Disco Volante review by Mr. Bungle

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  • Released: Oct 10, 1995
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (14 votes)
Mr. Bungle: Disco Volante

Sound — 10
The band have outdone themselves with this album. Everyone is at the top of their game here, not one song sounds alike where as with their S/T and California had some similar sounding songs (just barley similar). Everyone I Went to High School With is Dead shows the bands earlier Death/Heavy Metal influences. My only problem with this song is that it seems to drag on a bit even though it's one of the shorter songs. Chemical Marriage is one of my favorite songs off of the album. I can't really describe the sound of it but once you hear it, it will stick with you for a long time. Carry Stress in the Jaw/Spy is the third longest song on DV. The first half is like jazz and heavy metal combined. The second half is sort of like lounge music with Trevor Dunn singing on this one and it adds a certain touch other Bungle songs don't have. Desert Search for Techno Allah is pretty much a Middle Eastern themed techno song. Song of the lyrics are taken from an old Arabic (I think) saying. Violenza Domestica is in all Italian. Some parts of the song sound like it could have come straight out of the Godfather and it features an(in my opinion) extremely underrated instrument, a Jew's Harp. After School Special is another one of the shorter songs. I can't really describe it in that great detail but I do think it 's a great song. Phlegmantics is the conclusion in the "Sleep" trilogy. The other two songs are Carry Stress in the Jaw (Part II) and Slowly Growing Deaf (Part I) from their S/T. All three of these songs have lyrics about the body. Phlegmantics starts off sound like it would be at least a bit normal and then the keyboards come in for a few seconds and it slows down a lot. During the slower parts, the faster paced drumming from the intro will be heard. You might think it doesn't fit but once you listen to the song you know it does. Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz, try figuring out what the hell Mike Patton is saying. This song is either in a different language or just the scat style singing that he started using a lot around this time. The Bends can be described as underwater themed. Around half the song is like that then you get to this part that sounds like sirens. Seconds later, you hear sounds that would fit perfectly into a cheesy, B-List '50s sci-fi movie. The last few seconds catch you off guard a bit because it gradually get louder and louder until sudden silence. The next song, Backstrokin', starts off with what sounds like reversed music. Then it leads in to a surf/lounge themed music with Patton chiming in every couple seconds. Platypus starts off sounding close to a song like Phlegmantics. You hear either Patton or Dunn saying Ornithorhynchus Anatinus: Platypus. The rythm of Pattons singing in this seem off time but like the drumming in Phlegmantics, your opinion will change when everything is done. The next and final song, Merry Go Bye Bye, is no doubt one of the best Bungle songs. The beginning keyboards and vocal combination make it seem like you're back in the '50s. Then out of nowhere, sudden change of direction which changes the song to sound like one of Bungles heavier songs with more noise and samples than ever. Around the end everything gets slower and relaxing again. I have nothing to say about the improv after Merry Go Bye Bye.

Lyrics — 10
I don't have much to say about the lyrics of this album. They can be weird(different languages, gibberish, scat singing) but they fit the music perfectly. This is one of the best vocal performances of Patton too. I'd say the lyrical strongpoints of this album are Merry Go Bye Bye, Everyone I Went to Highschool With is Dead and Violenza Domestica. Some of the songs have barley any real lyrics at all(The Bends, great song either way though. It's better with little lyrics than if it was flooded with them)

Overall Impression — 10
This album doesn't even really compare to other Bungle albums let alone anyone else's. I think everything about this album is perfect. People who are just getting into Bungle might want to avoid this for a while because it's a difficult listen, but very rewarding in the end. Chemical Marriage, Carry Stress/Spy, Violenza Domestica, and Merry Go Bye Bye are the best songs on the CD. If this was lost or stolen, I would definetly buy it again and again.

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    A friend recommended this Band as one of his favorite bands, and gave me this CD to check out...i like it,but its freakin wierd stuff though, i definitely aree w/the hard listen at first! at times it feels like its all improve and has no structure, like if they're just jammin!
    the first time i listened to this album, i didnt really like it, but after a few more listens i was hooked, great album, great band, my fave song is merry go bye bye and platypus