The Black Parade review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Oct 24, 2006
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.2 (1,208 votes)
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

Sound — 8
A good album from a good band is hard to find these days, but now things are a lot different. We found a good band and a good album. The band is My Chemical Romance, and the album is "The Black Parade". The things I'd see in a band (and its music) should be easy to listen to, creativity, and (above all) sounding like effort, having a lot of effort put in the music. "The Black Parade" is really Gerard thinking that death can come to you in any way you want. This is the first punk rock opera that anyone has heard for a while squeezed into one hit record. Some of the songs' tunes aren't original but easy to listen to. If it were up to me, I'd make every song on that album into a music video 'cause it is so freakin' awesome. To make a long story short, I give the albums' plot line and rock-ability an 8 out of 10.

Lyrics — 7
The things I search for in a songs' lyrics are originality, in-sync with the background music, and rock-ability. In "The Black Parade" not only are the songs original, but they are up inside the plot like a sponge taking in water. I'll break each song for lyric ratings. "The End" isn't very rock-able and the lyrics kind of suck. "Dead!" is a rock ballad and has original lyrics for the punk rocker. "This Is How I Disappear" is an awesome song for an easy listener, and it has good rock-ability, the lyrics just suck. "The Sharpest Lives" can be a good break for a punk rocker, the song is not rock-able, but the lyrics are pretty good. "Welcome to the Black Parade" is an awesome song with great rock-ability, the lyrics are awesome and original.

Overall Impression — 9
The most impressive songs on the album are "Welcome to the Black Parade", "Mama", and "House Of Wolves". This album is worth losing and getting another. My Chemical Romances' "The Black Parade" is awesome.

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    jesus.. people, its just an album.. personally i dont like MCRs new sound, but its not the worst think i ever heard.. a word of advice.. Respect other peoples views, no faggotry..
    can someone answer this question? what is the definition of good music, and what is the definition of a good taste in music? stop ****ing arguing
    MCRdweller wrote: This is really stupid, everyone here is fighting about who is right, there is no right and wrong in music, just shut up, this is a neverending argument, in my opinion this cd rocked, and i really dont care what anyone else thinks about it
    alright, anybody has a right to get pissed that a band like this is so big. in my opinion they suck nuts. but hey, that's my opinion, they don't sound good. i can go into facts or whatnot, but you know what? nah, been there many times. all i know is, i'm pissed they're big, there's better. i hate them, i have a right to. get pissed that i hate them. you got a right to. you have NO right, however, to tell people to stop arguin and to stop expressing their opinion. much less, if i was a retard, i'd believe you when you said "i really don't care what anyone else thinks about it," if you didn't care, you wouldn't mention a thing about it.
    live2rock wrote: i cant believe how many people cant just rate an album without slating other people or bands off.some of us actually look at this site to get some honest opinion on records and possibly buy them after seeing what the majority think.bought the album(my first mcr album)and would say its a real good album where it seems they have really thought out the songs judging on the lyrics and guitar sounding guitars and great vocal work.its a great rock album period.all those who just want to aim insults at others are obviously just not interested in the music and lack any brain matter to just give an honest opinion to those of us who actually care about what we listen to.remember people,there is actually a time in our lives where we do grow up and stop being children.
    and i'll have you know, before i got my comment deleted for no reason, i expressed my opinion on them without insulting others but them. if people come on here to see what people think of them so they can decide to buy their album or not, then i have a right to fight tooth and nail to keep mcr's fame from growin. and that part has nothing to do with whether i like them or not, just that i realize that they don't deserve so much exposure as other bands. if you like them, cool, but jesus, i don't know how many of the people that like them seem like they say they do to be cool and to fit in with a crowd of some sort. i'm straight up into metal, but jesus, i don't have to hang around metalheads and fit the hell in with them. well, i'm not degrading what you said in anyway, i just thought you'd appreciate the fact that i expressed my opinion on them without havin to insult people. ...but of course, it gets deleted when half the other opinions on here aren't expressed with dignity, and mine had some. i like what i like, i don't like mcr. hope you guys don't get your feelings hurt, but i don't like them. cool if you do, whatever, i just don't. so don't tell me "you're wrong!!! blah, blah, blah." i'm not, it's true, i don't like them, it's no opinion, it's a fact, they do not appeal to me. i have my reasons, and those are opinions, debate those all you want, but the way i feel is the way i feel and there's nothing wrong with that, especially nothing in that which is worthy of me gettin my opinions deleted.
    theTh1rt3enth_1 wrote: stoney920 wrote: shossni wrote: This is a piece of shit band... their second album was much better... Headfirst for Halos and songs like that... that guy that commented, jetfuel495... this album has EMO all over it, and the guitars are the same, always been good.. and yes, no bass at all.. "The Black Parade" is sang like shit, and mixes punk and EMO.. =BAD!!... lyrics sounds Nazi, so does the cover look Nazi.."The Black Parade".. fascists in black shirts.. "destroy the unfaithful" c'mon... this is commercial music that ****s up kids everywhere... and that guy who said "MTV Band=nono" you're the greatest.. u'r rite.. This band has gone in decline, and headfirst to a big pile of shit.. where it's full of bands like Green Day... Lmao. I think these people are so funny. This person probably wasted at least 30 minutes thinking up possible ways they could bash MCR. All I have to say: Go get a job or something, y'know, real to do.
    it takes no more then 30 seconds to come up with ways to bash them... which i'm not goin to do, but seriously, 30 seconds my friend, and so many ways to bash 'em. ...just like any other band actually, but it's easier to bash on emo bands i guess, or just bands that suck
    Mortamar Kahn : Sound - 0...shitty performers Lyrics - 0...slit wrists and crying...same old shit Impression - 0...the only impression I have is that this whole ****ing band sucks a mean hairy cock! Fuck this whole genre of music...bunch of ****ing pussies...if you bought this yourself a favor...and slit your throat with a butter knife... Looks like somebody's on their period hihi...
    Alright,to start off,when My Chemical Romance came out with their last album I was not a big fan,i liked a few songs but it wasn't great. But this new album is very good. I must say I am very impressed at the great work the band did on this album. "House Of Wolves" & "Cancer" are the songs that i enjoy the most off of this album so far.I won't tell you all to buy this album, but listen to a few songs, you may like it.
    i think whoever said 'publicity is publicity' said it best. i mean honestly, someone is going to read this article and go 'hmm, mcr, eh?' and then they're gonna listen to this huge argument that's going on, and then they'll have MCR imprinted in their heads. then the next time they hear of the band, or get a chance to hear a song, they'll jump at the opportunity to see what the dispute was all about. then they'll either like the band or they won't. but anyone who thinks saying 'mcr sucks' is going to keep their popularity from growing is mistaken. so when you say 'but seriously...this band is horrendous...' you might as well be saying 'look! mcr sucks! look over here! hey! hey! mcr! listen to how much they suck!' and you'll probably have another mcr fan on your hands. as for arguing opinions, everyone has every right to express their opinion. everyone has the right to say others' opinions are wrong. and everyone has the right to say 'stop arguing and stop speaking your mind' however, that's not going to stop anything, just as what im saying right now probably isn't going to stop anything, and some idiot five seconds from now is probably going to quote this post and tear it to shreds bit by bit, saying 'ahem,,, why, i do believe you are mistaken, my good sir. my opinion is superior, because it is based on more musical experience.' so to that guy, i'll say, stop wasting your time, because the only thing you can do by arguing against someone else's opinion is reinforce your own opinion in your mind. so if you want to think 'mcr sucks' or 'mcr doesn't suck' even more, go right ahead. but pretty much everyone in this reply section has their mind made up about mcr, and those who don't aren't going to change their opinions based on online peer pressure. they'll let the kids at school tease them into hating mcr. and that is something i dispise, whether i think mcr is a good band or not.
    Mortamar Kahn
    I really could care less about MCR...they're just another generic emo band...generic guitars with generic whining and crying...who in holy **** cries in their songs?! I don't care if someone else gives them a listen...if they do and they like it...they can not talk to me and go cry themselves to sleep....because I woulndn't want to hang out with them anyway...the only concept to this album is "let's see how shitty of an album can we release?"
    i cant believe how many insults there are toward my chemical romance in here. im not a big fan, hell i dont really like them at all, but if you dont like them just shut the hell up and get off this page. p.s. all music has emotion, stop giving bands like my chemical romance the label of emo, and saying kids that listen to them are "emo fags". interesting side note, emo was a word that was created by the record companies because pop punk wasnt selling enough records. it doesnt make sense though, why isnt killswitch engages "the end of heartache" considered emo, listen to the title of the album and lyrics for christ sake. but yeaaaaa
    slipsoad928 wrote: i cant believe how many insults there are toward my chemical romance in here. im not a big fan, hell i dont really like them at all, but if you dont like them just shut the hell up and get off this page. p.s. all music has emotion, stop giving bands like my chemical romance the label of emo, and saying kids that listen to them are "emo fags". interesting side note, emo was a word that was created by the record companies because pop punk wasnt selling enough records. it doesnt make sense though, why isnt killswitch engages "the end of heartache" considered emo, listen to the title of the album and lyrics for christ sake. but yeaaaaa
    alright man, that's exactly why i hate the label emo, and bands who have the nerve to label themselves by it. it's ridiculous, and obviously makes the bands that follow it think they're talented or musically inclined or whatever because they have emotion in their songs and, evidently, they fail to realize it's been around, and will always be around regardless of labels. emo is a ploy to get people to think "oh, it has emotion, it must be heartfelt and souldriven since it's emo, i'll listen to it!" btw, why should i get off this page? why is everybody saying that "if you don't like mcr, why visit a review on them?" you wanna know why? maybe people care enough about the human race that they hate factors in this world (in this case MCR) that contribute to the downfall of the human race's dignity. things like this are embarassing to us. seriously, if aliens came down and wanted a lesson in the human race's culture, would you show them that Bush is the leader of our entire planet's most powerful nation? hell no, because they'll laugh, realize we're idiots to elect someone who's barely intelligent enough to speak as the leader of what's considered the highest power in the world. would you show the aliens emo music? hell no, because it's damn embarassing, it'd show them that we're idiots and have no taste or class, nor the intelligence to have either. seriously, we'd make fools out of ourselves. now of course, that's not very likely to happen, but the point is that music sucks nowadays, and 90% of it is more about gettin rich then about reaching crowds, or performing art. the purpose behind most of it is degrading, and dishonorable, it's greed and selfism. it's about being cool, being a band that everybody likes, being popular and famous. i'm not sayin MCR is doin that, but seriously, their fans are degrading them more then i ever could: most of their fans like 'em for the image they'll get if they flaunt their liking for the band, they're turning them into a band that everybody likes... but for all the wrong reasons. i'm on this page, about a band that i hate, because it's very, very depressing to think that people everywhere have lost their taste in art, expression, and general culture. i'm on here because maybe even one person will pull their head out of their ass and begin to be true to themselves, as opposed to be fake to everyone . hardly anybody likes bands like these because it's their genuine taste, but because it's the taste they (by the "in crowd") need to have to be looked at as cool, and tasteful. that's why i'm on here. SO PLEASE, FOR GOD'S SAKE, DON'T ANYBODY QUESTION WHY PEOPLE THAT HATE BANDS VISIT THEIR REVIEWS. OBVIOUSLY , THERE'S A REASON.