Shout at the Devil review by Mötley Crüe

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  • Released: Sep 26, 1983
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.8 (56 votes)
Mötley Crüe: Shout at the Devil

Sound — 8
Shout at the Devil is the second studio album by Motley Crue, the worlds most notorious rock band. The majority of diehard fans would label this as their favorite of the 'Crue records, mainly due to it being the straight forward, intensely threatening sonic attack that it is. Released in September of '83 and produced by Tom Werman (Ted Nugent, Twisted Sister) 'Shout' exists as a rawly produced, brief assault on the senses. Topics covered throughout the album include sex, violence, drugs and rebellion; all the beautiful things associated with teenagers throughout the 80's. While the riff-orientated style of Motley Crue isn't brilliant, it doesn't have to be. On this album, pure adrenaline emanates from the record, making up for any technical insecurities the band may have. One impressive feature of the album is the instrumental piece by guitarist Mick Mars, showing some signs of diversity within the growing band. Songs: 01.In The Beginning: a short introductory track, setting a dark tone for the remainder of the album. 02.Shout At The Devil: the title track, and one of the Crue's most well known riff anthems. Re-worked in '97, but there's nothing quite like the original. Great way to set a platform for a heavy metal album. 7.5/10. 03.Looks That Kill: the first single from the album, and an absolute Motley Crue classic. Accompanied by a highly theatrical video, this track set Motley Crue on their rapid rise to fame. Infectious riff-age here, folks. 9/10. 04.Bastard: - another beauty from the near faultless SATD, and one of my personal favorites from the album. This track in particular showcases the raw tenacity of heavy metal's wildest band. Vintage 'Crue. 9/10. 05.God Bless The Children Of The Beast: the instrumental piece by guitarist Mick Mars. For a minute and a half of multilayered riffing, it's actually quite interesting. Some may argue it spoils the rampage of the opening few songs, but I see it as the breather the album needed. 7/10. 06.Helter Skelter: a cover of the famous Beatles song. I understand this may be Motley Crue's way of giving back to their forefathers, but if anything, this track spoils the faultless run of the opening tracks; not the instrumental. A decent cover, but imagine the possibilities of another home grown classic which may have taken it's spot. 6.5/10. 07.Red Hot: never fear, the mediocrity begins and ends with the Beatles cover. Red Hot is yet another example of how damaging and brutal Nikki Sixx may be with his songwriting. A relentless barrage of heavy metal on this one. 8/10. 08.Too Young To Fall In Love: the second single, and arguably the strongest cut from the album. Also accompanied by an impressive video, this track contains everything that makes Motley Crue what it is - the opening riff in particular. Great tune. 9/10. 09.Knock 'Em Dead Kid: the hits continue, as the 'Crue roll through another set of classic cuts of heavy metal; for the second time on one album! Powerful, reliable Motley Crue on this solid number. 8/10. 10.Ten Seconds To Love: Nikki Sixx, take a bow. A 7th track on the one album which must be considered classic heavy metal; how's that for efficient songwriting. Once again, the riff makes the song, and Vince Neil does a particularly nice job in belting out this one. 9/10. 11.Danger: all good things must come to an end. A more sedate tune, Danger is a fitting way to close the album. With contributions from both Vince Neil and Mick Mars on this one, chief songwriter Nikki Sixx masterfully rounds off a great achievement in heavy metal songwriting. Only one song managed to dull the atmosphere; and Sixx didn't even write it! Anyway, solid closer. 7.5/10.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics of this album, most of which penned by bassist Nikki Sixx, deal with topics ranging from the devil, to sex. All phrases within the album seem to be appropriate to the nature of the album, so no complaints here. As for Vince Neil, SATD is the best display of his skills as a vocalist. On this record, a more dedicated, passionate singer seems to be screaming the words to these heavy metal classics.

Overall Impression — 9
Shout At The Devil has to be the best record released by Motley Crue. In reality, they never came close to re-living this heavy metal masterpiece, due in part to a decision to write more audience friendly tunes. Dr. Feelgood comes close, but in truth... Motley Crue never sounded quite as dangerous as they have here.

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    I've still got my first run vinyl. I saw them open up for Kiss right after "Too Fast For Love". God, I'm old.
    I hear ya, bro. I saw them headline on the Shout tour in Sacramento in '83. Yikes.
    I hear ya also, I think I was at that ball-sac show. Memorial Auditorium? Was so long ago... Never forget the first time heard SATD, cassette from US festival show.
    Saw the same tour for SATD at the San Jose Civic Auditorium 83ish, think they were opening for Ozzy right about then too. They were awesome.
    Lol why is this on here? Anyway, i have to say Too Fast For Love will always be my favorite album. Livewire, Come on and Dance, Take Me To The Top, Piece of Your Action, Starry Eyes, and Stick To Your Guns are like the sweetest songs ever.
    I think saints of los angeles was good, a little progressive, which is inevitable, but none the less, the old albums kick ass
    Lol why is this on here? Anyway, i have to say Too Fast For Love will always be my favorite album. Livewire, Come on and Dance, Take Me To The Top, Piece of Your Action, Starry Eyes, and Stick To Your Guns are like the sweetest songs ever. because its been 25 years since it came out
    great reviews guys. i think this album is amazing. It just fits so prefectly together. Many great song, not a fan of the cover on the album but every album does have some sort of low point. Also every time i hear to young to fall in love i always thin of vice city lol
    There's some things I don't like on this album. The sound isn't the best. It's a bit too raw and I prefer Theatre and Girls sounds. Almost all the songs are in the same key. That's damn annoying when you listen to the whole album. The songs are good but they could have done some key changes in some songs.
    I met Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee at an airport. Nikki was nice...Tommy Lee was standoffish. My favorite album of theirs.
    This album was the perfect blend of heavy riffs and catchy songs that would propel the crue to the top of the world.The guitar sound was spectacular,never to be surpassed.I remember the first time i heard too young to fall in love,and ive been a fan ever since.Probably one the best albums ever made.
    OK, these reviews suck except the review by angusheeyaa35. The sound of this album is pretty raw and you can hear their attitude. It's like Metallica's Kill 'em All. Very non-produced sounding and full of attitude. The guitar solos are pretty "punky", Mick could have done better but the album has that kind of live feel. I wouldn't rate the sound section 10, it would be more like 7. It has some great songs and no song on this album is bad.