Saints Of Los Angeles review by Mötley Crüe

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  • Released: Jun 24, 2008
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (111 votes)
Mötley Crüe: Saints Of Los Angeles

Sound — 8
Well if I am honest, this is the first album I have bought by motley crue. Since then I have bought some more, but, I found this to be their best. It is a look at their early career. When they were first making it in places like the Troubadour and The Whisky. Also where Guns n Roses hit the scene. They're dirty, heavy rock really comes through and Vince's variables in voice really complements the music.

Lyrics — 10
01. L.A.M.F - a disgusting intro to the CD. Brilliant. 02. Face Down In The Dirt - begins with a catchy bass line which I, being a guitar player first and foremost, have checked out to play on bass. "It's a dirty job but someones gotta do it" is whispered through the mic before kicking into the verse. Not a bad song but not the best on the album. 03. What's It Gonna Take - pretty much about Motley trrying to release their first hit - their metaphor about a time bomb I enjoy. The Mars' guitar is enjoyable in this song. 04. Down At The Whisky - awesome song. vince's almost soft vocals really impressive. the hook 'do you remember when' really is catchy. The song is pretty much about when they used to play gigs at the whisky, before the fame, when it was simple. "We never made a dime, but god we had a good time" one of the best songs on the album. 05. Saints Of Los Angeles - Motley thought it was good enough to name the entire album after it; I totally agree, the gang vocals at the beginning is a sign of things to come. The first line "Tonight is gonna be a fight" really shows what the song is gonna show, listen to Tommy on drums and you'll see the complexity of some of their music. The final line hits home nicely. 06. Mutherf--ker Of The Year - completes a trilogy of great songs. Nikki and Mick play such a heavy dark bass line/guitar riff that along with Vinces singing the overall sound is menacing. It really is great. Then the chorus is outstanding so catchy and with a wonderful melody. The lyrics outline being bad and proud! This is my favourite song on the whole album, and, my favourite song by Motley Crue. You can find it top of my most played on iTunes already. 07. The Animal In Me - the intro is immense and Vince comes in once more with awesome vocals, the choppy chords in the background by mick mars are simple yet affective, not my fave song but very listenable. 08. Welcome To The Machine - I believe talks about the music industry, "Once it sucks you in you'll never leave". This is a good song and the vocals are memorable. Also worth mentioning the badass guitar solo in here, I'm not proud to admit I cannot work it out, anyone who can tab it by all means. 09. Just Another Psycho - the intro kicks the unkickable ass so to speak, I've gotta say this song leaves an impression of mayhem, psychotic mayhem again the mixture of soft and rough vocals make this song what it is. 10. Chicks = Trouble - I'm not sure about this song, nice intro, vince's shriek makes your spine shiver, the title is completley true haha. But it's missing some Motley magic. 11. This Ain't A Love Song - what more could you need? Great vocals, kick ass guitar and bass, heavy metal drums, awesome lyrics? This is the song for you. 12. White Trash Circus - excellent. Good intro funny, relatable lyrics. "We're the white trash circus don't give a damn". "We're the voice in your head," I think sends a great vibe throughout the song. 13. Goin' Out Swingin' - I didn't no this but reading Rocklvson's review this song delayed the entire album, it's more of the same yet in no way repeatative another impressive song and a great end to the album not just because of the fitting name.

Overall Impression — 9
Motley Crue could be described as a mix between Guns N' Roses and Metallica but that wouldn't be fair. They're a brilliant band better than ever I'm just disapointed that atleast in the UK their isn't much of a buzz about S.O.L.A the only Rock N' Roll TV show Kerrang doesn't play Saints Of Los Angeles or Mutherf--ker Of The Year their two released singles as of this day. My album can't be stolen because I bought it in Download format online. But if it were an album and it got stolen I would indeed buy it again it is an outstanding album and I highly recommend it.

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    Epiphone'sRock wrote: good album not there best however
    Epiphone's do rock, don't they? lol, yeah, I saw the Crue on the 15th, and it was so freaking awesome, and S.O.L.A. is pretty freaking awesome too.
    Good Album...idk i didn't personally like some of the tracks, but it still was worth the money.
    I'm just glad to see they're back. If an adjective could describe this album it would be "crue."
    i love motley crue so i decided to get this album, so i did and listened to it and the songs really started off to me as quite normal and average, then i kept listening to the album and im so glad i did, they really grow on you, now i think they're all brilliant! get this album!
    on the review up top when they are talking about the cd they said that the band members still have something to offer but i was wondering why they put vince, neil, nikki, and tommy and not have mick in there in stead of neil must be a typo please fix and give mick credit
    well i listened to the album and i thought "this is nothing like their old days." i mean i guess i can't expect something spectacular, like their dr. feelgood album, it was alright but really i think its a 6.