Hullabaloo review by Muse

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  • Released: Jun 4, 2002
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.1 (59 votes)
Muse: Hullabaloo

Overall Impression — 10
This compilation of tracks signals the closing of a chapter of Muse's career. The first 2 albums, 'Showbiz' and 'Origin Of Symmetry' were both recieved very well, giving Mr. Bellamy and Co. a solid fan-base amongst today's Rock and Alt-rock fans. This double CD set consists of a selection of B-sides (on disc 1) and a live show on disc 2. The track listings are as follows: Disc 1: B-Sides 1. Forced In 2. Shrinking Universe 3. Recess 4. Yes Please 5. Map Of Your Head (Acoustic) 6. Nature_1 7. Shine Acoustic 8. Ashamed 9. The Gallery 10. Hyper-Chondriac Music (Acoustic) Disc 2: Live at Le Zenith, Paris 1. Dead Star (LIVE) 2. Micro Cuts (LIVE) 3. Citizen Erased (LIVE) 4. Showbiz (LIVE) 5. Megalomania (LIVE) 6. Dark Shines (LIVE) 7. Screenager (LIVE) 8. Space Dementia (LIVE) 9. In Your World (LIVE) 10. Muscle Museum (LIVE) 11. Agitated (LIVE) The B-sides CD contains some interesting tracks, such as the acoustic set: 'Map of Your Head'. However, it may not appeal to all, and I definitely didn't enjoy at much as I do with other Muse CD's. Another thing I noticed, was that they all seem to be leftovers from 'Origin', with not as much piano as I'd like. At first listen Muse's song all seem to be basically the same, but after a few listens you realise that it is in fact Bellamy's voice that creates this impression. He does have an incredible voice, verging on screaming whilst still sounding fairly melodic, but it means that even two songs which sound very different as instrumentals seem to end-up sounding the same, or at least vaguely related. However, despite not being as strong as the album tracks, there are some nice efforts on here. The live CD is fantastic, easily making buying this CD worthwhile your money. Muse are a fantastic band live, never playing a song the same twice and with plenty of action onstage and almost Hendrix-like antics from Matt. The opener 'Deadstar', along with 'In Your World', the new double A-side from the as yet un-released third album sounds slightly weak, although not surprising, considering that it is the first outing of these two tracks, and the band are playing them 'un-finished', as it were at the time. 'Citizen Erased' starts off with a veritable holocaust of guitar distortion, before launching into the full-on rock operatics of the verse, then slowing and quietening into the bridge, making for one of the best moments on the disc. Another moment is 'Muscle Museum', my favourite track on 'Showbiz'. The plodding bassline and almost classical guitar riff make for a wonderful song. 'In Your World', with it's Bach-inspired solo also takes it's place as the deserved new single from the new album. Closer 'Agitated' is rockier than the others, shredding guitars over a solid bassline combining to make a fitting background to Bellamy's manic screaming. The only downside to this brilliant CD is the lack of the rockier songs on 'Origin', like 'Plug In Baby' or 'Bliss', both of which are great tracks, along with 'Feeling Good', a very popular song amongst most of the Muse fans I know. This CD closes a chapter in the history of Muse. The next is eagerly awaited, and if it's anything as good as this one, it will be no less than enthralling.

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