Heavy Metal Music review by Newsted

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  • Released: Aug 6, 2013
  • Sound: 8
  • Lyrics: 8
  • Overall Impression: 8
  • Reviewer's score: 8 Superb
  • Users' score: 7.6 (80 votes)
Newsted: Heavy Metal Music

Sound — 8
For those who have been living under a rock for the past year and so. After quitting Metallica back in 2001 ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted decided to form his own band with some of his friends. Their first project "Metal" received good reviews and debuted 62 ad Billboard 200. When I reviewed "Metal" back in January, I was very impressed by the EP. Needless to say, I wanted to hear more of Jason Newsted's project. And we get exactly that in their debut album. Newsted originally consisted of 3 members. Now they have added Staind guitarist Mike Mushok to add more kick to their sound. Make no mistake, "Heavy Metal Music" is a continuation of their kick-a-s sound in "Metal" EP. The songs are very energetic and has a "in your face" attitude to it. One of the things they added in their new songs is more solo and guitar works. Since I'm a guitarist, I loved it very much. Much like its predecessor, the album's feel like an nostalgic ride to the '80/'90s energetic metal scene.

Lyrics — 8
Much like "Metal," most of the song lyrics are all about "attitude." The riffs and lyrics matches very well with Newsted's vocals. His vocals is almost mix-up of Lemmy and Chuck Billy. The guitarists Jessie Farnsworth and Mike Mushok does a tremendous job with their guitars. The drummer Jesus Mendez does a decent job. They could have done a bit more variety in their songs.Every song in "Heavy Metal Music" has almost the same structures, which is a big turn-off. "Heavy Metal Music" is one of those albums which grows in you with time. Very few metal albums captures the essence and energy as well as "Heavy Metal Music."

Overall Impression — 8
Here's my take on each songs of "Heavy Metal Music": 1. "Heroic Dose": A great way to start the album. It has everything you expect in a heavy metal song. The songs starts with a great riff. It features two good solos at the end. 2. "Soldierhead": One of the two songs in "Metal" to feature in "Heavy Metal Music." I still feel this is the best song Newsted has ever written. This song has an "over the top" feel to it. It has a pretty great bridge too. 3. "...As The Crow Flies": The 2nd longest song in "Heavy Metal Music." It features good guitar works from the guitarists. But it is very similar to other songs in "Heavy Metal Music," which is why this song may feel bland. 4. "Ampossible": One of the best songs in album. It feels fresh and Jason Newsted's vocal works is top notch. It has a good harmonious solo too. 5. "Long Time Dead": Almost feels like a "Motorhead" song. It is a bit faster that the other songs in this album, which is a welcome sight. One of the better songs in this album 6. "Above All": Newsted released an lyric video for this one. The song has a lot of drive and energy to it. Loved the little solos and guitars works of it. 7. "King of the Underdogs": The second song from "Metal" to feature in "Heavy Metal Music." A great bass intro and probably the only song which has a different structure. The ending is intense, which lefts you screaming "I'm the king of the underdogs." 8. "Nocturnus": The longest song in "Heavy Metal Music." It has a very unsettling and a horror feel to it. 9. "Twisted Tail of the Comet": The songs starts pretty intense and hard, and as the song goes on it goes more intense. A great song. 10. "Kindevillusion": The song is very similar to "Heroic Dose." A great solo in the middle too and continues the vibe and energy this album carries. 11. "Futureality": The last song of "Heavy Metal Music." The main riff is pretty similar with "Nocturnus." Actually, the song is very similar with "Nocturnus." Nothing really special in this song. "Heavy Metal Music" is largely a continuation of "Metal." Newsted's debut album is a good way to kick-start their career. If you're looking straight-up heavy metal, then "Heavy Metal Music" is your destination. Even though, the songs lack variety and can be bland. It is still a must-buy for metal-heads around the globe. I for one, is interested to what Jason Newsted has to offer in the future.

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    Gave the album a listen. Was hoping for some good old fashion metal. Got that I was just disappointed because I'm a pretty big metallica fan. I love James Hetfield's vocals. I believe his grungy, aggressive vocals really make it work.