The Black Parade review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Oct 24, 2006
  • Sound: 6
  • Lyrics: 4
  • Overall Impression: 6
  • Reviewer's score: 5.3 Decent
  • Users' score: 8.2 (1,210 votes)
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

Sound — 6
This might seem like another boring My Chemical Romance review. Well it might be, but this review looks at the album almost nine months since it was released. The Black Parade is My Chemical Romance's third studio effort, and at first glance, it seems amazing, with exceptional effort put into its production, but is it still something you want to listen to a year or more later?

Lyrics — 4
Gerard Way's lyrics are touching and heart felt on the Black Parade album. They're intended to be touching, but that makes the album dull. It's pretty much a sob story (hence the emo reference they've been given) about a cancer patient and his death. Some could say it's a rock opera, like Green Day's American Idiot, but not as horrible. The lyrics do have its ups and down, but overall it's boring. If anything, it's more about the guitar than the lyrics. Gerard's skills at sing have also improved greatly on the album, which stands out from My Chemical Romance's previous albums where he was horrible.

Overall Impression — 6
The opening track, The End, is a simple acoustic/electric song with added sound effects. After listening to it on and on, it gets repetitive, to the point it's painful to even hear. Dead is the album's second track, which features driving guitars and clean, distorted riff work. After months of this song on my iPod, it's still a favorite, and not boring at all. The next song, This Is How I Disappear, is just the same. Ray Toro's guitar work is exceptional on these two songs. The Sharpest Lives is the fourth track, which is another seemingly repetitive track, almost from the start. The opening riff is annoying, almost ruining the song. Once you've past the first twenty seconds though, it breaks into a great riff, which pretty much saves the song. Entering as the fifth song is all to well known, Welcome to the Black Parade. This song is probably the second most repetitive song on the album. It's overplayed on the radio, which ruins this song. House of Wolves is a short song, which has sounds of 80's metal, which is contributed by Ray Toro's guitar influences. This song doesn't disappoint. Cancer is a heart touching song, but after awhile it gets old, and boring, thus being repetitive. Mama opens up with simple on/off riffs, then at the last moment jumps into a seemingly heavy riff. It's an okay song, but it gets old. Sleep and Teenagers are two great songs, the lyrics match the songs and the guitar work couldn't be better. Teenagers seems to be an experimental song. Disenchanted has to be the most boring song on the album. It has no original guitar riffs, and the lyrics just bore the listener, it's a major pass and let down, especially for the end of the album. Famous Last Words is the album's last song, and the most repetitive. Again, another overplayed song on the airwaves, which again, ruins the song (Why radio, why). A lot of effort obviously has been put into this song, but due to the radio plays all the time, it ruins the song. Overall, the album is about average, but it's a vast improvement from their earlier efforts. It's not as good as a lot of albums, and it could have been way better. I wouldn't go out and buy this album right away if I lost it, and more or less I would just borrow it from a friend. It's your decision ultimately.

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    10. Sleep - The song opens with a little talk about terrorists, the moves on into a fantastic song. The chorus has hardly any words, but even still, My Chemical Romance was able to pull of a great sound from the one world "Sleep". What are you talking about??? Terrorists??? It's about a dream Gerard had at the studio! Jesus christ, what part of that song says "terrorists" ?
    arkangel 423
    I like black parade but one of there songs sounds like a song that you would play when you won a battle or while playing the game risk
    Love this album... a true classic and brings back the true solo in Rock and Roll...
    I Walk Alone
    tormentedbyu wrote: mychem00 wrote: MCR_chick wrote: Maybe you should shut the f*** up. If you hate them why bother commenting? LOSER. i couldn't agree with you more. and why the hell do these people get on here and bash them. if they don't even like them why are they paying them enough attention to get on their review? well... you see, kiddoes... when you REVIEW sumthing... you are going to have either BAD feedback... or GOOD feedback... if you dont have much good feedback... then that means that the item in question was probably BAD... and if you dont have much BAD feedback... then it was probably GOOD... you cant have all one, or all another... it just doesnt work that way... theyre called opinions.. and they have come on a long and perilous journey across the interwebs to come hear and voice theirs... ^_^ DEAR JESUS! opinions... what a concept
    Well most of the people who bash them haven't even listened to the whole album, so yeah. I'm not talking about everyone though, those who've actually given it a chance, bash away.