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artist: Never Shout Never date: 04/27/2011 category: compact discs
Never Shout Never: Harmony
Released: Aug 24, 2010
Genre: Indie Folk, Acoustic
Label: Loveway Records, Sire, Warner Bros.
Number Of Tracks: 11
21 year old internet sensation Christofer Drew's first full-length release comes with many similarities to his numerous EP's.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Harmony Reviewed by: Dazrht, on april 27, 2011
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Sound: 21 year old internet sensation Christofer Drew's first full length release comes with many similarities to his numerous EP's. The first track on the album 'Harmony' is one of the best, kicking us off with a mellow acoustic guitar line, before drawing us into the soothing vocals of Drew, his voice overlapping the guitar beautifully, and becoming a rather laid back but worthy and uplifting track. But it's not all simple acoustic guitar, the upbeat harmonica and banjo on 'piggy bank' really shows off the multi-instrumentalism of Drew, with a mini guitar solo and a final chorus, this song is determined to leave you smiling, before delving into one of the sadder songs of the album, 'I love you more than you will ever know'. The final song on the album 'sellout' finishes the album the way it began, acoustic guitar and Drew's soft vocals, however it hits the audience in a completley different way, adding some faint banjo and piano later on, there's almost a self loathing about this track, leaving the listener with something to think about. // 8

Lyrics: The lyrics on this album have sort of a marmite effect. On tracks like 'Harmony' the message Drew is trying to get across is quite clear "I am I/ you are you/ we are we/ we can live in sweet harmony" this is a person who really gives us the impression that he believes what he's singing about, and for a while, we believe in his idealistic world of harmony and love, and then we get to tracks like 'cheatercheaterbestfriendeater' all one word, even the song title reminds me of some sort of childrens nursery rhyme, and for a while the lyrics don't seem the most creative "you sure broke my heart last week/ when you said you'd slept with him/ I know you called/ i got them all/ la da da da da da" but just as your about to hit skip we hear Drew's soft voice sing "girl you'd better love what you got/ before you go and give it away" something that any heartbroken teenager may have sent as a text to their ex at some point. Then there's the songs finisher. Again, 'sellout' really does come across as the albums best song, these are deep, powerful lyrics, and yes the swears are emphasised, but there's this feeling all the way through the song that he's either going to break down and cry or start laughing. The lyrics on this song are by far the best on the album ' who the hell have I been kidding?/ I've sold my soul to the corporation' the opening line lets us know exactly what he's singing about, there's nothing vague or over complicated on this track, and he goes on to sing "I'm gonna take a stand/ and say f--k this scene" and tell us everything he's sick of "I'm sick of imagery instead of artistery/ I'm sick of apathy instead harmony/ I'm sick of poets working part-time jobs" yes this is one angry man, but overall the lyrics on this album preach love and not hate, while always maintaining this self loathing feeling, however the lyrics are let down by not being as thought out in places. // 8

Overall Impression: Compared to his numerous EP's this is definately a step in the right direction. This is an album with promise and determination, and I personally can't wait to see what he comes up with next now that he's been spotted by magazines like Kerrang! Song's like 'Harmony', 'Lovesick' and 'I love you more than you will ever know' are simple and effective with nothing more than an acoustic guitar, some simple chords and Drew's wide vocal range. The more upbeat song's like 'Sweet perfection', 'Piggy bank' and 'First dance' are so cheesy and happy that they'll make you smile so much your cheeks may be in danger of splitting, however the two stand out tracks that I would urge you to listen to if you can't be bothered listening to all 11 songs are 'Sweet perfection' and the albums amazing finisher 'Sellout'. I love the lyrics on this album, and I love the different sounds that Christofer drew can make from a variety of instruments, but most of all what I love about this album is the message of love and peace that kind of oozes out of every song. The only things to dislike about this album is the cheesiness on some of the tracks ('cheatercheaterbestfriendeater', 'first dance')and the fact that you can't shake the feeling that alot of 14 year old girls would be updating their facebook status' with this albums lyrics when they don't quite understand them, which is a real shame and puts a bit of a downer on the album. Although I'm sure it wasn't intentional... // 9

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