Absolution review by Muse

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  • Released: Sep 22, 2003
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 9.5 (190 votes)
Muse: Absolution

Sound — 8
Though some may still consider them Radiohead mimics, obviously Muse continues to strike a nerve with their alternative hard rock audience, here releasing their third album of heavy guitars, haunted harmonics, and paranoid musings in Absolution. Frontman Matt Bellamy and company stick to the same disturbed, and sometimes disturbing, formula that's worked in the past: the emotional intensity and style of Radiohead, a rock thunder descended from Black Sabbath, and the baroque drama of Queen. Longtime producer John Leckie sits this one out, and in steps indie ber-engineer Rich Costey. With Costey manning the desk, the music feels more polished and slick, but less epic and raw. Longtime fans won't miss a beat though, because Bellamy delivers the same Thom Yorke vocal impersonation for which he's known, and continues the same anthemic posturing he's lifted from Freddie Mercury. With song titles and subject matter fueled by fear of the apocalypse and worries about infidelities and random murders, the subject matter is as gloriously pretentious and lovably unlovable as ever. Newcomers to the band should expect killer guitars reminiscent of jackhammers and chainsaws, bloodcurdling choruses, and of course, tender passages of falsetto. A recurring motif of racing samplers suggests nothing less than a rock opera version of the score to Koyaanisqatsi, and then there are the occasional spooky moments where funky rhythms mingle with heavy metal guitars, suggesting a progressive Italian zombie flick soundtrack. There's little point in selecting highlights, because other than some slow moments that feel tacked on, there's not much variation in theme or mood. Many listeneres will probably prefer to tackle the album in small doses, and only the most headstrong won't require a breather. Muse continues to make unrelenting hardcore art rock; Absolution is a tad cheesy, a bit too grandiose in its ambitions, bursting at the seams with too many ideas, and thus exactly what any Muse fan craves.

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics are bloodcurdling in extreme. The terrified, twisted ideas of the choruses, especially reinforced in songs such as 'hysteria' and 'apocalypse please' give a whole new level of disturbia! And the franticness of songs such as the 'small print' and then mixed with the inital softness of song like 'blackout'. The lyrics fit the style brilliantly. But still not too closely that there isn't an edge to the music

Overall Impression — 8
The style is similar all the way through. I love this album, it is fantastic, and would buy it again. Really worth buying if you are a muse fan of even if like the style of heavy metal mixed with a softness that is very creepy...

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    FinderofNemo wrote: TKROCK wrote: Emo crap but hysteria is a good song. Fuck, you are so ****ing stupid.
    every one is entitled to their opinion.....but if they a say stupid things such TKROCK just did then you deserved to be shouted at....Muse are not and never have been emo.....go listen to My Chemical Romance if you want to hear emo. also...the last review is stupid.....its not at all constructive and spouts a lot of wierd points of view. i personally love this album but i can understand why other people dont like muse but the review by 'unregistered' who gave it 4.7 was an almost meaningless review-only two sentences would be at all helpful to any one wanting to have a good overview about the album
    *rant over lol....good album though....way better than BH&R and more consistently good than Origin Of symmetry
    best muse album....full stop its considerably fantastic TSP is the only minor lapse as it could have been on Origin but that in itself is a compliment!