The Black Parade Is Dead [DVD] review by My Chemical Romance

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  • Released: Jul 1, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Content: 7
  • Production Quality: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.2 (56 votes)
My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade Is Dead [DVD]

Sound — 10
This DVD has two parts: one is the band playing through their 'Black Parade' album in a huge arena, and the other is a selection of new and old songs in a much smaller venue. Obviously, the sound is totaly different. In the arena, they have a huge sound. The big sound of the songs themselves help, but the ability of each band member makes them amazing. In the smaller venue, it's a different story. They are much harder and more aggressive on a stage hardly big enough for the five of them. They come across a lot more punk in the smaller place, whereas in the arena they are a true stadium rock act.

Content — 7
This is the only problem with the DVD. There are no extra features, just the two live sets. The set lists themselves focus very much on the new stuff. There are a few older songs in the second set (as well as an untitled new track) but only a few. I would have liked some more older songs, but it's perfect for someone who's only just started liking My Chemical Romance after the Black Parade.

Production Quality — 10
There is absolutly nothing wrong with the production at all. Not much to say, good camera work, focussing a lot on singer Gerard and his theatrics, as well as the guitarists in the instrumental bits. Quite a few shots from behind the auidience as well, which are very effective.

Overall Impression — 10
My Chemical Romance live are completly different to My Chemical Romance on record. There is a lot more aggression, Gerard even going as far a releasing a full-blooded scream on a few occasions. To be honest, I can't think of a band like MCR at the minute. They may have gotten stick from die-hard punk fans for 'changing' but they truly are awesome. Ray Toro's guitar playing really comes to the front on this DVD. I love the whole thing, the only disappointment being the set list. But I can just get Life On The Murder Scene for the older songs, can't I? If someone stole this I would hunt them down, murder them and get my DVD back.

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    Loudspeaker003 wrote: nooooobody likes you, eeeeeveryone hates you, there aaaaall out without you, havin fun. :cool:
    thats green day
    i agree that the production over all was great but goddamnit you cant hear franks guitar at all and frank is my favourite of the two (no offence to ray toro hes awesome too) but like cmon he has some of the most main parts in the songs
    Ray plays ALL the solos, although they do seem to both play lead They like, switch around every now and then
    Frank doesn't play lead?! Ray does! Ray plays lead, that's why he plays the solos as well! Frank plays rythm guitar. I'm pretty damn sure. Just listen to I'm Not Okay intro. Ray plays the loud melody, and Frank plays the same chord in the background. To play chords in the background is to play rythmguitar; Frank. To play the melody and solos is to play lead guitar; Ray.
    Matt Doreen
    Ray always plays the rhythms until the solo's, while Frank plays the leads. I think it's just cuz he sings back-up more than Frank usually does. It doesn't really matter to me. They're my favorite guitar team, and my second favorite modern guitar sound, behind Jack White.
    i think frank and ray made a deal that if ray got to play the solos, frank could play lead. I think they're both great guitarists, but I think ray may have his technique down better.
    Frank Iero is a great guitar player, While Ray is better. Frankie is still my favorite? Why? He has a better Guitarist look He is a better performer (Presence) Hes cool ^_^ It may just be me, but Frank Iero inspired me to play guitar, and now after all this time i LOVE it.. Btw, Frank doesn't play the solo's cause he "cant", cause he can... idk y, he just doesnt.
    nooooobody likes you, eeeeeveryone hates you, there aaaaall out without you, havin fun. :cool:
    i've always thought ray is one of he most amazing new guitarist and tbh this dvd made me respect him more idol awesome dvd... i was expecting some new b-sides tbh
    So annoying. It's released in my county today, but I don't know if there's any stock at the stores. =S I hope it is. And I think your getting confused with Ray and Frank... Because Ray does play the solos'...
    I don't know why Frank Iero gets all the attention for being a great guitar player. He's good, but, to me, Ray seems way better. He plays so fast and so accurately, and I think he plays all the solos.
    Its a fantastic show, it to be honest is really a great way to end the black parade because the songs have all evololved beyond what is on the record James Dewees has brought alot to the sound of MCR's black parade set, wether he will be as influential not non black parade tours who knows but it works great as his 'Interlude' track/song 8 shows, there are different parts to songs all over the place including the epic ending of welcome to the black parade and disenchanted turnt into something spectacular.
    yo i luv mcr to death, but the sound really wasnt that great. In fact it kind of sucked. I was really pissed when i couldnt hear ray's playing at all. The cd is wayyyyy better: you can hear everything/