The Dreadful Hours review by My Dying Bride

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  • Released: Nov 13, 2001
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.7 (3 votes)
My Dying Bride: The Dreadful Hours

Sound — 9
Still I'm very shocked to find in the reviews there's nothing of My Dying Bride, sincerely one of the best British metal groups, and probably, the best gothic metal band I've ever listened after Type O Negative. Well, I'll hope if it not's me, other else make a review for another album of this band, but let's talk about "The Dreadful Hours," my first My Dying Bride album I've listened and also, the best of the band, for me. Remember, this band started being a death doom band when they released "As the Flowers Withers" in 1992, also, they was the maximum pioneers of the death doom genre, with Paradise Lost "Gothic," Anathema "Serenades" and Katatonia "Dancing of December Souls," but My Dying Bride was more brutal and fast. They adopted this style until "The Angel and the Dark River," which the sound was more quiet than the previous albums, later the experimentation with "Like Gods of the Sun" until "The Light at the End of World," which they're back with the death doom sound, well, "The Dreadful Hours" is the definitive death doom album of the band, amazing Aaron Stainthorpe growlings, slow and brutal guitar riffs, black metal influences in the battery, and also, a brutal remake of "Return to the Beautiful." Also, the dark landscapes there's still like "Black Heart Romance," or the depressing "Le Figlie Della Tempesta," which the Aaron voices is a festival of sadness and depressive moments.

I don't give a 10, because one thing I've hated of this album, after I've listened "The Angel and the Dark River" is the lack of violin, which it was very important in the carrier of the band, the violin was the part of the strong emotions that the band offered in all the carrier. Bad point, but doesn't matter, this album is still amazing.

Lyrics — 10
My Dying Bride is the place where the singer leaves the depressive life and moments in only a few lyrics, and the way how expresses is very amazing, but sad and deeply dark at the same time, the principal attention of this band always gonna be the depressive lyrics of Aaron, the religion is a very important theme on the lyrics of this band, but combined with gothic themes, and also, the psychical horrors and fears of the singer, which is very, very horrorific, sad, dark and scary, if you are depressed, or sad don't listen to this album, is worse, if you do, they don't have the fault if you gonna put a rope in your neck, xD. So, I'm warning you.

Overall Impression — 10
This album is for listen 1000 times as you can, there's things that is very difficult to find at the first time of listen, but also, is my first death doom album I've listened, I've been very impressed because I didn't listened a death doom band before, and My Dying Bride are the best for start to listen this genre, I love the darkness of this album, is very depressing, the cover is so weird and beautiful, and makes you gonna listen to this album at the first time. Oh yeah, the only thing I hate of this album is the violinist, which isn't here on this album. The best songs on this album are "The Dreadful Hours," "The Raven and The Rose," "Black Heart Romance" and the remake of "The Return of the Beautiful."

I recommend this album if you are interested to listen the death doom genre, this album is perfect to start.

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