Deaf Forever: The Best Of Motorhead Review

artist: Motörhead date: 12/02/2005 category: compact discs
Motörhead: Deaf Forever: The Best Of Motorhead
Release Date: Aug 8, 2000
Label: Silverline
Genres: Thrash, Speed Metal, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, British Metal, New Wave Of British Heavy Metal
Number Of Tracks: 20
Deaf Forever is a ferocious eighteen-track career overview of one of British heavy metal's most enduring combos.
 Sound: 10
 Lyrics: 9
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 9.3
Deaf Forever: The Best Of Motorhead Reviewed by: matster, on december 02, 2005
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Sound: Motorhead are one of the best metal bands I know. The main song on this is the great ace of spades. A lot of the songs are also great such as 'Overkill' and 'I Got Mine'. Some people will tend to like the music but not lemmies deep voice but in some songs that doesnt really matter to much. I think the guitaring id good and the drumms go well to keep the beat. Overall the sound is a great key point of motorhead. As I said before not everyone will like Motorhead. // 10

Lyrics: Al, the lyrics make complete sence. They all fit in to each song. Lemmie's voice again may cause some people to not understand some words but can be very easy to figure out. Motorhead have that great thing about them to really make the lyrics come alive and paint a picture in your head. Overall it has great lyrics but not good enough to get a 10. // 9

Overall Impression: Overall this album is great and has all the good things about motorhead packed into it. The song pretty much every one knows is 'The Ace Of Spades' and that is the main and first song an this album. I think all the guitaring and bass including the drums made that one of the best albums I have ever had. That may not be so to others but it sure has some great songs on this album. I love all the guitaring but the downside is again lemmies voice making it that little bit not so great. If iw were to be stolen I proberbly wouldn't get a new album of it because so mang motorhead song have the same songs. // 9

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