Dead Heart In A Dead World Review

artist: Nevermore date: 09/14/2010 category: compact discs
Nevermore: Dead Heart In A Dead World
Released: Oct 17, 2000
Genre: Progressive Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: Century Media
Number Of Tracks: 11
Like to me this album is not only original, but it has such a flare to it it'll keep you amazed for a while.
 Sound: 9.3
 Lyrics: 9.7
 Overall Impression: 9.7
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overall: 10
Dead Heart In A Dead World Reviewed by: ibanez1992, on september 22, 2009
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Sound: This album was released in 2000, and what I must say is that this album is one of my all time favorites. Nevermore has been named in more genres than Children of Bodom. Nevermore however unlike Bodom has stay true to their sound. The band consisted of Jeff Loomis, Warrel Dane, Van Williams, and Jim Shepard. This was the CD that got me truly addicted to nevermore and made me a Neverhead. The band could be described as Progressive thrash. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are amazing and the way they are delivered are even more impressive. Warrel Dane has always been considered as one of metal's best vocalists and this album shows it. In Dead Heart in a Dead World, Warrel Dane has a vocal solo that sends chills down your spine and he continues to rape your soul through the rest of the song. The lyrics are about drug possession, government, and religion rejection. Warrel Dane may be a turn off for some people, but give it a chance to get used to his voice you'll love it forever! // 10

Overall Impression: This is my favorite band, but this album may be one of my all time favorites. Like to me this album is not only original, but it has such a flare to it it'll keep you amazed for a while. This album has been playing for about 2 months constantly. Jeff Loomis is a musical genius and Warrel Dane is the perfect addition to it. 01. Narcosynthesis: a truly brutal song. this song captures the essence of Nevermore and the solo is amazing. Warrel Dane's voice really rings out in this song. 02. We Disintegrate: this is an extremely fast paced song and it's not straightforward, Loomis shines through this song. 03. Inside Four Walls: this is probably my favorite Nevermore song ever. The intro is a pedaling lick, but goes into a simple 1 diminished chord that is picked differently. I know I talk about how I love Loomis and Warrel Dane, but the drums really make this song for me. and This song has my favorite Loomis solo. Plus theres a cool interlude where you get a lot of fun facts from =P 04. Evolution 169: this song is about religion rejection. the song isn't really the typical Nevermore speed song, but a very slow yet heavy song, definitely a keeper. 05. The River Dragon Has Come: who doesn't know this song. This is probably the one song everyone knows from Nevermore. This song starts out slow and erupts to an amazing song. The solo is intricate and probably the coolest use of diminished arpeggios I have ever heard. i don't know what Loomis was on when he made this, but I want some. 06. The Heart Collector: this is probably the first of the 2 ballads on this album. This song is extremely well written and has a lot of memorable licks. The lyrics and the way they are presented really shine through. 07. Engines Of Hate: this song is fast paced and will keep you on your toes. Many people cover this song, and theres a reason why! 08. The Sound of Silence: I'm not too sure of this, but this song happens to be a cover of a Simon and Garfunkel cover. It's a great song. And if it was made by Simon and Garfunkel, Nevermore definitely made it their own. 09. Insignificant: this song has one of the most memorable choruses in the whole album. You'll have Warrel Dane's voice saying this line over and over again. This is a great song that does not let down. 10. Believe in Nothing: this is a definite change to a typical Nevermore song. This is the definition of ballad. With slow acoustics and a melody this is one of nevermore's greatest hits, and its concept is great. 11. Dead Heart In a Dead World: DHIADW is a great song, Warrel Dane shines through the intro then blazes through the rest of the song. I personally fell in love with this song for a time. And even though the song is brutal and so fast pace, you actually have it playing in your head all day. I love pretty much everything on this album, even the artwork. And theres not much to hate, unless you don't like Nevermore's sound overall. If this was stolen I'd buy another copy ASAP. // 10

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overall: 10
Dead Heart In A Dead World Reviewed by: IainDavies_2, on june 01, 2010
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Sound: This album is one the best examples of a band finding their sound or voice within a genre; while previous efforts such as The Politics Of Ecstasy were solid albums, DHIADW took things to a whole new level. This was the first album on which Jeff Loomis (Lead Guitarist) took up all the guitars duties in the studio (this can be heard, as the album sounds very focused) and also started using seven string guitars. Everybody who has heard this album loves the guitar tone, and after just a quick bit of research, I come up with some gear information: Jeff was using a custom 7 string guitar with EMG 707s (with a gauge .80 for the 7th string apparently) through a TS-9 Tube Screamer into a Mesa Boogie Dual Recetifier which was then put through a Marshall 1960B 4x12 cab. There were four guitars recorded 2 100% left and right and the other 2 80% left and right. This information is credited to NewWorldMan at 01-25-2005, 03:27 PM. The band's sound as a genre is difficult to give one title, and nor should it, but to list a few of the metal genres they have covered, they are thrash metal, death metal, and progressive metal (most people say power metal but that to only comes slightly from the singing). Nevermore are one of the few bands that one can't really call anything, they're just Nevermore, and this album solidified that unique quality that they have. // 10

Lyrics: One of my favourite things about Nevermore is the singing and the lyrics, although Warrel [Dane - Lead Vocalist] seems to get a bit too wordy on later albums for my liking. This album deals with Politics (, Drugs (Narcosynthesis), and Rejection through religion (Evolution 169), all the usual morbid subject matters that Warrel favours. The lyrics are slightly more complicant and make more varied use of vocabulary but are still accesible, and most of all thought provoking. In terms of Warrel's skill as a singer, he is capable of the higher pitched power metal vocals, but uses every part of his range at the appropriate time, from his higher vocals in We Disintegrate to his lower more mysterious voice in The Sound Of Silence. Overall nothing drastically different, but a natural evolution in terms of fitting his vocals to the music. // 10

Overall Impression: To me it's the ultimate Nevermore album, their Master of Puppets, although some might lean towards This Godless Endeavour, that album didn't quite do it for me, well not as much as this album did. My only complaint is... well I don't have any. 01. Narcosynthesis (10/10): I'm love groove metal riffs, and this song has one of the best ones ever written. A solid opener for the album with an awesome main riff, a catchy chorus, and a less technical but interesting guitar solo. 02. We Disintegrate (9/10): Jeff starts to unleash his skills on this one, with two guitar solos that are just shredtastic. My favourite part of this song is actually the chorus; not as typical, but still very catchy has I love the way it's sung. 03. Inside Four Walls (10/10): One of the best riffs on the album, in fact, it's full of them from the opening one, the verse, the bridge after the first chorus. Two guitar solos one this, one on the more Diminished shred side of Jeff, and the other on the more melodic, but still shred side of Jeff. Once again a catchy chorus. 04. Evolution 169 (9/10): a slower and much moodier track, this is the first breather on the album. A very good song, it's got an awesome bridge riff after the guitar solo. 05. The River Dragon Has Come (10/10): this is the one that everyone who knows about Nevermore knows. Just an all pounding aggressive song chock-full of awesome riffs, and one of Jeff's most innovative and best known solos ever. 06. The Heart Collector (10/10): getting close to the power ballad here, but still retaining the Nevermore sound. This has one of my favourite solos by Jeff, lots of feel and very melodic. Good melodies and a good chorus. 07. Engines Of Hate (9/10): this one is just insane. Awesome riff and an awesome chorus, this one contains one of Jeff's strangest solos, sounds like Marty Friedman on crack, and it was improvised as well. 08. The Sound Of Silence (10/10): I'm always a little skeptical when bands put a cover song as part of the album and not as a bonus track, but this bares almost no resemblance to the original and puts their Nevermore twist on it, very Death Metal inspired, Jeff really makes use of his signature tri-tone riffing on this one. 09. Insignificant ( 10. Believe In Nothing (10/10): reminiscent of the heart collector, with the heavy intro and acoustic verses, this is the closest Nevermore will every get to a power ballad. However, having said that, this song is one of my favourites and just a bloody good song, very melodic soloing from Jeff on this one. 11. Dead Heart In A Dead World (9/10): one of the stranger ones, but still awesome, and a perfect closer. It starts off very quiet and depressed sounding, but then hits you right back in the face. Again a good chorus and lots of surprises. // 10

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overall: 8.7
Dead Heart In A Dead World Reviewed by: SpaceEater1000, on september 14, 2010
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Sound: Over the years, there have been many debates concerning the genre of Nevermore. They are known to keep a whide range of styles: From hard rock, to progressive, to power metal, to neo classical and I've even heard people call them death metal. When you put these styles together you have something outstanding. Diverse, technical, filled with emotion and passion. That is Nevermore. They then put forth "Dead Heart In A Dead World". At first I was not at all a Nevermore fan, it was a friend of mine that got me into them. Inside Four Walls. The raging, bruising, melancholic masterpiece. It's no secret that these guys DO NOT use your typical chords or cliche progressions and phrases. The theoretical knowledge of the entire band, esp. The guitar virtuoso master: Jeff Loomis. I happen to have a pretty good knowledge of many of the "shredders" out there, and I can say that Mr. Loomis has an exceptional theory mind, but ALSO a creative mind. When you put these aspects together you get the genius of Nevermore. All kinds of chord shapes, modes and positions mixed with melody of the highest class that would give old In Flames, Gamma Ray and COB a run for their money. This album has some of the finest melodies, vocal AND guitar-wise. There is nothing lacking here. Brutal riffing, EPIC vocals from the man that is known to have a four octave range: diverse and perfectly crafted. Like on "Evolution 169" he makes use of his extreme power, and at the end, those death metal-like growls just amazing. The solos on the album? Well pretty much the same as everything on the record. Melodic as hell, fast and technical at the same time. The drumming and bass, rhythm section is second to none. You can actually HEAR the bass and the drums are fast and suit everything perfectly. // 8

Lyrics: I'm sorry but there is no other way of saying it, these lyrics are f--king awesome! The first track right to the last track is so deep, so brutal and and true. They sing of life issues, insanity and the loss of identity. They suit the music perfectly! Inside Four Walls has awesome meaning to it, about the government taking full control of the lives of everyone and how they "took away" his friend. This can be seen in many different ways, everyone will have their own way of seeing it. // 9

Overall Impression: My overall impression? Well let me ask you, did you not just read this? This is a masterpiece! When I ask people if they know Nevermore, I don't even let them answer I just assume they do, and tell them so as well because if they don't then 1. They are not a true metal fan. 2. They are gay. 3. I punch them in the f--king face! Impressive song? Hmm, all of them are great! If it was stolen? Simple, it won't! // 9

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