The Aurora Veil review by Ne Obliviscaris

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  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 8.9 (21 votes)
Ne Obliviscaris: The Aurora Veil

Sound — 10
Well, to begin this review I would like to say that I find Australian metal to be something of an oddity. Living in Australia myself, I hear a fair bit and to be honest, not many grab me. Bands like Pathogen, Five Star Prison Cell and Terrorust are great to listen to, but they're nothing new. So when I kept hearing about this Melbourne band that was redefining Black metal or shattering genre boundaries, I thought they might be worth checking out. Boy was I wrong. Now, before you start crucifying me for that remark, I want to clarify my comment. Ne Obliviscaris aren't just worth checking out. They are worth putting on repeat and going for a voyage through the solar system with. They are worth listening to while you slaughter an entire village of monks. They are worth every single positive comment they've earned. I checked them out on myspace and all I can say is, that I was instantly blown away by Tapestry Of A Starless Abstract. The sheer, raw power created by this band blew me away. The raw, distorted chords of Matt and Corey, the blast beats of Dan, the anguished scream of Xenoyr, the amazing violin work of Tim and last but certainly not least, the fantastic, dancing bass of Brendan.

Lyrics — 10
Now, possibly the most amazing thing about this, is the lyrics. These lyrics are some of the most profound, well written lyrics I've ever heard. Like this gem from As Icicles Fall/Swept in tow to the danse macabre/In hand to the cold grasp of timeof time/Broken shutters gape open wide/Breathing in hoarse whispers on high The imagery these lyrics conjure just perfect.

Overall Impression — 10
I downloaded The Aurora Veil demo and to this day, cannot get over it. It's some of the most amazing pieces of music I've ever heard. The way Tim's clean vocals and violin weave in and out of the music while the chaos continues. The way Brendan's bass lines dance and play on the guitar work. It's just indescribable. The bass work is a special high light for me. As a bassist I love hearing bassists in bands prove their worth. And sure, some bands don't need fancy playing or showing off, but in this band, it's just as important in the overall scheme of things. And things like the bass solo at the end of Tapestry just high light this. The guitar work is fantastic. The trade off solos in As Icicles Fall between the guitar and the violin are just superb and fit perfectly.

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    These reviews are hyperbole after hyperbole. Fantastic band, and a great first effort, but it warrants an 8.5 from me.
    I have been looking for some black metal fusion music (thats what I'll call it!) since hearing Left in Torment's 3-song EP. I must say, this is absultely beautiful. The classical elements are dark in there own way. In a way that Satanic black metal with just distorted guitars can not be dark. The mixture of that "in your face" darkness and the sheer beautiful and eerie sounds of classical guitars and violins just makes this an intense demo. Hell, its an intense album. These 3 songs are better than most crap artists put out as full lengths.
    Awesome band! Read the reviews on M-A and decided to give them a try.. not that often that one encounters a Progressive black metal band.. this is one for the future definitely..