The Black Parade review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Oct 24, 2006
  • Sound: 4
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 5
  • Reviewer's score: 5.7 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.2 (1,210 votes)
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

Sound — 4
The newest My Chemical Romance album "The Black Parade" I found was a huge dissapoinment! I was a huge fan of the band but their new album's sound has completely changed, there are only a few songs which have kept the original punk sound that the band used to have. The style of music is now more of a Queen kind of sound, and the only way to recognise the band as My Chemical Romance is now by the voice of frontman Gerard Way.

Lyrics — 8
The lyrics aren't the bleak My Chemical Romance that the first two albums had but they are still fairly good and go well with their new style of music. Gerard Way's singing is still very good, he seems to be the only way you can identify this album with the previous ones.

Overall Impression — 5
This album does in no way compare to their older ones. I'd say the most impressive songs from this album are "I Don't Love You", "House Of Wolves" and "Famous Last Words". There's nothing that I particularly love about the album, but I hate the fact that the band have completely changed their style. I found this album a huge dissapointment and if it we're lost or stolen I wouldn't purchase it again!

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    All those who ignored my request of NO ANTI MCR DISCUSSION, have been warned and/or banned. CHecked/Deleted.
    LoL!! can't believe lots of ppl bothered to write in this thread..dat includes me!! WAHA!! Ahem..Abt this album...well its great..bought this and the 2nd album....i tink both has its up and down respectively..recomended for those into hard rock... if u happen to like it..go ahead and listen to it...dun care wad ppl say..its ur own business.. its your own life...rock on to all!!
    I was never a big fan of the last two albums. This one however made me reconsider my opinion of MCR. They've developed so much since Bullets, and they've moved more into the "pop-punk" side and away from the "emo" side. Gerard is a better singer now, and the guitarists have made some pretty good riffs on this one. And for the people who dislike MCR just for being an "MTV band," well, I won't even bother going into what's wrong with them.
    they care a lot less about their image now, but they still do care A LITTLE BIT too much. theyve gone from being an emo-ish pop/rock band with a massive emo fan base into being a poppy classic rock band with a massive mainstream fan base at the end of the day, who cares? the music is good, it doesnt matter if theyre emos or ex-emos or not emos at all. listen to the music, you dont have to respect the personalities of the band to enjoy the music they make
    this album is pretty freakin' good. i hate their first two, but this one is really good.
    i couldnt really stand them before this cd. my mate told me to listen to it, pestered me. i gave it a chance, blown away. their guitar is great. All music is basically Emo. Emo = Emotion. all music is built upon the writers emotion.
    вяaи 706; иєw wrote: Maddy! wrote: They are as kerrang said the best band on the planet. Kerrang should stop generalising popularity as best musical talent. IMO, there is no 'best band'. Every band is different and they all can't be put up against each other. But MCR wouldn't be close if you could anyway.
    i agree with you that you cant rate different styles of bands under the "best band" category. there are different styles of music, and there is no band in the world that everybody will love.
    umm whats the deal with everyone calling everything emo? today's "emo" music isnt even emo. its more like... scene.
    my chemical romance masters all of their work. u would know if u have ever heard them live. they suck
    i think they are a pretty good band with alot of talent and in this one they changed there style quite a bit to make it as good as it is maybe not the best band on the planet but a pretty good cd to sing to
    mfkr511 : my chemical romance masters all of their work. u would know if u have ever heard them live. they suck
    correction, they USED to suck live. all their new songs sound great live. has something to do with gerard's singing, he can actually sing the new songs. the guitar was always good live anyway.
    I like it. Kinda reminds me of 30 Seconds To Mars, because of the whole epic feel. I still like 3 Cheers better, but this is ok too. And to whoever said they'll be the next Nirvana... I really hope not. I could do without another one of those.
    this was their best album so far, actually. i used 2 think these guys were boring. its dwelling a bit too much in the past though with the whole Queen/classic rock sound. theres nothing wrong with that, but if they're trying 2 be the "greatest band in the world" they cant be a copy of something else; they have to be original.
    I'm going to go ahead and assume the topic of emo has occurred at some point even though I haven't read the comments yet. My chemical romance are pop-punk. Emo is a label thrown freely about which started with emotional hardcore. Now it's used to label any band with power chords and any feelings in their lyrics. I'd also like to establish, I do not fit the emo description at all, but this is a decent, catchy pop-punk album. Give them some credit, this album actually deserves it.