Life On The Murder Scene review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2006
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 4
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 4.8 (273 votes)
My Chemical Romance: Life On The Murder Scene

Sound — 6
Life On The Murder Scene is My Chemical Romance new project that combines demos and live takes on their more well known songs, but when a band puts something like this on stores shelves, you, the consumer, should ask yourself, in a nutshell, one thing - why? Is it because MCR sound amazing live and they want to recreate that for every single fan that hasn't had the chance to make it to one of their shows and to create a memoir for people who have. Well, kinda. MCR do a great job of recreating every song exactly like it sounds on the album, which is a double edge sword. With lots of bands that cut and paste their albums together (Metallica's St. Anger comes to mind) it's good to see they can actually play their own songs, but their's a lot to be said for a band that can improvise. So it comes down to the energy factor, which is the exact same as the albums. You might as well hit random play on MCR's studio albums because you'll be getting the exact same thing. So then it's down to the demo's, which is technically one from tracks we've heard of (I Never Told You), which sounds the same on the Three Cheers album. But then there's Desert Song, an unrealeased track and the only thing saving this greatest hits compilation from complete mediocrity. It's an acoustic song, and besides for when it's sounds like Gerard is going to have a panic attack, it's sounds really good.

Lyrics — 7
If you've heard MCR on their albums, I guess you know what to expect. Gerard sounds the same live as he does on the album for the most part. I've also always been pretty impressed with MCR's writing, and how they don't stray into songs about sex and other female trouble related material. Quite the opposite, they have songs about prison rape. I dare you to get on a stage and sing about that.

Overall Impression — 4
One other question you should probably consider before you head down to your nearest Wal-Mart and get this is did MCR and the Reprise label their signed to get this brain child to ultimately take your money from your pocket. Ultimately yes. It is a nice collection of songs and MCR don't sounds like crap through out the entire disc, there's just not really anything new. MCR announced that this was coming out months ago just so you would go to amazon and order a copy for everyone you know, even before you got to see the artwork. At the peak of their success right now, why not release basically the same thing that made them very famous. It's a good thing, but it's still the same.

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    I've seen em live and they're nothin' special, but in the studio, Marvelous! I'll buy it, but I'm not expecting much from the live CD.
    If your an MCR fan, this DVD is awesome. If you like mcr's music, the CD is a collection of their best live performances, so its easy to hear what the guitars are doing. I recomend it to people that love the band and their guitar style(umm, because this is i site for the sharing of guitar knowledge... not bashing gerard way)
    GATLIN wrote: what are they trying to prove by wearing makeup
    dude its their ****ing style
    I love My Chem A lot, but every live show they do on yahoo sucks. It's like they're all in there own little world playing. I've never heard them all play good togethor except on there albums. But I still like them a lot and can't wait to get Life on the Muderscene.
    i guess this Dvd they were trying to copy green day's bullet in a bible.
    ^agreed. its probably like "its intermission time, were gona pass out some razors to everyone, cause, i mean were just feelingit, cut away!!, cut away the pain!!"
    lemme guess...whining, cutting, whining, cutting, GAY SEX, photo op, cutting, whining, dumb joke, whining ...
    Put it this way, you'll like this if you like MCR, and you won't like it if you don't. It's not that hard to understand people, so stop b*tching about if they suck or not. The haters in here sound like 50 year old women going through menopause.
    I think there live shows are prety cool. If not for the music, but for the action, kicking over the mic stands and screaming.Thats my type of show.
    i saw these guys live once and they werent great. Gerard was pretty terrible and one of the guitarst wasnt playing he was just jumping around and swinging his arms like a clown. And there bass player looked like a french herion addict. I don mean to sound like im intentionally bashing them, I just didnt think they were very good at all. So i wouldnt buy this
    I dont mind emo music, but i cant stand the image that they portray. slitting your wrists and pinning your clothes full of safety pins is far from cool. i would probably not buy this album, though they might be not bad live.
    i agree gerard isnt that great of a singer. i just love his hardcore-ness on stage
    SkinnyWhiteBoy : Yeah, they've sucked live at every venue I've heard them at/from. They suck... big time... just as bad as Fall Out Boy (and that's saying alot).
    A) MCR > FOB, b) You're an asshat. Not that I'm a huge fan of fall out boy, but they sucked for their first major shows, like warped tour. Since then, they've honed their act, and they put on an AMAZING show out here in CO. So **** yourself before you talk about something you don't know dick about.
    every single person i've talked to about their live performance has said gerard can't sing for beans live.... and i've spoken to alot of people about it
    Yeah, they've sucked live at every venue I've heard them at/from. They suck... big time... just as bad as Fall Out Boy (and that's saying alot).
    i love my chem... they do alright with the instrumental side of things in live performances... but other wise... its pretty much like paying to have someone shoot you in your ear repeatedly!!! i heard a live version of helena and i couldnt believe that gerard could actually butcher his own song! wtf?!?!?! why the hell would you pay for a live my chem album???
    Salt The Fries
    the energy and performance of MCR isn't really all that wild. the only person i see going crazy is frank
    seen** sorry! the close second best is get cape wear cape fly!! i thnk the rating is unfair...maybe they were confused thinking its out of ten not five, as its written positive but it says its quite lame!
    ^ im gonna bash gerard live one more time, only because i like their cd alot