Utilitarian review by Napalm Death

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  • Released: Feb 24, 2012
  • Sound: 9
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 8.3 (12 votes)
Napalm Death: Utilitarian

Sound — 9
Three years after their last studio record, "Time Waits For No Slave", Napalm Death returns now in 2012 with their newest album, "Utilitarian". Well, if you're a Napalm Death fan, you probably know that these guys never failed to put out a great record, and this here is no exception. They're a band that, until this day, remains very faithful to its roots, unlike many bands that tend to lose their identity over the years. So, we got tunes here that are basically pure grindcore craziness ("Leper Colony" and "Everyday Pox" being good examples; this last one even features a weird saxophone solo!), and at the same time, hardcore-influenced stuff like "The Wolf I Feed", that in my opinion, would not sound out of place in their early days like "Hatred Surge" demo, for an example. And well, I think praising the musicians here is just like raining in the sea. Napalm Death's lineup consists of Barney Greenway (will be saving the comments about his voice for the next section of this review), Shane Embury, Mitch Harris and Danny Herrera. Blast beats are once again very well executed and freakin' aggressive! Riffs are also crazy and fast, and the bass does his job well. So, honestly, these guys once again proved me that they're probably never going to put a bad album out there.

Lyrics — 8
Just as usual in a Napalm Death, lyrics here are very deep and complex, approaching a lot of themes like manipulation, alienation of masses and corruption, among other stuff. They're also very metaphorical, so I'm really not kidding when I say that they're complex. Luckily for all Napalm Death fans, the band released a video just a few days prior to the release of the album in which vocalist Barney Greenway explains the lyrics and meaning behind all the songs on the album, so, if you wanna go deeper into those lyrics, check out for this video. Greenway makes things really clearer there. And speaking of which, his voice is just awesome, again. Here, you can hear his trademark grindcore growls and shouts, fitting perfectly with the album's insane sounding.

Overall Impression — 9
So, enough said. Only thing that I can say is: Napalm Death is back, and once again, with an awesome album. Seriously, craziness is something you probably already expect from an album by these guys, but this one in my opinion, is their most aggressive release since "Enemy Of The Music Business", released in 2000. In this album, I would highlight "Everyday Pox", "The Wolf I Feed", "Leper Colony" and "Analysis Paralysis", but honestly, in my opinion this album just does not have a single mistake. If you still haven't listened to it, buy it, it's totally worth. And by the way, get ready to be hit in the face by multiple blast beats, crazy riffs and everything Napalm Death has been giving to you for 30 years!

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    This album has more 'experimentation' than they've had in awhile. Napalm are at the point where they can write solid metal and still tweak it in their own way on a track to track to basis. I'd say a freak out solo from John Zorn or some of the processed vocals the album has is more than enough to keep me interested.
    5/5 from Helsinki Times makes me want to check this out. Saw them live and they did a great job.
    snuggleblade wrote: john zorn? really? ))))
    the batshit crazy saxophone solo on "Everyday Pox"
    I have no idea how this album is getting as low a grade as it is, I've so much as ranked this on near par to FETO. I've never heard barney sound this aggresive, Mitch Harris actually does main vocals for a few songs and sounds bad ass at it. Danny Herrera... there are no words to describe your insane skills. And Shane, great work on those bass licks as always. My personal fav song has got to be Quarantined or Errors in the Signals. If this were me reviewing, it would have a perfect 10, no doubt about it.
    EpiExplorer wrote: ChucklesMginty wrote: Napalm Death always reminds me of that one episode of Burnt Face Man... You mean Burnt GAY Man! On an unrelated note, solid release, wish there was more experimentation but cant go wrong with some ND.
    Take that crime, you shit! Of course that wasn't crime, that was only a box with crime written on it!
    ChucklesMginty wrote: Napalm Death always reminds me of that one episode of Burnt Face Man...
    You mean Burnt GAY Man! On an unrelated note, solid release, wish there was more experimentation but cant go wrong with some ND.