Too Fast For Love Review

artist: Mötley Crüe date: 01/27/2012 category: compact discs
Mötley Crüe: Too Fast For Love
Release Date: 1981
Label: Motley/Beyond
Genres: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop-Metal, Album Rock
Number Of Tracks: 13
On their debut album, Motley Crue essentially comes across as a bash-'em-out bar band, making up in enthusiasm what they lack in technical skill.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 8.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 10
Too Fast For Love Reviewed by: CinderellaFan14, on january 27, 2012
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Sound: Motley Crue welcomes themselves to the hard rock music scene with their debut album, "Too Fast For Love". The infinite knowledge and musical skills that is filled throughout the universe gifted this entire group with some of it's power of the cosmos. The entire band shows their worth with amazing guitar work, unique and flawless lead vocals, great sounding backup vocals, and a spectacular percussion performance. The entire world is introduced to the band with the hit, "Live Wire". The talent pours from the record straight to your brain with a mixture of science, magic, and just pure greatness. "Come On And Dance" takes the sound of the album to the heavier, darker sides of the highway that is Motley Crue, but you don't go too far into the dark side; you can still hear Motley Crue's influence soaked all over the track. The sound of "Live Wire" comes back with "Public Enemy #1", however this time the sound is a little lighter and the tempo has dropped significantly to a nice, hard rocker. "Merry-Go-Round" takes the tempo much slower, but is still easy to jam to with it's tempo changes and fluxuating guitar distortion levels. "Take Me To The Top" brings back a sound and tempo that is very similar to "Live Wire", and is an instant hit in my opinion. We hear more of what would be a future, signature Motley Crue sound with haunting guitar effects, Vince Neil's signature high-pitched primal screaming, and flawless tempo changes. This sound carries over to the next track, "Piece Of Your Action", which is another personal favorite of mine. Vince Neil's vocal abilities are truly shown with this song, as he changes his vocal pitch from high to low as if it's just too easy. "Starry Eyes" is a truly amazing song, as is a song not widely known by many Crue fans. If this song is like any other on this album, it is most like "Merry-Go-Round", except I enjoy this song much more. The drum beat alone gets your foot tapping to the song whenever you listen to it. "Too Fast For Love", arguably the best song on the album, is another all-time favorite of mine, as we have that great catchy guitar playing, a rocking drum beat, and of course, Vince Neil's amazing vocals. The original version of the album ends with "On With The Show", which has an incredible resemblence to "Merry-Go-Round", but changes to an upbeat rocker as you continue on with the song. This song is the perfect way to end the album. There was a deluxe edition released many years later, with a few great unreleased tracks. The first one of these unreleased tracks it "Toast Of The Town", which is a wonderful Motley Crue sounding song, and really belonged on the original release of this album. The next great unreleased song is "Tonight", which is a remake of the song performed by The Cranberries. I really love what Motley Crue did with this song, as they added their own style to a classic song and made it sound like their own. This song is one of my favorites of the album, but then again, I have many favorites off this album as well! Also included on the deluxe edition is an alternative version of "Piece Of Your Action", which has a different intro to the song. This is a neat song to have on the deluxe edition, and I personally really enjoy it. Lastly there is another unreleased track, "Stick To Your Guns", which once again captures that great, signature Motley Crue style sound. This song sounds most like "Come On And Dance", but is really just another amazing song from the Crue! Motley Crue introduces themselves to the music world in amazing fashion with this album, and is one of my favorite rock albums of all time. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album work perfectly with the music. There are no lyrics on this album that make you think, "Did they just get bored and put these lyrics on here as a laugh?". However, I think even if there were, Vince Neil would be able to pull them off flawlessly, as he does this with every song on the album. His vocal skills are unquestionably amazing, and they help put him on my list of favorite rock singers of all time. // 10

Overall Impression: "Too Fast For Love" is Motley Crue's debut album, and is easily one of the best albums I've ever heard from start to finish. Everything about this album is great: The overall sound of their songs are unique, signature, and just plain amazing. Each and every one of the band members is extremely talented, and no member of the band is overshadowed by another. In my opinion, each song on this album is an instant classic, but the most impressive songs on this album have to be: 1. Too Fast For Love 2. Piece Of Your Action 3. Starry Eyes 4. Live Wire 5. Tonight I love everything about this album. Even the tracks are listed perfectly, which is essential for making an album that is fun to listen to from start to end. You cannot find yourself skipping over songs to find one or two that are good on this album, because each and every song on this album is just great. If this album were stolen, I would give the thief a "Piece Of MY Action"! Motley Crue introduces themselves to the world of music with perfection, and this album helps make them one of my favorite bands of all time. // 10

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overall: 7.7
Too Fast For Love Reviewed by: Killibinizik, on september 04, 2006
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Sound: This was the Crue's debut album, when they still possesed that raw Sunset Strip glam rock sound. It's my personal favorite, tied with Dr. Feelgood, because of how stripped down it is. It lacks the studio polish of their later efforts, and the bands technical skill isn't as tight as it would be later on, but that's the appeal of this album; it's raw sleazy LA strip glam rock. You've got Vince's distinct howls and yelps, Mick's heavily disorted Marshall-stack guitar cruch, Nikki's thunderous and snotty bass (which has some suprisingly good basslines on this album, much better than his stuff on SATD), and of course Tommy's heavy, crazy and unpredictable drum beats which tied the whole package. TFFL has a combination of the bands influences, you've got the punk/glam rock combination, some bluesy swagger from Mick's guitar work (he's one of my fave guitarists), and it comes out in their own sleazy bar band sound. You really have to appreciate no-bullshit underproduced rock in order to get used to this album or enjoy it. If you're used to listening to the Crue's later glossed up albums it will definately take some adjustment listening to, however I just love how this is the "real deal" before they got into all the heavy texturing, layering and other production stuff of their later albums. Again this isn't the Crue at their technical/musical best, however what it does on this album, it does very well, and has become a fan favorite to many Crueheads. // 8

Lyrics: I just have to say Nikki didn't really have much in terms of songwriting chops during this time. This was just back when they were starting out, and were grateful to just have a gig at a club, and also shared a run down house (although Mick lived on his own). The lyrics for the most part just consist of the debauchery and punk mentality of the scene that was the Sunset Strip in LA, nothing less nothing more. However standout songs would have to be the opening "Live Wire," "Piece Of Your Action," the title track, and "Toast Of The Town." Some of my own faves would include "Public Enemy #1," "Merry-Go-Round," "Take Me To The Top," "Starry Etes," and "Stick To Your Guns." It also comes with an alternate intro to the title track, and a live version of "Merry-Go-Round" both of which are great additions to the remaster. // 6

Overall Impression: This was THE album to kickstart the whole 80's glam/hair metal explosion of LA. Honestly if you don't enjoy at least some of this album, then you aren't a true Crue fan, because this is the REAL, unadulterated shot of Motley Crue here (don't believe the people who say SATD is, it's a good album, but definately way more glossed over than TFFL). Again while the band wasn't at their creative or techincal best here, it's just very raw and it rawks out loud, very enjoyable to listen too. If it were stolen/lost I wouldn't be in a hurry to look for it again since I would have it on itunes + iPod already. However I'd certainly think about replacing it in the future. // 9

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overall: 10
Too Fast For Love Reviewed by: Izzy.Sleazze., on may 27, 2011
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Sound: I see a good 80's band in these ways: Sleaze/Glam, Talent, and Stageshow. Motley Crue has it all. Vince is a mediocre singer but a good frontman all the same. Mick is one of my favorite guitarists, he just has his own style. Nikki isn't the best bassist but he is one of the best songwriters, and believe me, he puts on a hell of a show. Tommy is a really good drummer and is crazy to see live. All around the Crue's attitude is authentic 80's sleaze. "Too Fast For Love" is their most raw and, in personal opinion, their best album. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are definitely hair band style. Sex, Drugs, and Rock N' Roll. What more can you say? The lyrics go perfect with the music. Nikki was truly a genius. Vince's skills on this album we're almost the best of all the albums. I'd say on the next album "Shout At The Devil" his vocals we're better, but I love the style on this album. He hit some high notes compared to other Crue albums. "Live Wire" was probably the best vocal and lyric wise. // 10

Overall Impression: Best songs include: "Live Wire", "Come On And Dance", "Merry Go Round", "On With The Show", and "Too Fast For Love". One of their heaviest albums. This album is up there on my tops list with albums like: Ratt's "Out Of The Cellar", Poison's "Look What The Cat Dragged In", and White Lion's "Fight To Survive". I am most impressed with the good early 80's punk/glam metal style. I hate absolutely nothing about this album. I recommend getting this album, even if you don't like Crue. You might start to after hearing it. // 10

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