Creatures review by Motionless In White

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  • Released: Oct 11, 2010
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.5 (54 votes)
Motionless In White: Creatures

Sound — 8
The sound of this album is quite upbeat, but at the same time somewhat sinister, from the horror-themed lyrics. The lyrics are well written and portray horror stories well. On the track "London In Terror", Chris sounds like Marilyn Manson, and it adds a bit of variety to the screaming (which is very good, they're strong screamers) and the singing (also good). The synth eventually starts to sound almost Attack! Attack! like, unfortunately, but it is still pretty good. The keyboard is really top notch, Balz's style really is one of the most noteable aspects of the album. The guitars are great, too.

Lyrics — 10
I love the lyrics. They are intelligent and written with a nice gothic horror feel. They are delightfully spooky and quirky and sometimes gross, but not so in detail you feel like you want to scrub your skin clean even on the inside after you've listened to it... *cough* CANNIBAL CORPSE *cough* Chris is a good vocalist, his singing has improved since MiW's last EP, When Love Met Destruction. He is well articulated, even without lyrics you can tell what he is saying (or screaming).

Overall Impression — 9
I liked WLMD, but I think this is an improvement from WLMD. The cover art is cooler, I'm always staring at my iPod screen when a song from Creatures is on. I think it suits the album, and its a relief from the usual photoshopped pic of a girl that alot of bands seem to have. The best songs are Abigail, Creatures and Undead Ahead. (I recommend checking out the video for Abigail-it's pretty cool and captures the song well). The band has a "goth" look which some people just can't get over, but really the band doesn't give a f--k about haters and their labels, so shut your eyes and listen to them anyway. (my first review, comments plz?)

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    awsomeguitarguy wrote: too bad they suck ass live
    They were pretty awesome when I saw them.
    Cannot say much about this band. Curious as to why they were put into the thrash and burn tour. I smell cookies baking in the oven, if you catch my drift!