Metal [EP] Review

artist: Newsted date: 01/10/2013 category: compact discs
Newsted: Metal [EP]
Released: Jan 8, 2013
Genre: Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal
Label: Chophouse Records
Number Of Tracks: 4
It's pretty old-school heavy metal. During the 80's/90's, metal songs were full of energy and attitude. And Newsted captures that energy pretty well.
 Sound: 8
 Lyrics: 8
 Overall Impression: 9
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overall: 8.3
Metal [EP] Reviewed by: Aryan Death Man, on january 10, 2013
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Sound: After quitting Metallica back in 2001, Jason Newsted decided to form his own band under his own name. He hired some of his close friends and made his dream project come true. The first time I heard all the songs, it felt like it was an album made in the '80s or '90s (which isn't a bad thing). It's pretty old-school heavy metal. During those decades, metal songs were full of energy and attitude. And Newsted captures that energy pretty well. The songs and riffs are very synonymous with Motörhead. Newsted's vocal is a mix-up of Lemmy and Testament's Chuck Billy. There was no doubt that, he was the best back-vocals of Metallica. But I had no idea that his vocals are that good. In terms of innovation and creativity, there's nothing we never heard of. It's a nostalgic ride to the "never lands" of heavy metal. // 8

Lyrics: If any word that sums up the lyrics of "Metal", it's "attitude". Like in the opening track "Soldierhead". There's lines like "I'll Make The Devil Sell His Soul". It really does pumps you up and makes you want to "headbang" (preferably Newsted's way of headbang). The music and the riffs matches superbly as well. Most of us has no idea about the guitarist (Jessie Farnsworth) and the drummer (Jesus Mendez Jr). But I have to say that, they've done a decent job. The riffs are top-class. As for Jason "Jasonic" Newsted, his bass works are pretty awesome in "Soldierhead" (particularly in the bridge) and "King Of The Underdogs". And his vocals (as I said before) is mix-up of Lemmy and Chuck Billy. He has so much character in his vocals, they go on the with the songs and the lyrics pretty well. He is a fantastic composer. After all, he wrote "Blackened", "My Friend Of Misery" and "Where The Wild Things Are". Overall, I'm very impressed with the lyrics and vocals. Especially with the vocals. // 8

Overall Impression: Here's a review of each songs: 1. "Soldierhead": The opening track is "over the top" metal song. It's probably the best song in this EP. The bridge is pretty awesome. Towards the end, it has a good solo (Nothing special though). 2. "Godsnake": Another awesome track. It has the crunch you want in a heavy metal song. The guitar works are top notch. 3. "King Of The Underdogs": This song is as impressive as the previous two. The solo has a "horror" feel to it. The ending is intense, which lefts you screaming "I'm the king of the underdogs". I know Metallica fans will find something similar, right at the end. 4. "Skyscraper": This song carries the momentum of the album. It is the longest song in the EP. But it is equally impressive. This is an EP, which left you reeling for more. I hope this becomes a hit in the metal community. I love how Newsted decided to capture the energy of heavy metal. I wish they had a little more variety in their songs. But I'm not gonna blame them, as this is only a 4 song EP. If you like old school metal or if you're a fan of Metallica, Motörhead, Testament, you're gonna love it. I suggest all the metal fans to buy this. Otherwise, you are missing an epic ride. And I sincerely hope that this project continues. As there are not many bands that can capture the essence of Heavy Metal as "Newsted & Co." does.

// 9

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