Orgasmatron review by Motörhead

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  • Released: Aug 9, 1986
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.8 (5 votes)
Motörhead: Orgasmatron

Sound — 7
Can anyone tell wich music style Motorhead play? No, because it's powerfull combination of heavy metal, punk, rock'n'roll and hard rock. Motorhead had perfectly mixed those genres and got very loud, heavy and fast music. "Deaf Forever", hard and powerfull backbeat with "argh, argh" back-vocals makes this song one of my favourite war songs of all times. Classic Motorhead's bass intro, rock'n'roll melody and great lyrics on "Nothing Up My Sleeve" totally breaks the dark atmosphere wich came from "Deaf Forever". Only bad thing 'bout this song is that the Motorhead had two guitarists and both had played solos on this song, but both solos are very borring. Thing with Motorhead after Fast Eddy had left them is that they never head any concrete guitar riff. Thats very clear to see on "Ain't My Crime". That thing with no riff and "punky" chours didn't leave any good impression on me. Fast drum "mini solos", great lyrics, "argh argh" back vocals, and catchy chours makes "Claw" my favourite song from the album. Agin, guitar solo is like a picture wich shows uncreativity of their guitarist. I must say that "Mean Machine" has pretty good guitar riff, and good guitar solo. I especially love the way that drum starts (with strange "out-of-rhytm" crash cymbal hits), rock'n'roll vocal melody and rhytm is very fast. Lemmy exposes his bad reputation once agin on "Built For Speed". Very good song, slower then "Claw" and "Mean Machine" but that gives more dynamics to the album. First solo can pass but second is little bit boring. Punk speed, punk riffs and Lemmy's vocal make "Riddin' With The Driver" good rock'n'roll song, but nothing too special. "Doctor Rock" is classic Motorhead tune with classic Motorhead riff wich can be heard on "Overkill" (song), "Ace of Spades" (song), "Bomber" (song), "Motorhead" (song) and many other song wich came after this album. Anyway, pretty good song. "Orgasmatron", agin slower one. Lead riff is similar to "Deaf Forever" but structure of song is pretty different. No chours, two solo, and Lemmy's roaring make this song totally anti-pop, wich I think is the point of the song.

Lyrics — 9
Lemmy consider Motorhead as a rock'n'roll band but he don't writes songs only about sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, he also writes about war, politics and personal problems wich is more heavy metal side. When he speaks about war or rock'n'roll he's straight as my Johnny Boy when he sees pretty lady, but when he speaks about sex he can be very metaphoric and unexpecting. Lemmy is great lyricist and also good singer. He may not have vocal abilities like Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Bon Scott or someone else, but he always knows what he's doing and he's doing it right. We all know what kind of voice he produce through his throat, but you'll be suprised when you hear his high-pitched scream notes on "Claw".

Overall Impression — 7
From Motorhead everybody expect another "Ace Of Spades" (album), but it's very hard to make such a masterpiece agin. This sure ain't no "Ace Of Spades", but it sure is very good Motorhead album. As I look on it with guitaristic eyes I sure can say that there are no concrete guitar riff as they used to be on Fast Eddie era, but if you're looking for only good rock'n'roll album then this is good rock'n'roll album. I must say here that I love the way that Motorhead puts the big dose of rock'n'roll in their metal music. You can love them or you can hate them, but they are always here with their music.

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    Spelling issues much? And what do you mean about their guitarist's uncreativity on the track Claw? This album is considered to be one of Motorhead's underground successes. Albeit the mixing is hated by Lem himself.