Power review by Nekrogoblikon

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  • Released: Aug 27, 2013
  • Sound: 3
  • Lyrics: 3
  • Overall Impression: 3
  • Reviewer's score: 3 Poor
  • Users' score: 8.1 (40 votes)
Nekrogoblikon: Power

Sound — 3
Not everybody likes listening to music sung by a goblin. That shouldn't need saying, but metalheads are so fond of strangely humourless novelty bands that there's a real gap in the market for California's Nekrogoblikon. Their first two full-lengths, if not breathtakingly original, were passable vehicles for entertainment in a genre which has already covered porn, aliens and even parrots. The riffs weren't fantastic but if a song about the "Goblin Christmas Armageddon" was ever a good idea, then this band offered the definitive interpretation. With that in mind we ought to consider that the whole thing is faintly ridiculous, and that new EP "Power" is not to be taken seriously under any circumstances. Everybody might have a bit more fun that way, and I won't tell anyone if you won't. Got it? Good... "Power" is a certifiable Bit of Fun which demystifies various styles of symphonic metal with a dollop of folk and a total lack of gravity. At a very brief 19 minutes, it refuses to settle and instead approaches each song with a slightly different tack. "Friends (In Space)" spins out harmonized riffs from the Gothenburg bargain bin, "Powercore" smacks the low C string like a Kerrang! TV ad bumper and "Bells & Whistles," as the name suggests, boasts a formidable array of sound effects including pan flutes, xylophones and human screams which, at the very least, relieve some of the tedium. Closing track "Giraffe" trades off accordion and lead guitar, bringing proceedings to a close with the sickly day-glo taste exclusive to metal bands who use the great German squeezebox. The cagey rasps of Nicholas Von Doom (hint: he's the one in the goblin mask) are squarely on the beat and high up the register, in a similar vein to The Black Dahlia Murder, but compared to the band's esteemed countrymen, his subject matter is rather less morose.

Lyrics — 3
Below are three quotes from "Power": "F--k it! Goblins forever! Friendship is the only option! Let's eat our new giraffe." "Space, space in space, lots of space! Three void, four void, butt hole, f--k you!" "You are a joke, and no one's laughing." It can be left to you to decide which of these is most representative. What we know for sure is that Nekrogoblikon revel in sounding silly, and their tales of beasties and space adventures come with tongue firmly in cheek. It's hard to imagine the above quotes appealing to anybody over the age of 13, and the same goes for the rest of the EP's lyrics but if the band don't care about that then neither should the listeners.

Overall Impression — 3
We agreed at the outset not to take this too seriously. "It's only a joke! It's not meant to be the best album of all time," we said. Well, okay, that it ain't, but sadly that doesn't spare the blushes of what is a quite unlovable piece of work on any level. If you're looking for laughs, I've heard "Airplane" is good, and you can stream that sort of thing straight to your laptop these days. If you're looking for music, buy any metal record released in the last three years and there's a good chance that it'll be at least as good as this. The only fair reasons for giving "Power" more than a courtesy listen are if you're really into goblins, really into giraffes or particularly enjoy the masochistic pleasures of dodgy metal. Avoid.

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    hahaha this video is amazing though
    This album is amazing!! the sound and production is great; you can hear every instrument perfectly clear amongst such a dense composition. The vocals are truly neat and the variety of tones and choruses is astounding. It may seem to you to be a "joke" album with dumb lyrics and a fantastic theme but that IS EXACTLY what they want. You cannot deny the abilities these kids have of being and creating music so creative and fresh. To me they are one of the best new bands in the last years for their fresh image and overall goofy theme.
    I agree, the EP is pretty decent, should've been rated much higher! Great blend of sounds! Also, Nicholas Von Doom may be the lead singer but doesn't wear the goblin mask! Thats "John Goblikon" who when Nekrogoblikon play live just jumps round the stage encouraging the crowd to go wild!
    So then he actually nailed it, and called a spade a spade. If they're not meant to be taken seriously, then their gimmick is supposed to be appealing. And if you don't find the gimmick appealing, and the music doesn't stand up, what's the point again? If the joke isn't funny to someone, and they don't like the music, what other criteria do they need to review it?
    This review was terrible. I don't like saying 'you don't get it' when someone doesn't like something, but in this case the reviewer REALLY doesn't get it. Also, how is this band unoriginal to the reviewer - Ive never seen/heard anything quite like these guys before, and I'm sure most others would say the same. Oh well whatever, each to their own but I think they got the wrong guy to review this one...
    If anyone doesn't 'get it', it's the dude being condescending over frigging Nekrogoblikon. 'You' don't get it; the guy listened to it, and didn't like it. The 'right' guy to review something isn't the dude that pays unwavering lip service to something you happen to enjoy. Be honest, you love telling people they don't 'get' something, because it's another thing you can feel 'right' about.
    Absolutely not, in any way - that's why I said I don't like saying it. Its just in this case it seemed more obvious than in most. I don't mind that he gave the album a low score, of course he's entitled to his opinion, it just seemed so damning when the whole point of the band is to be a bit awful/tongue in cheek - like you say its only frigging Nekrogoblikon
    While I wouldn't be as harsh as this review I don't think this band are as amazing as people are making out. I'm confused by people saying how original they are, they've blended a few different metal subgenres together but it's not exactly ground breaking. But it is still a bit of fun. But as a keyboardist I do like the way they incorporate that into their sound.
    so if it was "Fucκ it!Mentals forever!Massacre is the only option!Let's eat our new slavedoll's corpse",the lyrics would be mature?
    I agree on pretty much every level, if you invested that much effort into making a metal album and persona etc. then why wouldn't you just go the extra mile past sufficient? Essentially, Nekrogoblikon is only the wearing the bare minimum amount of flair, while Black Dahlia Murder (or whatever) are wearing 40+ pieces of flair
    Nekrogoblikon is the tits. Your lack of a dark sense of humor and obvious racism against goblins is abysmal.
    Feast was personally a great album. And this album definitely didn't live up to it as a whole. I do love Powercore, and I generally like the other songs, but it lacked the luster of their previous work.
    Don't read shitty reviews like this, Nekrogoblikon. You're the best thing that's ever happened to music. This EP was rock solid.
    In my opininon, Nekrogoblikon kicks some major ass. Yeah, I'll have to admt that some of the lyrical content on 'power' is not that great, but hey, at least the music is great. Also, I would like to see the band's response to this review...
    I'd like to add that the lyrics in Bells & Whistles are actually pretty decent.