Too Fast For Love review by Mötley Crüe

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  • Released: Jan 1, 1981
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 6
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 8.9 (34 votes)
Mötley Crüe: Too Fast For Love

Sound — 8
This was the Crue's debut album, when they still possesed that raw Sunset Strip glam rock sound. It's my personal favorite, tied with Dr. Feelgood, because of how stripped down it is. It lacks the studio polish of their later efforts, and the bands technical skill isn't as tight as it would be later on, but that's the appeal of this album; it's raw sleazy LA strip glam rock. You've got Vince's distinct howls and yelps, Mick's heavily disorted Marshall-stack guitar cruch, Nikki's thunderous and snotty bass (which has some suprisingly good basslines on this album, much better than his stuff on SATD), and of course Tommy's heavy, crazy and unpredictable drum beats which tied the whole package. TFFL has a combination of the bands influences, you've got the punk/glam rock combination, some bluesy swagger from Mick's guitar work (he's one of my fave guitarists), and it comes out in their own sleazy bar band sound. You really have to appreciate no-bullshit underproduced rock in order to get used to this album or enjoy it. If you're used to listening to the Crue's later glossed up albums it will definately take some adjustment listening to, however I just love how this is the "real deal" before they got into all the heavy texturing, layering and other production stuff of their later albums. Again this isn't the Crue at their technical/musical best, however what it does on this album, it does very well, and has become a fan favorite to many Crueheads.

Lyrics — 6
I just have to say Nikki didn't really have much in terms of songwriting chops during this time. This was just back when they were starting out, and were grateful to just have a gig at a club, and also shared a run down house (although Mick lived on his own). The lyrics for the most part just consist of the debauchery and punk mentality of the scene that was the Sunset Strip in LA, nothing less nothing more. However standout songs would have to be the opening "Live Wire," "Piece Of Your Action," the title track, and "Toast Of The Town." Some of my own faves would include "Public Enemy #1," "Merry-Go-Round," "Take Me To The Top," "Starry Etes," and "Stick To Your Guns." It also comes with an alternate intro to the title track, and a live version of "Merry-Go-Round" both of which are great additions to the remaster.

Overall Impression — 9
This was THE album to kickstart the whole 80's glam/hair metal explosion of LA. Honestly if you don't enjoy at least some of this album, then you aren't a true Crue fan, because this is the REAL, unadulterated shot of Motley Crue here (don't believe the people who say SATD is, it's a good album, but definately way more glossed over than TFFL). Again while the band wasn't at their creative or techincal best here, it's just very raw and it rawks out loud, very enjoyable to listen too. If it were stolen/lost I wouldn't be in a hurry to look for it again since I would have it on itunes + iPod already. However I'd certainly think about replacing it in the future.

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    Uh You are very wrong when you say they have no technical skill. Obviously Mick Mars is no Eddie Van Halen but he still kicks a lot of ass, Tommy is a fine drummer and Nikki sixx got better with age.
    Amazing album! "Livewire is still one of the Crue's finest workings! "Toast Of The Town is catchy and creative, "Piece Of Your Action" is sleazy and raw, and who can forget the distorted, in your face riff to "Stick To Your Guns"? Early Motley Crue is Awesome Motley Crue, none like it...
    i absolutely loooove this album! i wish i coulda been around to see them back when they were playing this set at the whiskey and such! toast of the town is amazing! the way the solo kicks into an already amazing song just emortalizes a great work of art!
    true_bacon22 wrote: Uh You are very wrong when you say they have no technical skill. Obviously Mick Mars is no Eddie Van Halen but he still kicks a lot of ass, Tommy is a fine drummer and Nikki sixx got better with age.
    he was talking about back when they were starting out
    This album is one of my favorites. all their 80's albums were the best. they left the era with dr. feelgood, which showed how far they had come. too fast for love is incredible and their sound was so unique, no one sounds like them now and no one ever will.
    this is my favorite album of theirs because it was very good i liked the chord progressions to all the songs but live wire and peace of your action are ****ing heavy.....