Catalyst review by New Found Glory

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  • Released: May 18, 2004
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 10
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 10 Gem
  • Users' score: 7.2 (39 votes)
New Found Glory: Catalyst

Sound — 10
Instead of describing this CD's sound as a whole, I'll score and explain each song separately. 01. Intro - great, random sound, lots of energy; perfect opener.9/10 02. All Downhill From Here - perfect example of NFG's new style; has an incredibly catchy chorus. 9/10 03. This Disaster - one of the best tracks on the CD; hardish verses with a happy-sounding chorus that has some of the CD's loudest guitar work. 10/10 04. Truth Of My Youth - faster than most of the other songs; Jordan's voice almost sounds techno-ish; slows down for the chorus. 8/10 05. I Don't Wanna Know - one of NFG's first forays into slow-popish music; the chorus is catchy, but the rest of the song is too slow. 7/10 06. Your Biggest Mistake - best track on the CD; fast moving, lots of energy; short and very, very sweet. 11/10 07. Doubt Full - not one of their better efforts; it sounds like All Downhill Fron Here, but without the catchiness. 7/10 08. Failure's Not Flattering - one of the better songs; the keyboard makes it sound really unique. 10/10 09. Over The Head, Below The Knees - interesting, more intense sound; however, it just doesn't have NFG's signature energy. 8/10 10. Ending In Tragedy - my least favorite song on the CD; the chorus is decent, but it takes too long to get to it (slow verses). 6/10 11. At Least I'm Known For Something - great song that sounds like a mix of the old NFG and a hardcore band like Taking Back Sunday. 9/10 12. I'd Kill To Fall Asleep - hilarious song that successfully takes a hard, intense sound that somehow works with NFG. 9/10 13. No News Is Good News - quieter sound, the verses are all acoustic; goes well with the lyrics. 8/10 14. Who Am I - great, energetic verses; slows down for the chorus a la Chop Suey. 9/10

Lyrics — 10
Lyrics are probably Catalyst's strong point. Some of the song's lyrics, like those in This Disaster, are pretty meaningless, but songs like No News Is Good News and Who Am I have some great writing. Jordan's voice is not too annoying, and actually sounds pretty cool in some of the songs, like Truth Of My Youth.

Overall Impression — 10
Catalyst is my favorite CD of all time. New Found Glory has definately matured, but they still have the energy they've always had, unlike Good Charlotte, who "matured" and lost all traces of their former selves.

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