Dead Heart in a Dead World review by Nevermore

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  • Released: Sep 17, 2000
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 9
  • Reviewer's score: 8.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (39 votes)
Nevermore: Dead Heart in a Dead World

Sound — 8
Over the years, there have been many debates concerning the genre of Nevermore. They are known to keep a whide range of styles: From hard rock, to progressive, to power metal, to neo classical and I've even heard people call them death metal. When you put these styles together you have something outstanding. Diverse, technical, filled with emotion and passion. That is Nevermore. They then put forth "Dead Heart In A Dead World". At first I was not at all a Nevermore fan, it was a friend of mine that got me into them. Inside Four Walls. The raging, bruising, melancholic masterpiece. It's no secret that these guys DO NOT use your typical chords or cliche progressions and phrases. The theoretical knowledge of the entire band, esp. The guitar virtuoso master: Jeff Loomis. I happen to have a pretty good knowledge of many of the "shredders" out there, and I can say that Mr. Loomis has an exceptional theory mind, but ALSO a creative mind. When you put these aspects together you get the genius of Nevermore. All kinds of chord shapes, modes and positions mixed with melody of the highest class that would give old In Flames, Gamma Ray and COB a run for their money. This album has some of the finest melodies, vocal AND guitar-wise. There is nothing lacking here. Brutal riffing, EPIC vocals from the man that is known to have a four octave range: diverse and perfectly crafted. Like on "Evolution 169" he makes use of his extreme power, and at the end, those death metal-like growls just amazing. The solos on the album? Well pretty much the same as everything on the record. Melodic as hell, fast and technical at the same time. The drumming and bass, rhythm section is second to none. You can actually HEAR the bass and the drums are fast and suit everything perfectly.

Lyrics — 9
I'm sorry but there is no other way of saying it, these lyrics are f--king awesome! The first track right to the last track is so deep, so brutal and and true. They sing of life issues, insanity and the loss of identity. They suit the music perfectly! Inside Four Walls has awesome meaning to it, about the government taking full control of the lives of everyone and how they "took away" his friend. This can be seen in many different ways, everyone will have their own way of seeing it.

Overall Impression — 9
My overall impression? Well let me ask you, did you not just read this? This is a masterpiece! When I ask people if they know Nevermore, I don't even let them answer I just assume they do, and tell them so as well because if they don't then 1. They are not a true metal fan. 2. They are gay. 3. I punch them in the f--king face! Impressive song? Hmm, all of them are great! If it was stolen? Simple, it won't!

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    Dynamight wrote: First, the guitars being tuned low doesn't magically make Nevermore's music death metal; other than that, the instrumentals are pretty much thrash metal. Second, Death Metal technically *is* Thrash Metal, since it's a subgenre of it. Third, Progressive Thrash Metal isn't an oxymoron, it's a pleonasm, which is why Nevermore are clearly and simply a Thrash Metal band.
    Since when is Death Metal a subgenre of Thrash Metal? Nevermore makes use of many different styles of metal sub-genres. They use elements of progressive metal, thrash metal, power metal, neo classical AND DEATH METAL as well as others. "They also have used death metal traits such as low tuned and fast paced riffing. The press have used several other genres to describe Nevermore's sound including groove metal, technical speed metal technical thrash metal, progressive power/thrash metal, death/thrash metal, and melodic thrash metal. In an interview at Metalmania in 2006 singer Warrel Dane doesn't explicitly disagree with the many genres the band has been put in over the years, but he does however say "I don't think we're power metal."