Ding Dong You're Dead review by My Little Murder

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  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 7
  • Reviewer's score: 7.3 Good
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Sound — 7
My Little Murder are a sledgehammer of punk, post-hardcore and classic rock who, having survived a number of line-up changes are ready to push themselves into the bigger picture. My Little Murder formed in Cardiff, late 2004 and have been going strong ever since. This was their first EP and was self-released in 2006, helping them to get a foothold and to start touring with bigger bands nationwide. This 4 track EP is only 14 minutes long and there are some stronger and weaker tracks even from this small selection: 01. The Sound - perhaps not the best start to the album but a decent effort none-the-less. The guitar work throughout is good, and catchy to boot. The chorus has great memorability and the backing scream are, all in all, well placed and are pulled off well. The instrumental section and the build up before jumping back into the end of the song is well orchestrated. On the down-side the drums sound very wooden, although they improve as the song goes on, and the bass is barely audible. 02. Exempt From Acceptance - one of the good things about the guitars in My Little Murder is that Adam and Ryan don't drench their guitars in gain, they give them bite without losing their definition. The bass is much more defined in this track then in the previous tracks but, in all honest this is probably the weakest track on the EP. The screams are more in the forefront for this song and they often aren't as powerful as the clean vocals and so lose a lot of their delivery. On top of this the vocal performance and lyrics aren't as strong on this track. 03. The Truth Is I'm Lying - probably the best song on the EP. The clean and distorted guitars compliment each other well and the vocal performance on this song is the best, in my opinion, on the EP. Again the drums are a little shaky when the song starts out but they rapidly improve. The bass is very audible in this song but there are parts where it sounds clunky and muddy. 04. Ding, Dong You're Dead - the guitar work throughout the whole EP has been consistently good and this track is no different. The drums and bass also step-up their game to match the guitars. The contrasts between the softer and harder sections of the song are good but unfortunately the vocals don't meet the challenge and the song itself isn't especially memorable. There are some traits of My Little Murder which are very typical of the genre and as a result they don't establish an especially unique sound for themselves although overall they have a decent, tight sound.

Lyrics — 8
The vocal performances are somewhat typical of the genre with the mixing of softer, arguably forgettable, clean vocals with rougher backing screams. The lyrics however, are all-in-all pretty good. Exempt from Acceptance is a little lacking compared to the other songs but The Sound has a very catchy chorus and memorable lyrics and The Truth is I'm Lying matches it in terms of catchiness and lyric quality. The backing screams are of good quality when they are just that, backing. When they come to the forefront they can't seem to hold their own against the clean vocals (which is a bit of a surprise since screams are usually more powerful) and need to have more strength behind them.

Overall Impression — 7
My Little Murder are a decent enough band who just need to carve out some real originality and uniqueness in order to show off their full capabilities. They could also do with bringing the bass into the mix more to thicken up the sound. Their newer songs (available on their myspace) show real potential and with a number of shows lined up, they could very well find the break they've been looking for. This is a decent EP which has certainly peaked my interest in the band, and sometimes you can't ask for more from your first EP.

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