touch Up), Mother Mother have adopted using more distorted guitars and vocal harmonies giving them an edge over their peers in the indie scene. The band doesn't particularly do anything we haven't heard before, at least not anything I can really put my finger on. However, even though it's difficult to say what makes them sound so great, they manage to be a legitimate breath of fresh air compared to many modern bands out there today. Track Listing: O My Heart - The title track and first song on the record is a high energetic opener which gives the listener just a taste of what's to come, much like Smells Like Teen Spirit did for Nirvana. Vocal harmonies and overdubs are very prominent and one of the reasons this track stands out. Burning Pile - The pace is slowed down here and brings in a rhythmic acoustic guitar to accompany the steady drumbeat. Even though the instruments are simplistic they create a heartfelt and decaying atmosphere. Near the end of the song a violin and what I believe to be a trumpet comes in and transforms the mood making it more uplifting. Again there are many vocal harmonies, particularly in the chorus. Body Of Years - This song is the closest sounding to the title track and contains a quick drumbeat and lightly distorted guitars which are mostly palm muted. This is the one of the few songs where you'll hear a lot of synth. Try To Change - The song starts of with an acoustic guitar and a slightly delayed violin with a horn (I want to say trumpet but I'm not sure) coming in a few seconds after. And continues the pattern of steady drumbeat, acoustic guitar, and many vocal harmonies. Wisdom - A beautiful vocal performance by Molly Guldemond is given on this track with an acoustic guitar and a very poppy beat. Subtle piano can be heard in the chorus. Body - Strings dominate the song with a "marching band" beat in the verses. The chorus is very dreamlike and the bridge evokes feelings of longing and desire for happiness. Ghosting - My personal favorite track off the album. Beautiful acoustic guitar plays while Molly gives another "jaw dropping" performance. There are many vocal harmonies in the chorus. Hayloft - This could be considered the heaviest song on the album. Fast electric guitars are featured and the track has a "Japanese Pop/Rock" feel in the verses. Wrecking Ball - One of their true "pop" songs which has a jingly "Beatles" sound and a almost broken sounding country guitar. Arms Tonite - Another "pop" song with a familiar rhythm. A light electric guitar is the songs main backbone. I love the bridge in this song. Miles - This track has a very laidback psychedelic vibe to it. Nothing special but still a great song. Sleep Awake - A great way to close the album. It's very soft using synth in the intro and is the only song to feature Jasmin Parkin on lead vocals. Towards the end of the song drums and guitar kick and give it that "going out with a bang" feel.

Lyrics — 6
The lyrics are pretty average and nothing to obsess over. They mostly deal with nostalgia, nihilism, love/hate, and self loathing. They do however go well with the instrumentals. What makes this albums so special is the wonderful vocal delivery of all three singers Ryan Guldemond, Molly Guldemond, and Jasmin Parkin.

Overall Impression — 8
This albums is truly unique and a must have for any fan of the majority of indie bands out there. As I said earlier my favorite song off the album is Ghosting but every time I listen to the record it changes. There's so much great material off this album and I'm very excited for their next release. If it were stolen I'd be at the record store the next day to pick up anew copy.

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    I think this album is wicked. I'm starting love Indie Bands like this, although I don't know if it fair to call them indie. If you like this, you may like Los Campesinos.
    woo, they're from quadra island nothing like seeing a local band become famous.
    This is one of my favorite albums ever. By the way, Jasmin wasn't part of the group at the time this album came out. It was Debra who sang at the time. She's gone now though.