It Still Moves review by My Morning Jacket

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  • Released: Sep 9, 2003
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 9.3 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (1 vote)
My Morning Jacket: It Still Moves

Sound — 9
My Morning Jacket's "It Still Moves" is easily one of the most diverse and interesting albums out in the market today, though you may not find it at your local Target or Wal-mart. To sum in up in one sentance: "It Still Moves" is heavy, while not being metal it is also very melodic and very different. The guitars have this amazing clear and crisp sound and the volume they are at rate perfect. When you want a straight-out rocker, they are cranked up to 11. While in other songs, they are at about 4 or 5 usually letting the bass or drums take the center stage. This is also one of the few albums that I can say if I wanted to hear the bass in the song, I can actually hear it. The guitars don't overpower it to the point where it's inaudible. Also the drums are perfect for both soft and relaxing moments, along with the Loud moments. While there is a keyboards in here, sometimes it does seem a little overpowering to everything else, but it's a small issue.

Lyrics — 10
Jim James is one of the best vocalists out right now. He can be just singing along like any other singer, but in songs like "Golden" and "Run Thru" he has this power and vocal energy that surpasses alot of today's singers. If you ever read the lyrics before listening to the album, you'd think this was a proggressive rock album. In a sense it is, but it really isnt. But even though this is true, it still fits with the album very well. And while some of the lyrics may be dark, most of the album goes in a happy and bright fashion.

Overall Impression — 9
My Morning Jacket is one of those bands that no one else can copy. And you cant realy compare them to anyone else. They are their own genre. The highlights of this album are: "Run Thru", "Golden", "Steam Engine", "One Big Holiday". All 4 of those tracks really define this album, but many of the of the other 8 tracks still do justice. The one thing I have to say I really love about this album is how this band who I'd never heard of up until a few months ago, made such an amazing album. I mean, in my opinion, this album is better than most of the music that has been released in the last few years. There's really nothing to hate, except that there is a track or two that sometimes feel like they stretched it out longer than it needed to be. Oh well. I would buy this album again. This is something that I think all musicians and music lovers should witness.

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