The Black Parade review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Oct 24, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (1,210 votes)
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

Sound — 10
The CD's sounds are amazing. It starts off ona good note as the first two songs on the CD, "The End" and "Dead!", seem to mix into each other with the overall sound of them sort of oldschool, especially the guitars, played by Frank Iero and Ray Toro, along with the bass, played by Mikey Way on "Dead!", which seem to sound a lot like Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody". On the soing This Is How I Disappear, the guitars manage to maintain a catchy beat that seems to flow perfectly with singer Gerard Way's voice. On "The Sharpest Lives", the simple guitars and drums yet again go along pefectly with Way's voice. It even has a pretty good shred guitar solo, which isn't usually MCR's style. The of course, after that comes "Welcome to the Black Parade", which is one of the best put together songs on the album. It starts off with Way and a piano, and moves quickly into a very upbeat song, ending on a high note, with a parade-like finish. The next song, " I Don't Love You" is one of the songs on the CD made more for Gerard's singing. It still has a pretty catchy beat, though, mostly thanks to the guitar solo, and vocal solo, towards the end of the song. The track after that, "House Of Wolves", is Bob Bryars turn to shine, with probably the best drum solo on the CD. It helps maintain the oldschool style of the CD with the sound of Toro and Way switching off from guitars to vocals at one point of the song. After that comes the slowest song on the CD, Cancer. With the piano, drums, and distant strings in the background, it almost sounds like a pop song with Ray Toro as backup vocals. Then it's time for "Mama", with Liza Minneli, who has her one part, at which Gerard Way shouts back quick obcenities, and then does a duet with her. This song has pretty good guitars at some points, and if you listen closely to the chorus, you can hear Toro going "La la la la la", which is pretty funny, along with Minelli sobbing at the very end. After "Mama", comes the song "Sleep, which is mainly good for the instruments towards the beginning and the end. The strange voice at some parts of it adds a sense of weirdness to the song, which paves the way for "Teenagers, which has plenty of cussing uin sort of a funny way throughout the chorus.The guitars in the solo along with the drums definitley make it oldschool."Disenchanted", which has exeptional guitars, both electric and acoustic is very easy to play, but still sounds good. It definitely shows that Ray Toro can play on any type of guitar. After this is the crazy "Famous Last Words", with it's dark sound, and electrifying guitar solo. Finally, comes the hidden track, "Blood". This song is more of a joke than anything, as it sounds like a puppet show, but a good one. Overall, the Black Parade has an amazing sound to it.

Lyrics — 10
After witnessing the attack on the Twin Towers, Gerard Way based this whole album on death, along with the "bodies in the street in "Welcome To the Black Parade". The album is about a Cancer victim who is dying in the first song, and is dead by the second. Way also wrote the most emotional song he's ever written through "Cancer", and writes about not caring about sins or forgiveness in "House Of Wolves", and "I Don't Love You". Some songs have a sense of humor in their lyrics, such as "Blood", and "Teenagers". In all of the songs, the words fit in right along with the music, andf Gerard's voice is amazing.

Overall Impression — 10
This album could go along in history as one of the greatest ever, and definetley is the best of 2006. All the songs are great, and the addition of Bob Bryar was a good one. Liza Minelli didd her job good, and the entire album was worth an 11 out of 10.

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    ive always been scared of emo music, but i decided to bite the bullet and listen to some. So i asked the emo at work for a copy, and he gave me a proper copy of the album (kudos kieran). I admit - i love it. I dont know if its typical of the genre - but it just works. So all im saying is - enjoy it for the music
    MCR_chick wrote: Maybe you should shut the f*** up. If you hate them why bother commenting? LOSER.
    i couldn't agree with you more. and why the hell do these people get on here and bash them. if they don't even like them why are they paying them enough attention to get on their review?
    mrlee192 wrote: your only emo i guess if your into the whole "i slit my wrists xcore cause my girlfriend dumped me". Listen to good music, listen to a band called Crashdiet.
    some people just like the way it feels when the cut themselfs, thus masochism... "emo" is just a shortened version of emotion, which everyone has. maybe you're a robot and listen to robot music idk, and good music is totally opinionated. one could say the barney song is good music but you may not think so. and this album may not be all that origional but ppl still like it, and wouldn't all music be un-origional since somebody long ago used whatever instruments we use today? durr, good album over-all some let downs but their human.
    Every single person who enjoys MCR and the like needs to go out and purchase this album immediately. It is absolutely the BEST album I own, and every single song on it is good. It's not an album that you buy then only like 3 or 4 songs. EVERY single song on the ENTIRE album gets at least an 8/10. Incredible album, an epic among epics.