Heavy Metal Music review by Newsted

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  • Released: Aug 6, 2013
  • Sound: 7
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 7.7 Good
  • Users' score: 7.6 (80 votes)
Newsted: Heavy Metal Music

Sound — 7
Jason Newsted is no stranger to heavy metal. Throughout his thirty year career in the music industry, Jason has delivered the bass backbone for a number of prestigious groups including Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Echobrain, and the charity supergroup WhoCares featuring Tony Iommi and Ian Gillan. He has also dabbled in the art industry, following his shoulder injury back in 2006. Jason is now moving into brand new territory with his own group, appropriately titled Newsted. This heavy metal band has Jason not only manning the bass guitar but also the lead microphone, with Staind guitarist Mike Mushok, former Metallica drum tech Jesus Mendez Jr., and guitarist Jessie Farnsworth filling in the lineup. Newsted delivered their first ever studio release last year, in the form on a four-song EP simply titled "Metal." One year later, Newsted are releasing their debut studio album, which bears some significant resemblance to Jason's previous collaborations yet also some unique characteristics. The new album, this one titled "Heavy Metal Music," stays true to the style previously shown on the band's EP: crunching distortion-soaked guitar riffs, high-in-the-mix percussion work, and rage-infused lead vocals. Songs such as "Heroic Dose" show Newsted taking on a sound similar to that of early Megadeth and Kreator, and "Above All" has the band dropping the hammer on the pace and embracing some unignorable Motorhead influences. Just in case you didn't pick up the band's original EP, Newsted revisits two of the songs on that four song release, "Soldierhead" and "King of the Underdogs," and runs through them again with recently appointed guitarist Mike Mushok. The album title could not be a more proper and accurate representation of what's in store, and after listening to the entire album I have to say that Newsted continuously give a satisfying performance.

Lyrics — 8
I was admittedly a bit skeptical on how Jason Newsted's performance as a lead vocalist would carry out. Out of all the heavy metal groups that Jason has played in, we have never gotten the chance to hear his vocals. Up until this point fans have only been accustomed to his bass playing, which makes this an unknown factor. However after listening to Jason's work on "Heavy Metal Music," I am happily surprised. He is in all honesty a very good vocalist, and delivers enough snarl to his lyrical delivery to resemble that of Dave Mustaine, and at times Lemmy Kilmister. In fact it is Jason's vocal performance on this album that truly drives it over the top and beyond my preset expectations.

Overall Impression — 8
Newsted give a refreshingly enjoyable performance with "Heavy Metal Music"; a proud collection of eleven heart pounding guitar-driven metal anthems that should please any fan of front man Jason Newsted's earlier collaborations. Jason's lyrical delivery and overall sound is what truly drives this release above what I had previously expected. This is an album that comes highly recommended to any heavy metal listener, particularly fans of early Megadeth.

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    "Out of all the heavy metal groups that Jason has played in, we have never gotten the chance to hear his vocals." I'm guessing the reviewer has never seen a live metallica video with jason...
    Was about to say the same. He even outsung Hetfield on a couple of tunes live.
    Metallica should track Jason's backing vocals from shows in the past, like the S&M show, and add them to the current shows. Sorry Rob, you're a great bassist but your background singing is left wanting... This review left out that Jason also kinda sounds like Chuck Billy on this album, mixed with some Lemmy
    sound good , great vocals , good bass and a badass guitar player name Mike Mushok from staind
    Not only that, but the riffs aren't even that great. They feel sort of flat and lifeless to me.
    that's because they are. I really like Jason but these riffs are boringgggg, seriously. I have heard a lot better riffs of random people on youtube. hell, I write better rifffs than this. why don't I have a record deal with metallicas former bassist?
    call me crazy, but just knowing the guitarist is from staind kinda ruins the whole vibe for me now. staind is garbage
    Pretty mixed for me. I really like Jason's voice, I have to say. My main issue is probably the riffs. They're pretty boring, to be quite honest.
    I think this is the most repetitive music I have ever heared. It's not catchy, never varies in speed or dynamic. The vocal pitch i locked in one octave max range, and the riffs all sound alike. It's not bad, but it gets boring after a short while for me.
    Urgh this is bland. Sorry I love Jason, but these songs just aren't well-written. They're not BAD, they're just very, very mediocre. Listening to IR8, which was his little fling with Devin Townsend back in the day, the song writing is much better, but suffers a little bit from the same repetition problems. Then again, that was early 90s, when that stuff was brand new. 20 years later and he's gotten even blander and more repetitive. Why Jason, why??
    Every song sounds the same, probably wont listen to the album again. Boring. Not even that heavy. I'm a fan of Jason too. Should have just got Papa Wheelie back together.
    Silver Blues
    I thought it was good. It's not anything groundbreaking but just some good old straightforward metal to listen to.
    I love jason, i grew up with that era of metallica, but this is cookie cutter metal to me. It's not bad but it's just a little boring for me. I like that he's making music though
    I hate his vocals unfortunately, and the music is nothing great either. Sorry didnt like this at all
    The guy reviewing said "Out of all the heavy metal groups that Jason has played in, we have never gotten the chance to hear his vocals. Up until this point fans have only been accustomed to his bass playing, which makes this an unknown factor." all I had to say after is What the Fu K! seriously bro? What part of the Metal community do you belong to? He only sang on many occasions on Tallica concerts, what the crap - Also, if you're going to be reviewing, try to work on your grammar a bit, is not "Impression: Newsted give a refreshingly" Is "Impression: Newsted GAVE a refreshingly" Take English 101 again, please.
    'Bout time, Jason. While you were messing around with Echobrain and Voivod.
    Do you really need to review this? It's like...if you don't know Jason,you're probably a stranger to the metal culture.
    Just knowing who Jason is doesn't make this music good. That being said, I like what I've heard so far.
    Not really. I barely know or care who he is and have been listening to and loving metal for years.
    Then you dont really know Metal. Jason has been a part of it over 25 years!! Flotsam and Jetsam were one of the best Metal bands EVER and Jasons Bass work was the only reason Metallica thrived as long as they did. Dunno what "metal" you have listened to for years, but if you missed Jason, you missed out.
    Metal is huge. There are thousands of awesome bands within the genre. Just because I haven't heard of one particular musician doesn't mean I don't know metal you silly goose.
    You're completely ignoring the group of people who listen to the bands that you do but simply don't care about the personalities behind the music. Just because they don't care who he is doesn't mean they haven't heard or enjoyed the music he has created.. I can also say that I have been a fan of metal for many years but also could not give a shit about him, IMO there are so many more gifted bass players, yes, obviously he was an influence on the scene, but he is most certainly not god's gift to the bass guitar, NOR was he the primary creative mind behind the majority of Metallica's library.
    I don't really see how that warrants not writing a review. The whole point of a review is for people to hear/read the opinions of people who have experienced a product such as a CD or a service such as a restaurant and whether or not you should pay for that experience yourself. The user (or UG in this case) bought the CD and told us about their experience with it and recommended it to other listeners of heavy metal. So what's the problem?
    The songs are simple, cool and metal. I like it, but it's really missing that "Umph" in the sound. Also, does anyone remember "Rockstar Supernova"? Jason was in that too.
    I like it, its nowt super technical, but it does what it says on the tin. On a personal level I'm glad he's still going after Metallica, which I believe would be an almost impossible shadow to escape from. Fair play to the bloke. That said lets have a bit more variety on the next album.
    Good album, little bit too "Hire on Fire" for my tastes, but still good. At the very least, thank god Jason didn't do what every other second stringer does when they start a solo band, and switch to guitar. (Duff, looking at you!)
    It's not a bad album but does get a bit repetitive, yet to find a really stand out track on it..... Reminds me of Warrior Soul vocally and to some extent musically.
    Leather Sleeves
    I wouldn't call Jason's vocals an unknown factor, he did lots of back-ups for Metallica. That was just live though.
    I heard one song off of it.The music was aggresive,the vocals were way way over produced.No Thanks,I'll pass on this download unless,it's like $5.
    Listen to the verse riff in Above All then listen to The Almighty - Wrench
    better yet, listen to the chorus riff in Eye of the Beholder (metallica), then listen to Surprise You're Dead (Faith No More). What's interesting about this is Surprise You're Dead came out just one year after ...And Justice For All. Some interesting trivia for you.