Life On The Murder Scene review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Mar 21, 2006
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 4.8 (273 votes)
My Chemical Romance: Life On The Murder Scene

Sound — 9
The sound qulity is quite good. The only problem is that I have a hard time hearing Gerard sing on the first three tracks of the CD I can't hardly understand what he is singing unless I hear the studio versions of the songs. The quality of the music is good throughout the album is good. Gerard vocals sound good on all the tracks except the first three. The demo tracks, "Bury Me In Black" and "I Never Told You What I do for a Living" sound just as good as on the album (Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge). And the final track, "Desert Song", is previously unreleased, and it's only made of vocals, acoustic and clean toned guitars, but I like it.

Lyrics — 10
Whenever I hear MCR, I know I'll get one thing:emotional lyrics. Gerard writes excellent lyrics for songs, and they all have an emotional message of some sort. The lyrics go great with the music, because they all have the same mood. They CD sound happy, sad, confused, and angry. Gerard is a great singer. He has a certain amount of emotion and wildness that gives him such a great voice. And onstage, he is full of energy, making it better.

Overall Impression — 10
The CD is really great. I bought the Life on the Murder Scene three-disc set beffore hearing one of there albums. My Chemical Romance is my one of favorite rock bands, and is by far the best punk-emo band. The best songs are I'm Not Okay (I Promise), Helena, Headfirst For Halos, and Thank You For The Venom. The only problems are it's hard to understand what Gerard is singing on the first three tracks of the CD and it was also really short, so there could have been way more songs. But it is still worth the money. If I lost the CD then I have another burned CD somewhere.

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    and MCR's way awesome live, i saw them twice when gerard wasnt an alcoholic or trying(cocain not addicted!!)
    shoot-the-emos wrote: stars_n_bars : lemme guess...whining, cutting, whining, cutting, GAY SEX, photo op, cutting, whining, dumb joke, whining ... POSTED: 03/21/2006 - 09:29 pm / quote | OMGIZZLEZ : ^agreed. its probably like "its intermission time, were gona pass out some razors to everyone, cause, i mean were just feelingit, cut away!!, cut away the pain!!"
    Actually, MCR are against self harm. Know what you are talking about before you make cheap jokes. There is not a song or statement where MCR have promoted self mutilation.[/quote] And I quote,"singing songs that make you slit your wrists..." The album sucked. Gerard Way can't sing worth crap and writes emo lyrics. Ray Toro and Frank Iero are pretty good, and their old drummer was great, but I hated the CD.