Living With War review by Neil Young

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  • Released: May 9, 2006
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 6.3 (44 votes)
Neil Young: Living With War

Sound — 10
This is Neil Young's best effort in nearly a decade. The Record was mad eto attack the policies of the Bush administration and it works. Neil uses a three piece band, him on guitar, a bass guitar, drummer, and there is even a little bit of trumpet thrown into the mix. Breaking away from his folk roots like on Prarie Wind Neil instead uses the hard hitting grungy rock that we all love him for. The guitar solos are not Neil's best but this album wasn't really about the musical aspect.

Lyrics — 10
The lyrics in this album are the most sincere and passionate iI have ever heard. This has to be one of the best protest albums ever recorded wether you like Bush or not you can't deny that fact. The lyrics fit the music perfectly. When Neil's angry, the music's angry. When Neil's sad, the music's sad. Neil Young has to be one of Rock's best vocalists and he still shines in his '60s.

Overall Impression — 10
Like I said above this is probably one of the definitive protest albums. All the songs hit you hard. A few of the stand-outs are, Living With war, Let's Impeach the President, and Roger And Out. I love everything about this album. There is not a single thing that I hate. If it were stolen I would definatley go out and buy several more copies. Just to be sure I had backup CDs.

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    From what I've heard the album is pretty good, not up to Harvest standards but decent all the same. But anyone else find it kinda funny that Neil's Canadian and making this album. So am I, and love his music, just seems like a big change from Prairie Wind. How most of those songs are about a love of Canadian life. Then he moves over to politics in the states. Guess were just not interesting enough up here.
    "Shock and Awe" is one of the best Neil Young's ever recorded. The trumpet mimicking the vocal melody just puts it over the top.
    I think Neil Young is great. Love all of his old stuff, haven't heard this album yet but hope to get my hands on it soon. Thanks for the great review!
    tanman wrote: Take it easy on mrsmurder. Most conservative minded people have a difficult time constructing a good arguement because most of their ideas just don't make sense.
    God, I wish I could ban you for that. Put a sock in it.
    glad to hear positive stuff about neil he never seems to get any credit personally nes one of the favs
    all you political wannabees...stop...for god sake..... Neil Young Rocks hard! I'm gonna buy this album, the review sounds great, oh, and by the way..... DON'T TALK, JUST ROCK!!!
    Neil young is an awsome musician but we dont pay musicians to talk to us about politics just shut up and play your music, and dont try and be all political about it
    The above is why I can't stand politically-oriented music anymore. Make it metaphorical or something open to interpretation instead of blatant and unoriginal.
    personally i think Neil's older music had more of a kick ass feel...this new album is too mainstream
    I have no problem reconciling the fact that I am a big fan of Neil Young and am also a staunchly conservative Republican. I like the music, and even if I don't agree with his message, I appreciate the fact that he has something to say. America is all about dissent, and so long as he doesn't record a concept album about how wonderful the Soviet Union was, I won't harbor any ill-will for him simply because of his beliefs.
    Savage Animal
    Good as a protest album, but musically its lacking. Neil Young is great though...check out his stuff from the 60's-70s
    this record is great, it doesnt try to be fancy and i gets its point across. it great to see neil coming back strong with some of his best melodies and lyrics since his operation a few years ago. and mrs murder since when did your political affiliations mean you couldnt write a good song, you can tell you havent listened to a song from the sixties before.
    i like the music that ive heard on the radio of this but i get tired of hearing politcally saturated music
    justinp93 wrote: i really like neil young. we need more canadian talent.
    I'd say right now Canada has the strongest music scene in the world, sure we don't have the same volume as the US or UK, but its quality over quantity. Bedouin Soundclash, Sam Roberts, Billy Talent and a ton of others are all great. Anyway sounds like the album is great, I'll probably pick it up.