Lost And Found review by Mudvayne

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  • Released: Apr 12, 2005
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.1 (45 votes)
Mudvayne: Lost And Found

Sound — 9
Mudvayne's sound as a band is very versatile and innovative. These guys are perfectly original with their music, and they are always committed to push their songs the extra run-through and nitpicking to make their fans happy. Of course, as a video made song, 'Happy?' isn't a very good example of what Mudvayne are capable of, just for anyone who thinks that they are an MTV nu metal band that lives for selling out.

Lyrics — 9
Chad Gray is a fantastic vocalist, his vocal melodies and screaming capabilities have a very wide range, and his lyrics are very diverse, with the only exception being he mentions the phrase 'So Wrong' in three of Lost and Found's tracks, 'Determined', 'IMN', and 'Rain.Sun.Gone'.

Overall Impression — 8
Like one of the other guys, writing a track-by-track review is essential for a review. 01. Determined - Very fast-paced and energetic beginning to the album, very groovy-like metal. 02. Pushing Through - not a standout track really, but if it shows up on my media player I'll listen to it. 03. Happy? - as I was saying earlier, this is Mudvayne at their more wussy antics. This song was never my cup of tea. 04. IMN - fantastically brutal song, almost Fear Factory standard. Definitely a Mudvayne trademark style song. 05. Fall Into Sleep - a neat, calm little ballad. Very moving. 06. Rain. Sun. Gone - perhaps my favourite on this album. It's fantastic. I'm a complete sucker for those kind of choruses. 07. Choices - eight minutes long. It's an okay song, but most of it is just repetition and filler material. 08. Forget To Remember - this is another one of those songs that doesn't stand out at all, these style songs are very tediously written. 09. TV Radio - another MTV style song that doesn't majorly impress me. Although there are vocal effects by Chad that bring back memories, some parts remind me of Lostprophets. 10. Just - fast-paced song that does remind me of Slipknot. Fairly different drumming work here, and all corners of the band play well on this song. 11. All That You Are - very nice build up style song, it's very relaxing at the start, and during the song the aggression leaves you unnerved. Very good song. 12. Pulling The String - featuring Greg Tribett's first ever recorded pinch harmonic to close the album, this is another fairly average song with some standout parts to it. As Mudvayne progresses, their image will always change and so will their music capabilities. The best thing about Mudvayne is that they can musically improve so much further, but get so much respect as a band for being simple and effective, and also very technical at the same time. Nobody can have any idea what their next album will sound like. Not even Mudvayne themselves.

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    This album kicks ass!It may not be an L.D.50 beater, but it proves that Muvayne are the most creative and underated alternative metal band in the world today
    love this album, a grat album frm a great band imo when i went to see SAW 2 just because it had forget to remember at the end haha, their best work yet
    great cd... rain sun gone... crazy good song... nothing bad on this album, goodbye (bonus track), isn't that sweet, but eh- i like it -castoo
    I love this CD it I listen to it almost everyday. i just never get tired of. So u know what. Are u ****ing happy now?