Origin Of Symmetry review by Muse

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  • Released: Jun 18, 2001
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 9.6 (214 votes)
Muse: Origin Of Symmetry

Sound — 10
This album is easily Muse's best album featuring ''mind blowing'' songs such as ''new born'' and ''bliss''. The sound is incredible and inmediately captures you with thir first song''new born''. After you hear the first song you know that the album is amazing. Although while producing this album it was adviced to Matt Bellamy(Muse's singer guitarist and pianist) to not include the falsetos in the album because it would discourage radio play. Bellamy refused this offer and switched labels and then continued recording it and released it in 2002 in the U.K and 2005 in the U.S because of what mentioned before. The extreme virtuosity of the band's members make this album full of new noises made out of the guitar(Matt Bellamy) the bass(Cristopher Wolstenholme) and the drums(Dominic Howard).

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics in this album are great, some asking for something(bliss) or some telling something(citizen erased-micro cuts). The lyrics talk about desolation, happiness, confusion, and many other subjects that do well in the music. The singer's skills are amazing and reaches notes almost imposible to reach. Examples of lyrics: New Born - Link it to the world Link it to yourself Stretch it like a birth squeeze The love for what you hide Bliss - Everything about you is how I wanna be Your freedom comes naturally Plug in Baby - I've exposed your lies, baby The underneath is no big surprise Citizen Erased - For one moment I wish you'd hold your stage With no feelings at all Dark Shines - Passing by you light up my darkest skies Feeling Good - It's a new dawn It's a new day It's a new life For me And I'm feeling good Megalomania - Paradise comes at a price, that I am not prepared to pay

Overall Impression — 10
This album is great it compares to some works like radiohead and their previous album''Showbiz'' but is greater and bigger. New Born - This song starts with a mysterious piano riff accompanied by an incredible bass riff(third best of them after hysteria and time is running out)this piano riff continues to about minute 1:30 where the guitar comes in with a heavily distored riff that will make you keep listening till the end. Bliss - This song follows great after explosive new born with it's soothing melody. The song starts with a piano introduction that soon becomes synth guitar and then follows by some explosive guitar chords. What happens with this song is that the first minute is so great that you expect the song to be as great as the intro but it then lets you down because it does not change much, however this is easily muse's most soothing song. Space Dementia - it is an okay song not as good as new born or bliss but is worth to hear. Hyper Music - Not much to say, the song starts a litte confusing with the guitar being scratched but gets good after a while, better than space dementia but not as good as the first two. Plug in Baby - The whole song can be reduced to 1 sentence, "awesome intro riff". The song starts with a cavtivating riff that's makes you hear the whole song waiting for something as great as the intro, the rest of the song is great but not as good as the intro riff. Citizen Erased - One of muse's best song awesome intro with the low E being struck 2 times followed by some artificial harmonics and more low E note strucks. The song is followed by a not as ''heavy'' verse yet is still awesome, the only thing bad is that is a little bit long. Micro Cuts - The sequel to Citizen Erased cause at the end of citizen erased if you do not stop to hear the record it flows into micro cuts that is almost as good as it's prequel. Screenager - Here goes the song that could've been taking out of the album and changed for the japanese version only song:futurism. Yet the song is not bad at all, it is just the worse of the album. Dark Shines - Amazing intro similar to Hoodoo from black holes and revelations yet this song is 10 times better than hoodoo. The lyrics are awesome and the drums and guitar make the song even better. Flawless. Feeling Good - great lyrics great piano great drums great bass and great guitar. The song is really good and at 1:40 bellamy reaches an impossible note to reach while singing in the loudspeaker. The only thing ''bad'' of this song is the lack of creativity but really good though. Megalomania - awesome closure for this album, really good song with great lyrics and great rythm. The song ends this awesome album with a great diminishing organ with an explosive drums. Futurism(japanese bonus track) - Great song better than screenager but it is a bit weird. This album is foold of amazing songs and I would buy it again and again if I was for any reason to lose it.(or download it again and again).

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    Newborn was the first Muse song I ever heard at a friends house and since then I've been addicted to Muse. Their version of Feeling Good contends for my favorite song of all time and Space Dementia is incredible live.
    FleaBuc wrote: Dear God the Radiohead/Muse comparisons are moronic. I LOVE both bands. Choosing between them would be like choosing between my own children. Honestly, these two bands aren't anything alike. Radiohead doesn't rock as hard and their hooks are much deeper, you listen to their music and don't expect it to get stuck in your head but it does. Muse is a freaking rock band, and arena rock band with amazing hooks. Both bands are amazingly talented and both bands are fronted by brilliant songwriters. Both bands are great. Do we REALLY have to compare them?!?
    Amen. Both are incredibly talented. It's not a crime to like both.
    best muse album ever. the first muse song i heard was hyper music, and god how i love it. sinder velvin, Radiohead and muse are both great band. i like both (muse is my favourite) but, whatever, i listen to bboth almost every day