Absolution review by Muse

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  • Released: Sep 22, 2003
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.5 (190 votes)
Muse: Absolution

Sound — 10
The stamping of feet signals the apocalypse, at the start of the end. Welcome to the armageddeon that is Absolution. From the introduction, comes 'Apocalypse Please', one of the best album openers of all time. Try throwing a bunch of death minor chords against a wall of hysterical vocals and grand pianos, and you get the end of the world death march that is apocalypse please. Which moves quite smoothly into the surprisingly funky 'Time Is Running Out,' which picks up pace with some fancy guitar tricks and finger clicking into 'Sing For Absolution', the eye of the storm. Sing For Absolution is the crystallisation of all that is muse; falsetto vocals, dreamtime piano, and overdriven guitar. But there is more. 'Stockholm Syndrome' has a death guitar riff, followed by weird synthesiser piano, and more crunch-headbanging. Excellent stuff. This is followed by the fragile 'Falling Away With You', with combines acoustic guitar with electric, with Matt Bellamy's angelic vocals to create a masterpiece. Then, it moves into the 30-or so second 'Interlude', which powers up for the mind blowing 'Hysteria', the grungiest scuzz metal track on the album. The solo is electric-charged. Then it all slows down, and angels descend for the strings and pristine vocals of 'Blackout', followed by the albums most spacey track, 'Butterflies and Hurricanes.' Starting with electro-bass, B&H moves into a piano solo the likes of which has never been seen in rock. It has to be heard to be believed. Next, we move into the albums weakest track, 'The Small Print', which is decidely poppy, but still excellent. 'Endlessly' is tons of synthesisers and a dreamy lyric, which melds perfectly. Then onto the dark 'Thoughts Of A Dying Athiest', which is similar to 'Showbiz' off 'Showbiz'. Finally, the token creepy finishing track, 'Ruled By Secrecy', both majestic and sinister. The piano in this song, and excellent vocals, lead to a suiting finish to what has to be one of the best albums of all time.

Lyrics — 10
Matt Bellamy is one of the best singers around today. Fullstop. Best lyrics: 01. Apocalypse Please - 'It's Tiiiiimmmeee, we saw a miracle, come on its ttiiimmmeee, for something biblical.' 02. Time Is Running Out - 'Yeah our time is running out, and our time is running out, you can't push it underground, you can't stop it screaming out, how did it come to this?' 03. Sing For Absolution - 'Sing for Absolution, yeah I will be singing, and falling from your grace.' 04. Stockholm Syndrome - 'And we'll love, and we'll hate, and we'll die, all to no avail, all to no avail.' 05. Falling Away With You - 'All of the love we left behind, watching the flashbacks intertwine, memories I will never find, so I'll love whatever you've become, forget the reckless things we've done.' 06. Hysteria - 'And I want you now, I want you now, feeling my faith erode, and I'm breaking out, escaping now, last chance to lose control.' 07. Blackout - 'Don't, grow up too fast, and don't, embrace the past. This, life's too good to last, and I'm too young to care.' 08. Butterflies And Hurricanes - 'Best, you've got to be the best, you've got to change the world, and use, this chance, to be heard. Your, time is, now. (Time is now).' 09. The Small Print - 'Take, take all you need, and I'll compensate your greed, with broken hearts.' 10. Endlessly - 'Hopelessly I'll love you endlessly, hopelessly I'll give you everything, but I won't give you up, I won't let you down, and I won't leave you falling, but the moment never comes.' 11. Thoughts Of Dying Atheist - 'And it scares the hell outta meee, and the end is all I can seeee.' 12. Ruled By Secrecy - 'Repress, and restrain, steal the pressure and the pain. Wash the blood off your hands, this time she won't understand. Change, in the air, and they'll hide everywhere, but no-one knows whos in control.'

Overall Impression — 10
The entire album is excellent. 11/10. If it were stolen, I would buy another, and bludgeon the thief with it. Superb from the death march of 'Apocalypse Please' to the sinister refrain of 'Ruled By Secrecy.' Buy it, now. The Muse machine commands you.

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