Hullabaloo - Live at The Zenith, Paris [DVD] review by Muse

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  • Released: Jan 7, 2002
  • Sound: 8
  • Content: 6
  • Production Quality: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.5 Good
  • Users' score: 9.4 (35 votes)
Muse: Hullabaloo - Live at The Zenith, Paris [DVD]

Sound — 8
It starts with Tom Wait's 'What Is He Building In There' acting as a prologue. It builds, a flash of lights spur the French crowd into frenzy. The signature distortion comes on in the shape of an earth shattering powerchord and the band let rip into 'Dead Star' a nicely heavy piece of hyper space metal (if you follow me). If you've never seen Muse live you have never seen the light, I saw them at V this year and they just blew me away, which is why I had to buy this DVD the moment I saw it. This DVD contains songs from the band's first two albums ('Showbiz' and 'Origin Of Symmetry') as well as other rarer tracks such as 'Dead Star', 'In Your World' and 'Agitated' which I think were released especially for France. This DVD is good for hearing their classics such as 'Showbiz', 'Plug In Baby' and 'Citizen Erased' as well as equally good songs such as 'Cave' and 'Unintended' which they don't really play live anymore. The band are as tight as something that I shouldn't mention, Bellamy is probably this century's first guitar hero or God, he hits every notes and does really cool improve. Chris provides those killer aphex twin bass lines that identify the band instantly and Dom on drums just keeps the songs that bit more ravenous. Bellamy goes to play piano from time to time which really has to be admired, it gives the band a certain type of eloquence that most metal bands just lack. Dom also makes use of a xylophone type thing which is actually made out of animal bones for 'Screenager' identifying the bands originality. Really there is know telling what to expect from their next album. Bellamy's voice may not have been as strong as it is today but he can still hysterically shriek and wail a hell of a lot better than you or I can just listen to 'Micro Cuts' safe in the knowledge that it is actually live. His voice is reminscent of somebody being ripped to pieces by a shark (and that sounds really cool). However it simply is not as good as what they are today. You've just got to see them properly live to know what I mean.

Content — 6
The DVD is a two disc effort. The first disc containing the live show at the Zenith and the second containing a weird documentary and some pointless jargon such as discography. The documentary is soundtracked by the Hullabaloo soundtrack (B-sides) and shows the band in various photo shoots, venues, tourbus and the countryside. They go fishing, which is quite cool really. These guys are really down to earth lacking those rock star egos that Justin Hawkins or Liam Gallagher have. It also marks the transition of when they're up on stage - untouchable and furious its like a punk mentality except times ten.

Production Quality — 8
The DVD contains flash menus if that really turns you on. Some of the tracks to the live show have multiple camera angles, which are a bit shit really since you are presented with two smaller screens. The footage appropriately captures the band at their furious and beautiful peaks, but there is some annoying cameraworking going on. As if timed wiht the music you are presented with a blur which is really annoying when your trying to watch Bellamy's fingurework. However, one of the guitars he uses is equipped with a camera that stares down the guitar neck so that kind of helps.

Overall Impression — 8
If you are indeed obsessed with Muse like me, then buy this. It's quite hard to find unless you go to HMV where it costs twenty quid but you could probably use the internet. This DVD charts the bands progression. This is a time before Absolution when Bellamy sported red spikey hair, it cleary illustrates a band that are going to take over the world. You must remember though that you've got to go see this band live. You've got to. Your life depends on it, they're like an apocalyptic Queen you must must must see them live. This DVD only gives you a taste of their rampant glory but it is only until you are there staring up at the stage jumping up and down as if your going to die to 'Bliss' that you really are worthy to look at.

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    This is a quality review. Very articulate, and you mirrored my thoughts exactly - the band is electric, the constantly flicking between shots make you feel like you're on speed - very annoying in my opinion, and the documentary is a bit different, but its cool to see the guys offstage. Most of all, I believe they need to be seen live. I saw them two days after seeing tool from 20m, and I reckon Muse topped them.
    Muse just blows me away... quite stunning. I really loved that "ripped by shark" bit about Micro Cuts. awesome:p
    Great review. I agree about some of the camera shots sometimes it moves a little too quick, but the music is pretty intense so I guess it fits in.
    justin hawkins is quite down to earth actually anyway ill have to check this out ASAP. nice review