This Godless Endeavor review by Nevermore

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  • Released: Jul 26, 2005
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 9
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9.7 Superb
  • Users' score: 9 (164 votes)
Nevermore: This Godless Endeavor

Sound — 10
Nevermore have always sounded different to anything else available in the metal world. In This Godless Endeavour, they have taken their own complex sound (consisting of a number of styles of metal/rock) and created another masterpiece. They have combined the drive of Enemies of Reality with the emotion and depth of previous albums. They also remain unafraid of pushing themselves, Loomis' playing becoming an increasingly challenging listen, as he bounces off new guitarist Steve Smyth. His use of sweeping runs on the title track are particularly impressive, and the guitar duel on Psalm of Lydia allows the guitarists to flew their muscle, without turning into an emotionless shred fest we are often treaed to nowadays. The rhythm section is as tight as ever, and certainly part of the great drive Nevermore have behind their sound. Whilst most reviewers choose to pick specific songs as highlights on albums, this album sends me through so many emotions upon each listen, that picking highlights does not do the work justice.

Lyrics — 9
Admittedly Warrel Dane's lyrics sometimes dance on the edge of being cheesy. However, 99% of the time they are so well thought out and meaningful, that they draw you further into the depths of this glorious album, long after your ears have adjusted to the multi-layered metal sound Nevermore have honed to perfection. His vocal range is also vey impressive, and while his style is an acquired taste, his ever-growing ability cannot be questioned. Particular highlights in this department are the title track, and Sentient Number 6, a song driven by Dane's vocals.

Overall Impression — 10
Having owned this album for nine months now, I can offer a more rounded opinion of it (as opposed to going off the rails about how wonderful it is only two weeks after the purchase, like some do). Given this position, I still believe This Godless Endeavour is the most impressive, moving and wonderfully constructed album I have ever heard. Recent albums that bear some comparison include Waves of Visual Decay by Communic, a band that has clearly taken some influence from Nevermore in creating their sound, and The Hours That Remain (Mercenary). My persoanl music tastes range from blues rock through to death and black metal. Sometimes music makes you want to headbang; sometimes music makes you emotional; sometimes music is so powerful it blows your mind. The fact that Nevemore can achieve all three, often within a single song, is a testament to their unsurpassed skill in the genre that is metal (and for one listener in paricular, all music). If you remain a doubter, listen to Born before you choose to pass comment.

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    Next to Dead Heart, in a Dead World, The Godless Endeavor is probably my favorite.
    Absolutely amazing work. Loomis surprised me at first. Very few can beat him!!!!
    very talented band.All the tracks flow nicely. I especially like the last track "hello,pleased to meet youuu", talent out the wahzoo
    *)Impression of Loomis b4 this album = "Sheesh..I can whoop this guy) *)Impression after this album = O_O ?! "Forgive me master !!!!)
    My favourite album of the past 5 years, no doubt about it. "Sentient 6" really is beyond awesome, as is "Medicated Nation" and the title track.
    Just listen to the rhythm before the solo in My Acid Words...f***ing DARK & HEAVY, it makes me brake everything in my room and headbang till death!!! One remark - From when is Nevermore a "HARD ROCK" band?