Conventional Weapons review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Feb 5, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 6 (77 votes)
My Chemical Romance: Conventional Weapons

Sound — 8
This album is a not really an album, it's a set of 5 different 2 track records that were recorded during the time of the recording of their album, "Danger Days". Needless to say, these songs are all really good. "Number One" features the songs "Boy Division", which is in my opinion the best song in all of these. It also has "Tomorrow's Money", not my favorite but good. "Number Two" features "AMBULANCE" and "Gun.", which are both good songs and I thoroughly enjoyed them. "Number Three" gets a bit slower paced with the songs "The World Is Ugly" and "The Light Behind Your Eyes", the latter unfailing to touch your heart. Number Four is the reason why I only give this part an 8; "Kiss The Ring" was decent but "Make Room!!!!" was really earsplitting. Not recommended. "Number Five" gives a good ending with the catchy tune "Surrender The Night" and the excellent closer, "Burning Bright". Sound quality is real decent.

Lyrics — 10
Through the whole "Conventional Weapons", there are words that are frequent and appear in more than one song. But the words are used in a way that you can't really complain. The songs have meaning, all of them (except "Number Four") really show it. "Make Room!!!!" once again fails to attract my attention, but the rest of the lyrics of the other songs compensate. The words to "The Light Behind Your Eyes" may make you cry with the first listen.

Overall Impression — 9
My Chemical Romance blew me away with "The Black Parade". I can't quite say they have as much with this compilation, but it was an enjoyable listen and I recommend it to all fans of MCR. The downside is lack of distribution; you can only buy it on vinyl or digital download. It's well worth the price though. There's a lot to love, with only "Make Room!!!!" to hate. Stand out tracks are "Boy Division", "The Light Behind Your Eyes" and "Burning Bright". Have fun listening, I guarantee your ears will be satisfied.

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    It didn't blow you away, and it got an overall 9? Thats totally wrong.
    all u kids need to look up and listen to the very first and best mcr album. it was emo as ****???? duh?
    I used to listen to them as a kid, not a bad band. Got turned off from them with the previous album but this one sort of sounds more like them.
    The Spoon
    Yeah, I loved this band, but didn't really get around to listening to their last album. It's kinda cool that they're not just stuck on their dark, melodramatic aesthetic... but it is what they did best. However, that Boy Division song rules.
    I'll check this out. I really hope they make a call-back to the beautiful chaos that was Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge, someday...
    Three Cheers is one of those albums I'll always have in my top 10 for the decade. I can't get in to anything else they've done, I've tried...
    I honestly thought this band died off long ago. Not my cup of tea to say the least, I clicked on the article just to see if they really were stilled around. To each his own though
    Amuro Jay
    I've heard a few of the tracks on here, and I was pleasantly surprised. It's really good stuff, sort of like if you took Three Cheers and made it less violent, I guess. Their music stopped appealing to me a long time ago but Boy Division is a great song. I'll be giving this a shot now that it's all compiled. Also, >emo This isn't Snowing.
    Some of the songs here are actually way better than anything on Danger Days (Boy Division, Make Room!!!!, Kiss the Ring, The World is Ugly, Gun) but, there are quite a few songs that are okay or flat out terrible (Surrender the Night, Tomorrow's Money, The Light Behind Your Eyes).