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artist: New Found Glory date: 04/11/2007 category: compact discs
New Found Glory: Coming Home
Release Date: Sep 19, 2006
Label: Drive Thru/Suretone/Geffen
Genres: Punk-Pop, Emo
Number Of Tracks: 13
It's full of melody, personality, and all the best attributes of their earlier work presented in a way that grows more memorable with each listen.
 Sound: 8.8
 Lyrics: 8.8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 10
Coming Home Reviewed by: GuitarMaster41, on september 25, 2006
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Sound: Well to start off, New Found Glory really changed their sound a lot compared to their previous albums. Instead of sticking with their pop-punk tone they actually advanced to a more mature state of sound. They took their time with this CD, spending over 4 months to record. The styles used in the creation varied from vocal and guitar effects all the way to keyboard riffs and much reverb. The sound quality sounds great on every song which is probably one of the best things about this album. The guitars have a much broader tone now and more mature riffs than ever before. I'd say everything sound-wise on "Coming Home" sounds great. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics were incredible. Everything meaning something and not just pointless lyrics to a song just to fit in. The vocals fit perfectly with every song on the album and Jordan's voice has grown a lot. He sounds very clean now with hardly any nasal sound at all. He sounds a lot deeper and more true with the lyrics than ever. // 10

Overall Impression: If you don't have this album I would greatly advise you to go purchase it and take a listen. I know pretty much anyone could relate to this album and would love to listen to it all. I'd say it's probably one of the best rock/alternative albums out right now. I love everything about this album, it never gets old. Every song is worth listening to. I would definetly go get another copy if mine was stolen or lost. Overall an incredible album recorded by an incredible band. // 10

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overall: 8.3
Coming Home Reviewed by: thegrounded, on october 12, 2006
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Sound: The sound on the Coming Home album has changed a lot from New Found Glory's older albums. The melodic guitar solos and riffs give the album a great mood. Pianos in songs like "Hold My Hand" and "It's Not Your Fault" put the album at a nice positive feeling. Their style has changed from their original pop-punk music to more of a harder All-American Rejects style. Not that that's a bad thing. Yes, their music has matured but they certainly haven't. Don't worry, they're still immature artists. // 9

Lyrics: The lyrics focus more on love, love, and one song about love in death (When I Die). Jordan Pundik's vocals are at their best on this album. Like in the song "Oxygen" his vocal abilities really show. If you don't hate pop-rock love lyrics then I advise you to stay as far away from this album as you can. Overall though I think it is a good album. // 8

Overall Impression: This album is great but honestly I think they could have done better. This album is most definetly not their best but it is a big step in the right direction. The most impressive songs from the album have to be "Oxygen", "Hold My Hand", "It's Not Your Fault", "Taken Back By You", "Too Good To Be", "Familiar Landscapes", and "When I Die". What I like about this album are the new melodies and instrumental solos. What I hate about this album is how much they focus on the pianos (that get a bit repetitive) when they need to focus a bit more on the drums and bass. The guitars are just fine though! If I lost this album or it got stolen I would probably buy it again later on. // 8

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overall: 7
Coming Home Reviewed by: roxysomething, on january 08, 2007
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Sound: In late 2006, New Found Glory returned with their new album coming home. Although this album has been reviewed quite critically by fans because of the slight change in style of music, I believe it to definetely be the best album the band have produced to date. This album not only has a good amount of catchy and well written songs, but the riffs have improved significently, and believe it or not, Jordan Pundik's voice does seem to have improved a little! The riffs are exceptionally good in songs like "On My Mind" and "Hold My Hand." The band have also started experimenting with a more acoustic sound, and some guitar solos which aren't just a mirror of the tune in the song. In a few tracks on the album they have also used a piano, and although this has given many people the impression that their sound has changed dramatically, it really hasn't, and I think that we should compliment this band on not always sticking to the four simple bar chords. // 6

Lyrics: The lyrics remain quite the same in this album as in previous ones before, about friends and girls, girls, girls. However, they seem to be a little more melodic and the choruses in the first five songs are great. The band has been using some "ooh-oohs" and "ba-bas" which may sound childish, but they really workk well. There is also backing vocals doing lovely harmonies in nearly every song. In the album booklet there is also a quote from each song by it, which I think is great. These are simple but cute phrases such as "Check My Pressure" and "You're My Oxygen". I really think that their lyrics have improved quite a bit, however they do follow the same themes. // 7

Overall Impression: This album is in my opinion the best, although "Catalyst" and "Sticks And Stones" are the runners up. It has a much more sophisticated feel, as most bands do progress in every way as they write more lyrics and tunes. The most impressive songs from the album are "Oxygen", "Hold My Hand", "It's Not Your Fault", "On My Mind" and "Too Good To Be". One thing I'm not too fond of is the tracks which aren't too good. There seems to be a little of a difference between the good ones and the bad ones, and some simply don't get my attention. But I suppose every album is like that. If it was stolen or lost, I wouldn't buy it again because it's on my iTunes! I saw New Found Glory live in early december, and back then I didn't have the album, and didn't know many of the songs. However, they played so well, that I was tempted to buy their album, and did. Their whole image and style of music doesn't seem to have changed, but has certainly improved a great deal. So if you're a fan of New Found Glory of any of the '90s punk pop that was around, do buy this album, I gurantee that you'll like at least five tracks from it. // 8

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overall: 10
Coming Home Reviewed by: unregistered, on april 11, 2007
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Sound: A significant change from the at first crazy semi-unrhythmatic beginnings of the band. The CD incorporates a much mature feeling and creates beautiful rhythms and melodies. The incorporation of the piano helps aid to the mature sensation and the rhythm. The guitar play is actually very simple (I know cause I play guitar), but that simplicity is truly music to the ears. They keep the music simple and it hence flows pretty easy helping you truly live and feel the song. It's very upbeat and easy to share with others because it uses general ideas and emotions common to everybody so everybody can easily connect to it.Also Jordan Pundik's voice seems to have greatly improved. // 10

Lyrics: The lyrics are beyond this world. Not a single song on this CD had any filler space words, probably the first CD in the world to do that or at least to the extent I've seen. Each word was beautifully placed and the lyrics were very deep and meaningful (depending on how quick you catch on to stuff like that). Also no song felt like it didn't belong. They all fell well into place in the CD. The lyrics also flew very well with the music so they the song seems more like a whole instead of two pieces forcefully jammed together. Jordan has come a long way with his singing skills and it is evident in this album. // 10

Overall Impression: I was beyond surprised and impressed when I first heard this album. I was expecting another like the past albums like catalyst or sticks and stones. This startled me but in a good way. When they made sticks and stones they separated themselves from their old music and they truly gained a new found glory and they done it again with this album. This is new found glory's best album ever. As I believe that every song was amazing I would have to say hold my hand was the best song. After that I would recommend coming home, Love And Pain, Oxygen, and it's not your fault. I would without a doubt in my mind buy it again if it got lost or stolen because it is one of the most amazing soundtracks ever made. // 10

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