The Black Parade review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Oct 24, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.2 (1,210 votes)
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

Sound — 10
The band's sound definetly got less depressing from the last album. 'Revenge' was pretty much a dark album riding on drugs and beer, but this album really tried to inspire people. The band does not promote death in any way, but it seems anyone who does not know the band that well will think so. The songs are about dealing with death, and getting over it, about getting help if you're thinking about committing suicide. Once said by Frank Iero, 'We are definetly a band that wants to save your life.'

Lyrics — 10
Some of the lyrics seemed dark, but 'Cancer' was actually really depressing and to this day still makes me cry when I hear it. I think Gerard did an outstanding job on the lyrics. The lyrics and the music seem to work so well with each other, it's almost like it's one instrument. The lyrics and the music go along so well, I don't think they could get any better. Gerard did an amazing job with the vocals on this record, his voice definetly improved since 'Revenge'.

Overall Impression — 10
My Chemical Romance does not really sound like any other band I have heard, even though I know there must be bands out there like MCR. Many bands have the same feel, but none really compare with MCR. Cancer and WTTBP are definetly impressive songs from the album. Cancer is about the disease and when Gerard sings it live, no doubt, does he put so much emotion in it, it makes half of the audience emit tears. I think every song on this ablum made a signifigant impact on me, as each one reaches a different part of my being. I love this album (and the band) with all of my heart, and If it got stolen I would definetly buy another one even though it is on my computer.

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    i was reading one person's review, and they got the lyrics to dead! wrong!! It's not 'if love is just a joke then why are we living' the REAL lyrics are 'If life is just a joke, then why are we laughing' *durrrrr* some people these days. seriously.
    KenBOH wrote: untitled039 wrote: You cannot get much more emo than the single 'Welcome to the Black Parade' yes you can- - you know nothing about music. moron.
    umm... yeah, actually it was probly one of the LEAST emo on the radio at the time... listen to the entire album and everything will be put into perspective... and for those of you who say that this doesnt really stand up as a concept album, then you are missing the story... its not ALL about the Patient... i mean... its centered around him, but alot of the songs are about the characters that he meets in the afterlife and how they lived and died...
    mychem00 wrote: MCR_chick wrote: Maybe you should shut the f*** up. If you hate them why bother commenting? LOSER. i couldn't agree with you more. and why the hell do these people get on here and bash them. if they don't even like them why are they paying them enough attention to get on their review?
    well... you see, kiddoes... when you REVIEW sumthing... you are going to have either BAD feedback... or GOOD feedback... if you dont have much good feedback... then that means that the item in question was probably BAD... and if you dont have much BAD feedback... then it was probably GOOD... you cant have all one, or all another... it just doesnt work that way... theyre called opinions.. and they have come on a long and perilous journey across the interwebs to come hear and voice theirs... ^_^ DEAR JESUS! opinions... what a concept
    The Black Parade, IMO, is MCR's best effort, musically and lyrically. Following their previous albums, both being concept albums, they have improved a lot. Everything on this album is amazing. Im glad I have own it.
    The black parade has a hard hitting sound. I love the new lyrics and the emotion put behind the songs. the video for the black parade was wonderful. i am really looking forward to seeing them live this summer.
    I wouldn't say this album is really emo It is a good album because they are finally doing what they wanna do not treying to be emo
    I have always hated MCR. Their music was too emo and radioish for me.Then,me and my bro heard teenagers (we didnt listen all of Welcome to the black parade because we didnt think we would like it sorry ) we wondered who was this band.Then we saw it was MCR and decided to give them another chance,and downloaded the album right then.When it started with The End,me and him fell in love with it.Its a great album,Im glad they got rid of the emo.Emo is becoming the 80s again .
    I was a huge MCR fan since day one. To be honest, I like Three Cheers the best but this album blew me away. I bought the album the day it came out and the second I heard it I knew that this band would be the hottest band out there this year. Again, I liked the heavier sound a bit more from their last album but I thought the lyrics from the Black Parade were fantastic. Their songs are very well written and should be greatly appreciated. WELL DONE
    Oh also, I thik "Vampires will never hurt you" is one of their greatest songs. I miss that sound
    Bob wasn't the drummer for Bullets and Revenge. Matt was. Matt was there to record those two albums but left shortly after they released the second album.