Really Fast, Vol. 9 Review

artist: Nasum date: 01/16/2007 category: compact discs
Release Date: Nov 25, 1993
Label: Really Fast Records
Genres: Grindcore
Number Of Tracks: 9
The first album ever to be created by grindcore legends, Nasum, carries you through a windstorm of psychotic instruments.
 Sound: 6
 Lyrics: 5
 Overall Impression: 7
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overall: 6
Really Fast, Vol. 9 Reviewed by: Raptor45, on january 16, 2007
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Sound: The first album ever to be created by grindcore legends, Nasum, carries you through a windstorm of psychotic instruments, and songs of such short duration that by the time you listen to the first song, in a few minutes you'll be listening to the last song, finishing the album. Therefore this album "Really Fast" (produced by Really Fast Productions, 1993) lives up to it's name. Here is a short track by track review of the 9 songs on this crucial album that every Nasum fan should give a listen. // 6

Lyrics: 01. Left In A Dream - this song being the only track to be carried over onto their next demo tape "Domedagen", introduces the world of Nasum, un-real speed, lyrics about humanities break down, and a pure classic to the Nasum library. 02. Uneventful Occupation - the only song to reach 1 minute out of the brutal soundwaves it produces from your speakers. Starting off to give you a good track to head bob to, it comes to the classic grindcore slow down, then an un-real speed up of skin peeling drum beats with speed-of-light precision against the snare drum and D-Tuned guitars to launch you through this heavy track. 03. Reasons? - with a quick carry in by the bass guitar, the drums pump in leaving you to listen to the vocals that are the most easy recognizable on the album. It ends quite quick though. 04. Disforest - easily the best riff on the album to let you ride the wave to the epic "Please... don't!" lyrics. I am thinking this song was made for the forests that are being cut down at a fast rate. 05. Self Vilification - another track of balistic blast beats and there is finally some harmonics on guitar, rare for Nasum to use. Once again, absolute classic grindcore sound punching you directly in the face. 06. Red Tape Suckers - it is hard to say this is the best track on the album, since it is 3 seconds long, but something about it makes it so epic, with an up-scaled riff to start it, and a down-scaled riff to end it, while screaming, "Red Tape Suckas!" I love it. 07. Re-create The System - mostly an against authority song and the low system the government is tossing around, this track is a fast, moshy, hopping around song. Fast bass and snare beats, with guitars shredding power-chords like piranhas chewing through human flesh. 08. Rens - a lot like "Napalm Death's, You Suffer", this song is a quick beating of the instruments, while screaming the title of this song as loud as possible. 09. Hurt - an excellent track to end the album, half way through screaming "Cry! Cry! Cry!" The last 5 seconds is the fastest you wil hear the snare drum being beaten on this album, and like that, it is all over in a matter of minutes. // 5

Overall Impression: Tracks you should check out: Red Tape Suckers, Disforest, and Left In A Dream. Overall, this album offers multiple, lightning fast hammers to your ears, sucking you into a vortex of early grindcore sounds like no other for 3 minutes and 45 seconds, then releasing you back into whatever you do, hopefully it being to pick up the next Nasum album, preferablly "Inhale/Exhale". The way Nasum has carried on through out their career all the way to the end of it, is un-explainable to the mind, offering the best grindcore experience to mankind. This is the album that started it all for Nasum, but it obviously having bad quality, extremely short tracks, and not nearly as much talent as their future releases, it is still the birth of a grindcore band that will never be forgotten, for as long as humanity stays alive. // 7

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