Black Holes & Revelations review by Muse

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  • Released: Jul 11, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (645 votes)
Muse: Black Holes & Revelations

Sound — 10
When you hear this album for the first, two things can happen to you: you love it or you hate it. The truth is that it depends on what you like about Muse. If at first you only liked heavy stuff like "Hysteria", "Stockohlm Syndrome", "Microcuts" or "Cave" you will probably hate this new album and for you the band has lost its charm. But if you like all of Muse's stuff, even their worst B-side, you'll love it and you can even consider Blackholes & Revelations as the best thing that Muse has done by now. The true point is that Muse have drastically changed their sound and we all could notice that when we first heard Supermassive Blackhole. Let's face it, which one of us didn't get stranged enough with it, and who didn't said "What the f--k!" out loud? Probably none of us. I mean, if you are a true Muse fan you'll find out that Muse is not a standar band that is limited to one specific kind of rock music. They can do anything they want and they have that right since Showbiz. What I'm trying to say is that all of Muse's albums are very different the one from the other. Showbiz is way too different from Origin of Symmetry and this one is very different from Absolution and the first cd of Hullabaloo. So you should not be surprised/angry/panicked with the changes made in Blackholes & Revelations. Even if it's the most radical change that the band has taken, it is the next logical step into Muse's career; you had to see it coming since you first put the Absolution CD in your player. And to say the truth, Muse have conserved most of what distinguished them from the other bands and even better, they've improved and they've become even more versatile, they've learned how to manage the intensity of the album (actually the energy in Blackholes & Revelations increases from song to song; it has a "soft" begining, it takes a rest with "A Soldier's Poem" and it ends with an epic chorus compained with a great riff in "Knights Of Cydonia"). But still throughout the whole album you can find "echoes" from the other albums; riffs like the ones in "Assassin" remind a lot of the ones used in "Stockohlm Syndrome", and that's only one example.

Lyrics — 9
In the lyrics matter, it's the same. They 're not that different, it's just that Matthew Bellamy seems to have left aside the personal topic and started to worry about politics and society. If you make a comparisson between all of Muse's lyrics, this is also "the next logical step". Absolution shyly showed the band's social and political worries, and songs like "Apocalypse Please", "The Small Print" and even older ones like "Citizen Erased", are a living proof of that. The thing is that on this record the political topic is more notorious, but nothing new! And, as usual, Muse has this great synchronicity between what their lyrics say and the music they play, even if now the massive chours is what sounds the most ("Supermassive Blackhole", "Invincible", "Assassin", "Exo-Politics", "City Of Delusion" and of course "Kinghts of Cydonia" are all songs with a chorus that seems to be done by more that only two persons (Chris and Matthew).

Overall Impression — 10
If you want to give it the attention it deserves, Blackholes & Revelations can be your favorite Muse album, but if you prefer to be another one of those psychorigid persons that want it all "as it was always meant to be", you should not even listen to this album. We all Muse fans should comprehend that the band has been changing since they first rehearsed and this new album should not be a surprise 'cause it's not that different from the other ones. Muse has simply grown.

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    It's good, but it doesn't compare to origin, which is perhaps the best album ever made so far in this decade. When I say good, I mean, its awesome. But not quite at the level of origin.
    bought it, was dissapointed on 1st listen, so i listend again, and since that 3rd july ive listend to the whoel ablum about 15 times, i love it, most of the songs are all brilliant the best: Map of the problematique Exo-Politics City of Delusion Knights of Cydonia
    The new album sounds great. I've only listened to it twice but I like what I hear...
    Its less accessible than their others, and is much more layered because they said they wanted to record and album without worrying about if they could replicate it live. However, just because a riff like hysteria or plug in baby doesnt jump out shouldnt mean disappointment. Im guessing that like me, muse devotees love the sheer...weirdness...and ability to jump outside the box, of this band, and BHAR is a perfect example. Map of the Problematique is a truly amazing song, so deep and unexpected, and - though it pains me to say - could not have achieved its atmosphere through a typical band set up, the heavily MIDId guitars give it an otherworldliness, a feeling which continues through the whole album. Dont be disappointed if you think muse have changed, the ethos stays the same - kick ass original tunes.
    better than absolution, but i think its different to all 3 of the previous oens. awesome album though
    not as good as absolution. may take a while gettin into it, but not bad after a couple of listens
    To be quite honest, I think it contains some of their best songs to date. But seeing as Mure now have four fantastic albums, I'd find it hard to pick a favourite. This is up there though. Can't wait for the 24th of August now.=D
    just got it, track number 6 "invincible" sounds awfully similar to the keane song "everybodys changing". Apart from that the first listen is pretty good.
    Is it just me or does the first 14 seconds of "Assasin" sound a lot like the "Knight Rider" theme tune?
    Al the grunger
    I thought that anything after asdolution would be a dissapointment, but this is easily the best album of the year so far and it will take something classic to beat this album as the best album of the year. some classic songs on it,like,Knights,Starlight ,Invincible,Map and supermassive and the rest of the album is just amazing. I liked muse before but now they are one of my favourite bands. and i get to see them in August in edinburgh. Can't waitXD XD
    Great album. I rate it second to Absolution. I would have loved to hear more of those raking guitar riffs like in Knights of Cydonia. What a song that is though. Gotta love that guitar. I thought Supermassive was a refreshing change for muse and one which they pulled off brilliantly. The first time I heard Supermassive I was skeptical but after a few listens I was enthralled. Soldier's Poem is great too. Who here thinks that it's reminiscent of Queen. It's a nice balancer between the distinctly different sides of the CD. Exo - Politics rates as my favourite song though. The synths (I hate admitting this) sound bloody brilliant on this track. I was almost converted to a synth lover - almost. I wonder how they'll go live. It would be an arse of a CD to perform live, but I reckon they'll pull it off as they always do.