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artist: Mudvayne date: 02/09/2009 category: compact discs
Mudvayne: The New Game
Released: Nov 18, 2008
Genre: Alternative Metal, Hard Rock
Label: Epic
Number Of Tracks: 11
Mudvayne makes metal for the regular Joe who needs a soundtrack to help him let off a little steam. It's their fourth studio album, but The New Game isn't a new sound for Mudvayne. The band continues its viable tradition of radio-friendly metal.
 Sound: 7
 Lyrics: 7.2
 Overall Impression: 7.4
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overall: 7.7
The New Game Reviewed by: UG Team, on november 18, 2008
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Sound: Math metal is often a term that's used to describe Illinois' own milk-fed titans, Mudvayne. It's an accurate assessment, given the highly technical guitar work and drumming that has populated the band's albums since its debut, 2000's Dig. (Although some may dispute that the band's former gimmick of wearing make-up obscured the complex nature of the music!) Mudvayne enjoyed plenty of post-Dig success, due in part to the way that they sprinkle ultra-melodic and singable choruses into the maelstrom of the hard-charging guitars. The New Game finds the patented Mudvayne sound in tact, with plenty of meaty barn-burners like Do What You Do, New Game and Have It Your Way living among introspective, contemplative and mid-tempo tunes like A Cinderella Story or the nearly acoustic Scarlet Letters. Mudvayne manage to toe the line between brains and brawn, attracting mooks who just want to mosh to their music as well as those who like a little more musicianship to their metal. Guitarist Greg Tribbett isn't the second coming of Yngwie J. Malmsteen, simply because he doesn't solo much nor does he go all noodly on our unsuspecting asses. Instead, he breaks off plenty of choppy and chunk riffs and also transforms his axe into an instrument that generates all sorts of layers to Mudvayne's music without ever sacrificing the heaviness or the metallicness. // 8

Lyrics: Frontman Chad Gray, who also does time in Vinnie Paul's most recent post-Pantera project Hell Yeah, is in possession of DNA-distinct vocals. He often emits a bit of a phlegmatic, low-end bellow that's an incredibly successful complement to the music his bandmates crank out. Gray shifts seamlessly between a clean style to a scrappy scream and his deftness in employing both styles gives Mudvayne that radio-friendly element to their music. Risk-taking rock stations in America can take the chance and blast The New Game, Dull Boy, and The Hate in Me after 7 PM because the songs are accessible without being wimpy in order to garner that airplay. It's a fine line and Mudvayne walks it with confidence. As for the lyrics, Gray speaks to his fans at their level, mouthing off about the battles he fights and the shit that pisses him off on a daily basis. Anyone working a minimum wage or thankless job anywhere in the Americas can relate to what Gray's got to say and that makes The New Game the perfect album for testosterone-amped dudes who need something to help them blow off a little steam. // 7

Overall Impression: The 'Vayne exists as a commercially viable hard rock band that never has to blunt its edges in order to appeal to a wider audience. If you're a dude that likes your rock a little surlier and burlier than what most commercial radio stations offer, then The New Game will be just what you are looking for to get the red out. // 8

- Amy Sciarretto (c) 2008

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overall: 5.3
The New Game Reviewed by: Martindecorum, on november 18, 2008
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Sound: Okay after the last album Lost and Found I new I was in for a more generic sound coming from this album, but this just packaged that up and secure the trend of Mudvayne's slow decent into commercial life. Yes the typical guitar sound, Vocals screams and melodies are still there but I feel is slowly diminishing is the aspect of the very technical bass and drums, they haven't depleted completely but they are slowly going away, which in my opinion made the Mudvayne sound. The album kicks off with a nice build up in Fish Out Of Water but then it was followed by a very stock standard structure and sound that sadly nothing jumped out at me and grabbed my ear, it was more just there. Do What You Do has the stylish clean sound from a earlier song World So Cold but it just follows that pretty much completely, Once again a very basic structure Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge etc, I'm slowly wondering where the pure sound of Mudvayne has gone, This song features a guitar solo which they have never really done before and I wish they never did it ruins the vibe for me. A New Game begins with a riff that sounds similar to the opening track, the main that I appreciate in this song is the ending it's catchy and sounds quiet nice but it's taking three tracks to find something good, this song also features another solo and once again it's just taking away the sound of this band, they don't really need guitar solos. The album continues to flow with this generic sound that formed more in Lost and Found with the next song Have it Your Way again very simple structured song that just says to me there not trying anymore the spark that they were seems gone now, nothing special about this song in my opinion A Cinderella Story has a great bass line but even still they are buried into everything and just doesn't scream out this song just sounds the same and the track before with it's structure and octave use in the chorus The Hate In Me this song here a very good intro a feel to it this is probably the one that made me go yes a good sounding song which can be listened to for a while:D, but even though if you listen to the whole album from start to this track it would start to sound as a big blur of songs that you didn't even realized one has finished because of the same feel and the loss of diversity in sounds and written structures. Scarlett Letters This was a shock the progression at the start made me think of ever other generic bloody thing created, The chorus is quiet catchy but so is songs from Seether which this song reminds me of. Dull Boy cool idea for a intro and the bass is very dominate in the main riff, and I find myself singing the catchy verse structured lyrics which stand out for me, this song I feel is probably the best on the CD but once again it just compare to what Mudvayne fans no they are capable of. Same ol' is literally just the same ol' it's just merely the Cinderella story intro but sped up. Never Enough by now I feel this album is dragging on and I'm finding myself fight myself to listen on sadly this song just is cementing my feelings for future albums and how they sound which to be honest isn't looking very strong We the People This song to end the album could of started the god damn thing, very heavy song and make you nod your head in acceptance a very fast and very angry which sounds absolutely great, defiantly shouldn't be so far down the list as if people don't have their player on shuffle may not want to listen all the way down to this song // 4

Lyrics: The same feel is always there on this album the very unique voice is still there and to me it sounds great, I love both sides the screams and melodic sides. Once again reading through the lyrics it stays mostly true to the Mudvayne sound, very well thought out and written. But great lyrics tend to be lost in very generic music which is why most of this won't be remembered by me sadly. // 8

Overall Impression: yes the songs are sometimes catchy but there not defining or as memorable as older songs which is why I'm saying there slowly blackening into the commercial place and becoming another drone band that is just there. After listening to this album I went straight back to L.D and you hear a huge creative difference in there and it makes you just wondering did they even try this way round, sadly I don't think so. I'm just going to give them one last chance wait for one more album to see if they "work" on it and can create something that stands out otherwise I will always have the first two albums to sit back and rock out to. // 4

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overall: 8
The New Game Reviewed by: srsfiter, on december 08, 2008
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Sound: I just bought the album today on 12-6-08 and I disagree with most reviews I happen to think the album is great I Will Review the album as I listen again. Ryan Martinie Bass Shines Again on there newest album. There are some guitar solos and the drumming is precise, the vocals are once again very well done. While this album takes a weird step from there last album like on the song Never Enough it sounds strange but still I like the variety that this album delivers. I Enjoy the heavy use of clean electric and acoustic guitars such as the intro to Scarlett Letters which is also a strange song and it is a lot different to the track before it The Hate In Me. I enjoyed this albums variety it can be either Heavy and angry or slower and just downright sad. The Only reason Why People hate on this album is becuase it's not Complex that's just my opinion. // 8

Lyrics: I should not have to explain Chad's vocals very much its still the same, clean singing to heavy growls. The Lyrics are sometimes odd such as in Have It Your Way here is a weird part of that song. "How were you feelin' with another couple thousand dead Or were you lyin'? Just playin' games Placing your bets, Russian roulette" Yet some lyrics are still desirable like on Do What You Do. "Just do what you do, what you do, what you did to me. Now I'm stuck in between a rock and nowhere, With nothing With no one Just do what you do, what you do, what you've done to me. Draw the chalk line around the scene, it's over, Now it's all over." // 7

Overall Impression: This album somewhat compares to Lost and Found but at the same time is very different And I Like it very much. We Can all agree that L.D. 50 was the best Mudvayne album but hell I'm a fan and pretty much everything they have done has satisfied me. I recommend the following tracks: Do What You Do Fish Out Of Water Scarlett Letters Dull Boy Never Enough If This album was ever misplaced Then I would definitely buy it again. But I would not buy just this album I would also pick up By The People, For The People. Ok So for the good things, good vocals, Awesome bass, and decent guitar and drum work. For the bad: I disliked some of the lyrics. // 9

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overall: 8
The New Game Reviewed by: ShallowEndings, on december 19, 2008
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Sound: Latest album released by Mudvayne, on November 18th, 2008. This album has more heavy characteristics, along with the feel of old school rock n' roll. Along with the great style of songs, it has really good hooks to catch on to someones ears then pull them in to listenin to it. To me, the sound is a little more warmer, then in their previous album, Lost and Found. Which i think adds to improvement from that last album. On bass, Ryan Martinie's sound shines through clearly, which adds the clarity to songs. I really like how he adds melody to his playing. Great work. Guitar by Greg Tribbett, in my opinion, a vast improvement from previous albums. His sound shiimers into the songs, which makes the sound blister your skin. His solo in do what you do, adds to the song making it enjoyable for all, which there has only ever been 2 in any Mudvayne songs, which i think he should incorparate more. Its great to see his added some acoustic into this new album as well. Matthew McDonough on drums dominates the tailbones on each song. His bass lines and skill are so immense. His a very versatile drummer, and a valued member of the band. The songs on of their albums wouldnt be the same if he wasnt there. And finally Chad Gray, on vocals.. His vocals havent changed to much, he still used the mixed growls and clean tones. I wont go on for to much about his lyrics, as i will in the next column. Chad has changed his styling and image over previous albums, which i think is needed if you want to move on throughout years. // 8

Lyrics: I was very impressed with the quality of the song lyrics, as well as how they've been set out by songwriter, Chad. The words mixes into the backing sound by the instruments perfectly, making their songs quiet enjoyable. I would include lyrics, but I'm sure you can do it without my help. Otherwise the songs have less profanity then in previous albums, even though I still got a warning sticker on my cd, and have heard a bit of swearing, I'm sure your parents wont bother to much.. I think that wraps it up, it makes it a bit hard to discuss if you haven't checked their songs out yet, so have a listen and see if you like it. // 7

Overall Impression: From the album, my absolute favourite is Do It For Me Now, I feel I've heard it before for some reason, but it's still a very enjoyable song to listen to, as is any song from their albums for that reason. If you can't stand any growls or screaming, you might not like this album much, but it is something to check out, as it's a worthwhile album to get in my opinion. All up I recommend this album to anyone with good music taste. Stolen.. I have all songs on my ipod, and if they mysteriously vanished, I'd definately purchase this album again. Check it out. // 9

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overall: 7
The New Game Reviewed by: Miguel11, on february 09, 2009
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Sound: The four boys are back again, and with a decent bang. The Peoria rockers released their latest studio album 'The New Game' in late October. Their technical style hasn't shone through as much in this album compared to their previous releases, but the band seem to be evolving with some former weaknesses becoming strengths. For an album written almost three years ago now, it took a while for the 'Vayne to spill out some information on this album, with no real build up about it. But with good reason as with the album came a competition that lasted over 11 weeks, with the major prize being a VIP laminate for life to all Mudvayne shows. 'The New Game' is the perfect title for the album as Mudvayne have definitely changed since the L.D.50 days of 2000, whether that's for better or worse is up to your thoughts on the album. Most fans of Mudvayne will be happy to know that in their recent tour supporting the album, the band have started up the face paint and on stage antics again, Chad Gray and Greg Tribbett being the most notible of the four to do so, with chad sporting either a monkey suit, clown suit and even the old blood covered overalls again. With all that said, after a solid few months of listening to the album, I will give you my insight on the latest release from the four boys. // 7

Lyrics: Each song seems to be unique in their own way with all of them different from the next. The band has definitely become closer over the years and that is reflecting through their music as this album sounds more solid and more together than previous releases. 01.Fish Out Of Water: the opening track of the album is certainly one of the better ones, after a antagonisingly strange and seemingly long intro courtesy of Greg, Chad comes in with possibly the best scream on the record and from there the song just takes off. The lyrics reflect someone who has seemingly betrayed Chad Gray reflected in the lyrics such as "Buy my soul, so you can sell me I don't need this, I don't need you" everything just fits in this song and makes it definitely one of the better tracks on the album. 8 02.Do What You Do: the first single off the new album and it hovered around radio stations for a while as it is simply just a solid song. Most fans were stunned when the song hit the 2:10 mark, for the first time in 10 years Greg Tribbett shocked us all with a guitar solo ('Fear' off of 'The Beginning Of All Things To End' was the first guitar solo ever in a Mudvayne song). Strong, but simple. 7 03.A New Game: the 'semi title track' is the bombshell for me, it hits you with a strong riff to open, and some mad drums and the always astonishing bass from Ryan. Then Chad comes in with his most agressive performance on the album, with some dark lyrics resembling somewhat of a serial killer that's almost paeodophile-like. But it all adds up everything seems to work on this song, it's a mix of the old and new and it just blows you away. 10 04.Have It Your Way: another solid hit out, it just reflects the bands ability to work together well. Lyrics are out pointing the finger at 'The Man'. Good on all levels, but not great. 6.5 05.A Cinderella Story: this song seems to be all about Chad Gray, it's just some of his best work, lyrically and vocally, on display, but with the other three behind him giving the song the extra push. 7 06.The Hate In Me: one of the heavier songs on the album, music wise this is one of my favourite songs on the album, lot of fun to listen to and obviously is a song to get the pit moving. 7 07.Scarlet Letters: this song just doesnt't work for me, definitely one of my least favourite songs off the album, it's just seems like it's a filler song, but it's somehow rigid enough with the rumour around that this is going to be the second single. 5 08.Dull Boy: why this makes the album, I don't know. It was on 'By The People, For The People' and that's where it should have stayed. But nonetheless, catchy and good fun to sing along to. 6 09.Same Ol': absolutely amazing, insane stuff from the boys. Everyone plays their part, great song in everyway. Suprisingly the repetative lyrics work. Great song to blast out in the car. 9 10.Never Enough: the most mellow of all the songs on the album, very sad and meaningful lyrics about not measuring up to expectations and ultimately being 'Never Enough'. Again Mudvayne somehow make it work and to a great result. 8 11.We The People: this song would of hit all the right notes if the chorus was as heavy as the verses. Once you hear that first verse you immediatley think this is on for the pit, until the chorus, which just slows the momentum of the song. The lyrics are good on the other hand, with the song aiming to get the followers to rise against the opressers and "stick it to the man". 6 // 7

Overall Impression: This is a very, very solid album in many ways. It's obviously a big step behind the likes of L.D.50 but don't get me wrong, by no means is this a bad album. It's Mudvayne but it isnt... It's just different and that is what we have come to expect from the Peoria outfit. My favourite thing about the new album is the inclusion of guitar solos, all the other members have expressed their talents in previous albums, so I didn't mention Ryan and Matt much, not to say they don't go un-noticed as they are outstanding as always, but this album was an massive step up for Greg and has come through pretty convincing, for some people guitar solos don't work for Mudvayne, but in my opinion, it turned out pretty darn good. The songs to listen to; 'Fish Out Of Water', 'A New Game', 'Same Ol'' and 'Never Enough'. If the album were stolen, there is no doubt in my mind that I wouldn't go buy the album again, especially the deluxe edition which comes in a make-shift case file which is pretty awesome. // 7

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