1916 review by Motörhead

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  • Released: Feb 26, 1991
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
  • Users' score: 9.5 (8 votes)
Motörhead: 1916

Sound — 8
I'm not a big Motorhead fan and I think this wasn't the best CD to get started with. As far as I know, Motorhead is known from repeating same ideas over and over, but for me this is all new. So let's take songs one by one: 01. "One To Sing The Blues": Starts with drums... reminds me of "Rust In Peace... Polaris". Whole song is pretty much repeating same riff. Solos are cool anyway. Pretty "ok" song, not bad but nothing special. 02. "I'm So Bad": A bit faster song. This one also has some blues sounding stuff (yes, I know that Motorhead has lots of it). Was also kind of "ok" song... 03. "No Voices In The Sky": My personal favorite. Good tempo, good verses and awesome chorus. For some reason, it's not that special, but I just love the chorus. Solo sounds cool also. 04. "Going To Brazil": Sounds like Rock N' Roll from 50's or 60's or something like that.. Nice (thank god short) song, can't really say much. 05. "Nightmare/Dreamtime": Now this is what makes me think of drugs. Really, REALLY, weird song. No drums, weird effects... I guess they said "Ace Of Spades" at some part.. 06. "Love Me Forever": Ballad. Lemmy singing. Shut down everything. Works better than I expected. I guess I've been listening to fast shredding for too long time because all these solos sound so cool. 07. "Angel City": Sounds like "Going To Brazil" with slower tempo. If "Brazil" wasn't your favorite song, this one wont be either. 08. "Make My Day": Now I start to understand why people say they repeat same ideas... another heavy song with a bit high tempo. 09. "R.A.M.O.N.E.S.": I have never listened to Ramones, so I don't know does this sound anything like the original. Punk sounding short song, just a tribute to Ramones. 10. "Shut You Down": Same as with "Make My Day". 11. "1916": This one is cool. Really cool. Organs and bass drum kicking. Lemmy's voice breaking my heart and manly tears falling like Niagara falls. Seriously - it's about first world war as you can expect from name, and it's really cool. Nothing like rest of album. I wasn't too impressed with music. I would give it 7 but good solos gives one more score.

Lyrics — 7
Lyrics seems to be about everything. Love, war, life at tour and of course some Christianity disliking. Pretty much everything you can expect when listening to this kind of music. Lemmy isn't best singer I've heard... Sure it fits with this blues stylish metal. With any other music it would be terrible, but now it works. I think it doesn't really matter if his voice is "terrible" as long as it works.

Overall Impression — 7
It's kind of boring album unless you're more into this kind of music. Clearly not my favorite genre. It has it's good moments, but I just don't like their blues stylish non-melodic music. Also they should've made it shorter, there's a few songs too much. It just didn't work too well, but wasn't too bad. I think I'll still try out "Ace Of Spades".

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    Everyone gets stuck on 'Ace of Spades'. Great album, great line up, but too many people get stuck there. 1916 and Bastards are two great albums that show off just how skilled Motorhead can be as musicians, and although there were considerable changes to the lineup, they stand as fine examples.
    It's called people need to listen to the bands...not buy a single love it then leave it to die. Ace of Spades is amazing, but Motorhead is a band you need to hear all of their music.
    Actually, I'm not sure if I have ever listened whole Ace of Spades song Album for sure I haven't. So all I know about Motorhead's music is this album.
    This has some fantastic tracks but yeah a few are nothing special, Bastards is amazing though, probably my personal fave from motorhead, every song is great
    When I first heard the 1916 track I just couldn't believe it. It was that good. This is a very underrated album of theirs.
    Good review. Iam a Motorhead fan from 1980 so I appreciate a review ( Honest), from a street level completely new take on Motorhead altogether. Most of my best friends DON"T like Motorhead. I also have 3 or 4 that have, as I , Loved the sound from 3rd listen. All Motorhead as most bands sound the same cd to cd. 1916 is a cd which has the Original Ramones and You are probably right on as it is a Tribute. But a Song Written for them instead of copying them. I really haven't like Motorhead covers. Ramones have great covers. Lemmy's voice and Phil's style of guitar doesn't add anything for me. But it's my opinion. The best song on here is Shut you Down. They had 2 guitar players back then and soloing is not their "Forte". Now in Fast Eddie Clarke days, ie: Ace of Spades' Fast Eddie is one of my all time favorite Lead Guitar players. Not for super speedy but for Melody and he is fast. Good Review,Thanks I've IIi