Tip Of The Iceberg review by New Found Glory

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  • Released: Apr 29, 2008
  • Sound: 10
  • Lyrics: 7
  • Overall Impression: 10
  • Reviewer's score: 9 Superb
  • Users' score: 9.5 (4 votes)
New Found Glory: Tip Of The Iceberg

Sound — 10
The sound is brilliant, the guitars have a better sound than I have ever heard before, I want to find out what kind of amps and guitars they are using. Cyrus is an exceptional drummer and Jordan is as we already know an exceptional singer. I'll go through the songs one by one. 01.Tip Of The Iceberg: an awesome opener, it will be brilliant to watch live. reminiscent of the intro from their Catalyst album, just a little better! Such a catchy outro! 5/5 02.Dig My Own Grave: New Found Glory delivering another brilliant pop/punk song, the kind of song you drive to as it has that kind of beat to it. A signature NFG song, showing they can still write like they used to. 4/5 03.If You Don't Love Me: pop/punk at it's best, crazy fast drums and proper New Found Glory lyrics. This is them at their very best! 5/5 the next three songs are cover songs by hardcore bands. 04.No Reason Why: originally by Gorilla Biscuits. Again, crazy fast drums, and a really cool chord progression for the intro/chorus. I thought it was gonna be a predictable pop/punk progression from the sound and rhythm of the first chord but it surprised me! Awesome chorus! Even though I considor it the worst song out of the 6. it still gets 4/5. 05.Here We Go Again: originally by Shelter. An awesome sing along which has such a catchy chorus, and for once, a verse that's low enough to sing along to without hurting your throat! The longest song on the e.p at 2:28! 4/5 06.Cut The Tension: originally by Lifetime. The best out of the six! Crazy fast all the way through and the exact form of pop/punk that I love the most, hardcore pop/punk! This is NFG on their best ever day, one of their best songs, it's a shame it's not one they wrote themselves, but you can definitly see them writing stuff like this after hearing this cd. 5/5

Lyrics — 7
The lyrics, are signature NFG. Tip Of The Iceberg, is about the singer sitting there thinking of a girl he thinks he doesn't deserve, and saying how this is just the tip of it all. the line 'This is just the tip of the iceberg, no bone in my body tells me I deserve her' sticks in your head for hours and hours! Brilliant! Dig My Own Grave, is about how the singer is in love with a girl who he really shouldn't be, and is really a bad person to fall in love with. and it's talking about how he may as well be digging his own grave. again, a classic NFG song for lyrics. If You Don't Love Me. Is again, about love. But not really about a particular topic except telling a girl that the singer can't force someone to love them anymore if they don't love them. the lyrics don't sparkle but they fit the songs and Jordan the singer is an incredible singer, who isn't sounding as whiny in recent years, personally I have always liked his voice but I know a lot of people who don't!

Overall Impression — 10
New Found Glory were an awesome pop/punk band who were going with the flow and maturing just like every other good band. pop/punk is not mature music and will never be as good unless it's aimed at it's teenage audience. After Coming Home, which still had good songs on it, I wanted them to realise their mistake and go back to being proper pop/punk, but sadly From Screen To Your Stereo Part 2 only contained 2 proper pop/punk songs on it and I feared the worst that we would never hear PROPER New Found Glory again! I WAS WRONG! New Found Glory came up with something more hardcore and crazy than anything before, every song on here is brilliant, four star is the lowest they go. I recommmend this to any NoFX and Bad Religion fan, not only pop/punk fans. I just wish this awesome music went on for longer. I can't wait to hear their next full length! Bring on Feb 09!

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