Motorizer review by Motörhead

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  • Released: Aug 26, 2008
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.7 (53 votes)
Motörhead: Motorizer

Sound — 7
From the opening riff in Runaround Man, it's apparent that Motorhead is staying true to the sound that brought the British band fame back in the mid-1970s. While there aren't any tracks that quite live up to Ace Of Spades on the band's 24th album Motorizer, there is also no shortage of killer blues riffs. At the forefront of it all is Lemmy's trademark gritty vocals and driving bass line, and that actually might be enough for some Motorhead fanatics out there. On a recent appearance on Bruce Dickinson's Friday Rock Show, Lemmy described the opening track Runaround Man as being nonsense set to an infectious beat. That's not a half-bad description. The lyrics don't have any distinct meaning (Lead me on; Give the dog a bone; It's been a long time since I've been home), but the vocal phrasing goes along perfectly with the grooving riff. There are some slight harmonies attached to Lemmy's vocals in the chorus, and it's catchy enough to make it an instant Motorhead classic. There's plenty of low-end, bluesy guitar on Motorizer, but the mix also allows Lemmy's bass and drummer Mikkey Dee's work to come through. Guitarist Phil Campbell, who has been with Motorhead since 1984, delivers some of his best efforts on Rock Out, Back On The Chain, and When The Eagle Screams. Lemmy's bass line gets plenty of attention with more than a few solo moments, and he's able to come out strongest on Rock Out. That particular track comes closest to Ace Of Spades, particularly in terms of the rhythm. There are a few tracks on the album do break the momentum. Heroes, although it provides a nice change from the usual Motorhead sound, is quite a bit slower than the other 10 tracks on Motorizer. The band does it's best to keep it heavy in the slow moments, however, and in the chorus that comes across most effectively. Buried Alive is much faster tempo-wise, but musically it stays focused too long around the same few chords.

Lyrics — 7
You get an interesting mix of topics on the latest Motorhead album, and the songs range from being your clich rock tracks (Rock Out) to broaching some serious topics (Heroes). I almost prefer the run-of-the-mill lyrics coming from Lemmy, particularly since he's been elevated to somewhat of a badass rock god. So while the lyrical content isn't the most thought-provoking, you could also make the argument that the attitude Lemmy projects can still pretty much sell any word he sings.

Overall Impression — 7
If you're not looking for anything that new or unusual from Motorhead, then Motorizer will be a welcome addition to the band's catalog. Tracks like One Short Life show that Motorhead is still on stop of it's game in terms of dirty blues rock, and When The Eagle Screams and Back On The Chain following close behind for their riff work. There are a few lackluster songs in the 11 tracks, but even in the weakest moments, Lemmy's charisma still rarely disappoints.

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    What i like in Motorhead (and Lemmy himself has admitted it) is that even in their heaviest moments, they're closer to old school punk than metal. I mean just listen to Rock Out, wow! great punk feeling everywhere, you think you're listening to the Damned at their finest (much heavier thn them of course). Motorhead. Thanks to them rock n' roll will reign eternal!
    I'm ****ing sick of seeing people say AOS is MH's best album. It's no where ****ing close. Lemmy said himself that Motorizer is one of their best, and he thinks that We Are Motorhead kills Ace of Spades.
    There most bluesy album. This album really shows there style of blues played at million miles an hour. Lemmy's Bass lines in the album is killer. The best release this year so far.
    Saw them with Priest and Testament the day the album came out.. I was just wondering why they didn't sell it at the concert.
    Another great Motorhead album! Plenty of good songs, classic Lemmy moments and awesome lyrics as always. 8/10 for me
    m1chael w0rkman
    Kaban wrote: saw them live with Judas Priest in detroit a couple of weeks ago, got the CD the day it came out. it kicks ass. my fav tunes on it- Sing the Blues, Rock Out, One Short Life and Heroes.
    saw em in pittsburgh! hell of a concert!!
    saw them live with Judas Priest in detroit a couple of weeks ago, got the CD the day it came out. it kicks ass. my fav tunes on it- Sing the Blues, Rock Out, One Short Life and Heroes.
    It's a very good cd I think it gives a point + to this years releases. One short life is an epic song!!!
    Motorhead Rocks. People accuse Metallica and Ac/Dc of switching styles or whatever, but Motorhead have been doing the same thing since they started. Awesome band! I love Ac/Dc and Metallica too by the way.
    I bought the cd on the day it was released and I have all their cd's, dvd's, t-shirts, you name it and I will probably have it. I am a big fan of the band and I love this album as well. I hope they're going to play a lot of songs when they come to my place in two months, then I'm going one day to Brussels and the next day to Tilburg, I'm going to see them twice in 48 hours!
    Kick ass album, bought it the day it came out, Motorhead never disappoint !!! As Heavy, fast and loud as ever before ! but you forgot English Rose, its one of the best song on the album.
    Kick ass album, bought it the day it came out, Motorhead never disappoint !!! As Heavy, fast and loud as ever before !
    I know Ace of Spades was arguably their best. but It's a shame everything is compared to it. Anyway I've heard the new one and it's good but not nearly as good as the previous two were.
    it sounds like classic motorhead. which is a good thing. Lemmy won't compromise his style for anything.
    Good solid well performed album, i mean its not gonna take the place of AOS but its better than most of the crap washing out the market today.
    kick ass album, i prefer the newer stuff to the old, personally i think it has a fuller sound to it =)