The Black Parade review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Oct 24, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (1,210 votes)
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

Sound — 10
My Chemical Romance has changed so much. They truly did "become a new band" for this album, and a better one at that. Their sound has evolved lightyears ahead of what it once was. There are a lot of different arrangements and layers to the music on this record. Each song is it's own being; each one stands appart as a work of art. There are a lot of string arrangements and pianos used. It really is effective in making this record epic and so much different from all the other bands out there. One of the little effects I loved most about this album is the beep of a flatline at the beginning of "Dead!" before it explodes into a tragic-yet-upbeat piece. Another amazing aspect of this record is that the guitarist both discover the "solo". There were a few on "Three Cheers", but not nearly as talented or as fitting as the many that can be found on "The Black Parade", sometimes multiple solos in one song!

Lyrics — 10
A new revelation for MCR: every sing word fits perfectly to the music! There isn't a single lyric that feels out of place. The lyrics chronicle the death of "The Patient", who dies at the beginning of "Dead!" (go figure). I haven't actually figured out the story or read any detail into it but from what I can tell, the Patient reflects back on his life and family. Gerard Way's vocals are perfect. He can create a catchy, upbeat song ("Welcome To The Black Parade", "Teenagers") or a tragic one ("Cancer"). Not only has his voice seemingly improved, but the vocal tracks are layered to create a whole new level of depth to this record. A choice exerpt includes "Well they said 'Teenagers scare the living shit out of me" ("Teenagers").

Overall Impression — 10
My Chemical Romance has changed their sound drastically while still retaining their uniqueness. The best tracks include "The End./Dead!", "Welcome To The Black Parade", "I Don't Love You", "House Of Wolves", "Cancer", "Mama", and "Teenagers". This record will probably draw in new fans who didn't like the older material, as well as keep those die-hard fans. There is such a variety of music on this record, there's probably at least one song for everyone to like. If this CD were stolen, I would buy another one immediately and let them keep it. I believe that this is My Chemical Romance reborn, and "The Black Parade" is a second chance for anyone who didn't like them the first time around.

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