Black Holes & Revelations review by Muse

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  • Released: Jul 11, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.9 (646 votes)
Muse: Black Holes & Revelations

Sound — 9
I love Muse because they're a British band along with another couple making good music, rather than crap hip-hop stuff. They sound kind of like a mix of modern effects and synthesizers combined with some of the most fantastic guitar, bass and drum abilities around. It was recorded in an old house in france and avatar studios in new york, where jimi hendrix often recorded. Great sound due to the fact they're British.

Lyrics — 10
Matt Bellamy. Talented guitarist. Maybe even better vocalist. He has such a great voice that can reach high notes very easily as shown in the song Supermassive Black Hole, Knights Of Cydonia and others throughout the album. The lyrics are mainly about alien theories and universal take overs and other weird stuff, but the talent of the vocalist makes it all up.

Overall Impression — 10
Muse have taken their different ideas over their last 3 studio albums and picked out the best parts and made new material out of them. This is what I like about Muse. They are British! I hate to say it but there are not many bands of this genre around who are British so it is nice to see them around. They sound like a heavier version of Radiohead. I would most definetely buy this album if it were stolen.

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    vanceboy wrote: I think it's almost as good as absolution, but I'm glad they do a lot less piano crap.
    Actually... i want more 'piano crap' i think its great. I love the way that they have really expanded on the vocals on this album. Anyway, one last boast - i finally got my tickets. November 14th is gonna be the hardest wait ever!
    agreed. i really miss normal pianos in their new stuff. it is cool that chris and dom are singing more now.
    Problematique wrote: agreed. i really miss normal pianos in their new stuff. it is cool that chris and dom are singing more now.
    Dom can't sing at all, infact he's banned from doing it ever again. Morgan Nicholls does some background vocals.
    not a single track i want to skip when im listening to this album. still not getting the critical and commercial attention they should be getting in the states.
    im not really too impressed with this album, i thought their previous albums were way better but i think "super massive black hole" is a great song
    Definitly not getting the attention it deserves in the states, all the radio stations are like "we play new music all the time!" when in reality everythings on the same god damn loop all the time with Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Motion City Soundtrack and other crap(srry if you like those bands but still)
    gallagher2006 wrote: i reeeeeaaaaallllly wish people wouldnt give all the options 10/10. so according to most of you, this album is on par with Ok Computer and Sgt. Pepper? I dont think so.
    Yes i do because it is a legendary album, as are ok computer and sgt pepper
    Super Massive Blackhole is an awesome song. i hadn't really heard that much of Muse before, but i'm thinking of getting this album.