The Resistance review by Muse

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  • Released: Sep 15, 2009
  • Sound: 5
  • Lyrics: 5
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.8 (470 votes)
Muse: The Resistance

Sound — 5
Muse. I am an almost hysterical Muse fan, I own all albums except HAARP, I've seen them live once and I'm going to see them again (already got tickets). Yet it is my duty to say that The Resistance has failed. Almost utterly. I'll explain why. Muse have the tendency to radically change between every album. This is good, because they're not too consistent and won't bore their audience too fast. The negative aspect is: they might change in a direction which a percentage of their audience might dislike. With The Resistance, I believe that Muse might've lost their flair. I hope not, but seeing it takes the Teighnmouth Trio 3 years on average to write an album, I feel disappointed.

Lyrics — 5
01. Uprising: this dance-like heavy-bass song with simple bass riff (it's one note) kicks off the wrong way immediately. Muse might've turned into to a capitalistic catchy-song factory. Bellamy's vocal qualities are left astray, and I hope I'm not the only one getting sick of this conspiracy theory/environmental lyrics. I do have to say the live version was epic. 02. Resistance: seeing it's the title track, It must be pretty good, I assumed. I was wrong. The heavy drum-roll-rumbles in the start and the extremely simple piano riff set the mood for this spooky song. Then the queen-esque backing vocals (he could be wrong) in the pre-chorus build up the tension. Then the extremely sugary line "Love is our resistance". Yuck! 03. Undisclosed Desires: I must say, that unlike anyother Muse-fan, I actually like this song. It may be slightly R&B and non-Muse, but it does contain the vocal beauty and melody which we had on songs like Supermassive Black Hole and Map of the Problematique. The slap bass also adds a more groovy twist to this otherwise stiff song. And the lyrics finally contain some depth (I want to reconcile the violence in your heart). 04. United States of Eurasia: I, like anyone, had heared this track alreaddy before the official album release. The promising piano intro warmed me up for another great Muse album. Then again the tiring political leaders (and these wars, they can't be won) before the bridge which screams "QUEEN! QUEEN! QUEEN!" so much it isn't even funny. I must admit the East-kinda riff was a nice twist, but this song was slightly over-the-top. But it shows potention. 05. Guiding Light: is this Muse? It rather sounds like some spacy '80s hippy christian rock band who've been payed to write a song to encourage people to Catholicism (You're my Guiding Light). Obviously, I dislike the song. From the way too simple drum intro, to the again (sigh) political and love lyrics, to the very end. 06. Unnatural Selection: I actually liked this song when I first listened to it. Though the intro riff is too much like the amazing New Born riff, it is a 7-minute long alternative rock song with an interesting structure. It's just slightly too boring. Sorry. What I do like everytime is the pre-chorus before the last chorus, it's exactly like Daron Malakian from System of a Down is singing there. Check it. 07. MK Ultra: this song I like, too. The riff does become annoying, but Matthew Bellamy seems to know when to stop that. And it has balls. Besides that, I can't say much more. 08. I Belong To You/ Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Ta Voix: this song is slightly jazzy, and I think I like it. But it's not the kind of song which will stay in your head for a week or will ever be on replay. 09. The Symphony: I don't know what I can say about it. It was promising but I think that Muse have been too confident for once. I think the symphony is an overdone attempt at being alternative. I can't say much about it, because I haven't listened to it that intensively.

Overall Impression — 5
The Resistance just feels incomplete. It doesn't have the raw energy that Showbiz had, it doesn't have the spacy, overloaded with effects-sound that Origin of Symmetry had, it doesn't have the completeness that Absolution had and it doesn't have the beauty that Black Holes & Revelations had. The Resistance is a poor effort compared to other Muse records. I also hate that it was so overproduced: before it was released, I was already told (by both reliable and unreliable sources) it included the best rock song ever, the best guitar solo ever, and so on, and so on. They've raised the standard too much for me. I'm not backing off Muse completely, hell no, they're my favorite modern band but I just think The Resistance was... bad.

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    IAmRenegade wrote: Good fans love all a bands music.
    No. Good fans are willing to critize any output unprejudiced. Someone who thinks any album produced by their favourite group is exquisite, are brainless.
    This album is incredible. End of story. If you can't see the raw emotion and creative genius that went into the production of this album then you are blind. Definitely the best Muse album to date.
    Sixx66FeetUnder wrote: This album is incredible. End of story. If you can't see the raw emotion and creative genius that went into the production of this album then you are blind. Definitely the best Muse album to date.
    Have you listened to all Muse albums? Because I, for one, think this is the worst muse album so far. Not only does it lack power, but it's also disgustingly poppy and boring on songs like Uprising, Resistance and Guiding Light.
    IAmRenegade wrote:I love the theme of the album as well. "Exogenesis", "Panspermia", "Space-Shuttle Earth" all bond together with some french musical opera in "I Belong To You" and agressive love stories derived from great authors and song writers and Europe's finest. Influences of "Pink Floyd", "David Bowie", "Rachmaninov", "Chopin", "Richard Strauss" and "Ravel Tchaikovsky." Muse really dug deep in mixing with old and famous European culture on this album along with their views on humanity at it's bitter end.
    While Pink Floyd is my favorite all-time band, I consider myself a HUGE Bowie fan and I often listen to classical piano pieces such as Chopin, The Resistance is plain mediocre to me and I fail to see the connection between gloomy pop-rock and musical geniuses, the latter being the artists mentioned above, obviously. Having read your entire post, the theme may be very impressive but that doesn't make the music itself good. Those kind of messages can only be detected whilst listening to the album lots and lots of times. And seeing as I do not have the power nor spirit to sacrifice my time into listening to a CD that I do not even like, I find it a waste of time to put so much themes underneath poppy sell-out songs. Though I am definitely a lover of thematic messages - hence the Pink Floyd adoring - The Resistance is an overdone attempt at being alternative. Maybe there are so many hidden messages, but the songs are regular pop-rock. Lines alike "Love Is Our Resistance", "So Come On" and "And these wars they go on and on and on" demolish the entire feel for me as greedy and naive and reflect upon the entire record. The majority is simply horrible.
    Looking at the reviews (and not the comments) I get the feeling that I'm the only one who likes the album, but doesn't like the symphony bit at the end?
    When I first listened I wasn't keen on the symphonies, but they grew on me, I think they were a good way to end the album.
    I wouldnt say this is Muse's best album start to finish but it's damn good. The only song I feel is out of place is undisclosed desires. But I think this albums has certain moments on it that are Muse in Peak form. US of Eurasia is incredible, as are the middle sections of unnatural selection and i belong to you. I find all 3 of the exogenesis parts to be incredibly moving. I can see how theyre not for everyone but I think its a great album.
    Gerard Way Jr
    Rokkec wrote: Cmon people, not the "bring back the old OOS and Showbiz" crap again..what are 65? It`s allways the same thing..if a band decides to go into another direction, be it more poppy or more metalish or whatever, its a bad thing cause the band itself lost its roots..if a band put more than 2 similar albums, than it`s still crap `cause its like the same stuff just recycled to sound different..I admit..after listening the samples I was pretty effing worried..but of course I waited to listen to the entire songs..and I was pleasantly surprised but still unsure if I like it or not..after much listening in various moods I find it is indeed very favourite is Absolution and will probably allways be..but it doesn`t negate the fact that this album just show the fact that they aren`t a one dimensional band and will allways thrive.. Sorry..long post..hangover syndrome..
    The problem with that is that Muse was consistently GOOD back in the old days.
    -LGuitar : Great album. Not their best, but still great. In my opinion, it's: Absolution > Origin = Black Holes = Resistance > Showbiz
    I found no better way to put it... great album to listen while walking back home!!
    Great album. I didnt like it right away but thats normal for me. Origin>Black Holes=Resistance>Showbiz>Hullabaloo>Absolution
    I don't understand this... When someone expresses distaste at this album, everyone seems to jump on them and consider them stupid! I love Muse, I'll never forget growing up on Blink-182 and Greenday and then one night this 3-piece guitar band was on Jonathon Ross so I thought why not? They played a song called Supermassive Blackhole. My musical taste changed forever! 5 years have passed since then, and whilst my love for the Muse then, its a love that has been and gone.